The third door on the right is labelled "Laicos - Collections", and a raspy voice responds "Enter," at your knock. Inside is a small room lined with shelves holding identical books bound in black leather and labelled in neat, tiny script. The balding man who placed the notice outside looks up from his desk as you come in. He wipes his pen, carefully blots his current book, and sets it atop a neat stack on one corner of his desk before standing. There is nowhere to sit in the room.

"Come in. You're here about Hoofchew? Good."

When everyone has crowded into the room, he continues briskly. "You lot know that the servants of Lauto sometimes extend credit to those who pass to our Master in the belief that they have not completed their life's work or some such nonsense. Lauto is a benevolent god, and offers terms that we feel are quite generous, given the alternative. Still, every so often some idiot thinks he can get out of paying. Normally, that's not a problem, since we employ some very good professional collectors. However, the agent we sent to discuss matters with Algarezh Hoofchew has not returned. He left over a month ago, and now our divinations reveal that he has gone to serve our master more directly. In short, there is good reason to believe that Hoofchew killed him rather than paying.

"The Temple employs... specialists... for situations like this as well, but at the moment they are unavailable, for reasons which I won't discuss, so don't ask. This is where you come in. I want you to bring me Algarezh Hoofchew's head. Whether it is still attached to his body or not is relatively unimportant.

"Hoofchew is an orc. He fancies himself a shaman of some kind, and he has a bit of a following among the kind of orcs who go in for that sort of thing. He'll probably have bodyguards. Our divinations report that he has been seen recently in the area of Overgrowth.

"Any questions?"

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