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    The Acaeum

    Working on this thread reminded me to check about this site. We need to know if The Acaeum is what could be considered a "reliable site", specifically: "we need to know what sort of fact checking they do. You can establish this by showing news articles that say the site is reliable/noteworthy/etc. or you can show a page on the site that gives their rules for submissions/etc. or you can show they are backed by a media company/university/institute, or you can show that the website gives its sources and methods, or there are some other ways that would work too. It's their reputation for reliabilty that needs to be demonstrated."

    Any help?

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    I am pretty sure that their prices and such are just current market samples pulled directly from eBay and other auction sites. That said, I think they make a good effort to track purchasing/collectability trends from that standpoint. That said, their business being what it is, I don't think that there is a way to prove reliability. It's purely based on word of mouth and reputation amongst clients — much as the reliability of other entities that track collectible auction trends or collectible merch values are.

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    I go there occasionally. I don't find the prices helpful (partly because I'm in the UK, partly because there is so much variation in the prices things actually go for), but I find their background research excellent. Their forum section is also good, though with a higher troll population than here.

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    Why dont you ask the Acaeum directly?

    It is certainly the most reliable source there is.

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    Seconded, just pop over to their forums and ask.

    Or perhaps check out the FAQ and Formulas page here: Front Desk

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    Not really meant to be a 'price guide' (by their own admission), though looking at it does give at least a good ballpark figure. The real value of The Acaeum is in determining how rare your particular copy of B1 In Search of the Unknown is. Also very useful in determining what pieces are missing from your collection of rares.

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    The Acaeum and the TSR Archive and The Tome of Treasures are the three benchmark standards for rpg collecting/historical info sites. The Acaeum and TSR Archive sites are cited pretty extensively in wiki and elsewhere.

    I agree with NN, though: ask at the site, and Scott (the site admin) will help with general guidelines/thoughts, and I'm sure a variety of other folks would chime-in too.

    In terms of trolls on the Acaeum, I see far less trolling there than I see here or at Dragonsfoot, for example, but I suppose that's a matter of perspective on some level

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    Wikipedia? The same organization that decided that a website where Gary Gygax, Steve Marsh, Tim Kask, Len Lakofka, Jim Ward and Frank Mentzer contribute to wasn't notable?

    Screw what they consider a "reliable site" when it comes to D&D - or anything else.

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    The fAQ clearly describes how their board is formed and how they arrive at their prices, and indeed gives information that would allow you to make the same calculations and arrive at the same answer most of the time.

    As for the product info... they have the books. In many cases, specific people are cited as providing pieces of information.

    It would appear to be a very strong primary source. It's only mark against it is that it is rarely cited.... however, I know it's where I would go first for that kind of info. So I think that has more to do with the obscurity of the topic than their citability.

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