Hi good people of living 4th edition.

I have been thinking a lot about exploring the Kingdom of Jade setting; geography, history, government, wars, the Oni and etc.

I have some ideas for the Kingdom, but there are a few things about the kingdom I am not certain of, so I ask you all or those that created the idea of The Jade Empire, to help me clarify some few things:

Question 1
Who are the Oni - Are The Oni demons or devils? Are they normal men, but twisted by some sort of infernal magic?

Question 2
How long as the war been going on - There is no clear indication of how long the war has been going on or what the status of the kingdom is.

Question 3
The Emperor - What was his betrayal and how many years has it been since his betrayal

Question 4
The Iron General - What has happen to the iron general? why and how long have the descendants of the iron general been protecting/ruling the empire

Question 5
Religion - So far I have gotten the impression that the kingdom does not believe or praise the Allarian gods, since their culture is atheistic but this is contradicted in section about the twelve gods
Quote from L4W:The twelve gods:
The shugenja of the Kingdom of Jade speak of the Lord of the Tengu, forever in pursuit of the White Maiden, whose father, the king of all, changes the seasons to allow her to hide.

My Ideas and suggestions to the Kingdom of Jade ( Short Version )

In the beginning It is not known how men and dragonborn came to the land of Jade, but ancient stories tell that dragons brought men to the land from one of the portals of Jade. It is believed that the dragons saved men from a dying world or from some terrible fate. The dragons wanted to live in peace beside men and shared their wisdom and knowledge, but they where not the only ones that offered guidance. Strange messengers of fire, metal, earth, water and wood came to men and dragonborn, and offered them their knowledge and wisdom in return for their protection. Men and dragonborn accepted and cared much more their new masters than the dragons. This did not suit the dragons well because their power was connected with the people of Jade and the dragons feared that they now would loose this power to the Elemental Lords. With a few loyal followers the dragons tried to overthrow the Elemental Lords. A great battle took place but the dragons where no match for the Elemental Lords and their followers.
Early history - The Kingdom of Jade was once made of five kingdoms battling for supremacy. Each kingdom has its own strengths and weaknesses that are corresponding to their elemental affiliation; earth, metal, wood, fire, & water. Each kingdom was ruled by a king that was guided by an Elemental Lord.
The Elemental Lords are supreme beings that posses incredible divine and arcane powers. No one knows where the Elemental Lords are from and how long they have been there; they have simply been there from the beginning. In each region they have their own hidden city; It is common folklore, that the city of the Elemental Lord of metal lies within the mountains of its region. It is believed that the different types of Genasi are humans or dragonbornes that once where touched by the Elemental Lords, and transformed into superior beings.
The kingdoms where united into one kingdom by King Reothan of the Earth region. It is said that the king got the support from all of the Elemental Lords and that is why was able to conquer all the regions. After his victory he proclaimed himself Emperor and his kingdom to be named Jade, after his own capital from the region of Earth (which is now Kingdom of Jades Capital)
A time of peace and prosperity came to the Kingdom of Jade and it thrived for hundreds of years before the shadow came.
The Shadow came swiftly from a mystical portal located in the fire region. It is not known how the portal was activated fore none now live to tell the tale but, it is common believe that The Oni might be the terrible fate men once escaped with the help of the dragons.
Recent history (after the Emperors betrayal) Even though the Iron General stopped the Emperor and defeated him, he was sadly mortally wounded by the Emperors poisoned blade and died shortly after his victory. He had three sons whom where all great warriors. They were asked by the Elemental Lords to protect the last three regions of Jade from the corruption of the Oni. The sons of the Iron General divided the protection of the three regions between themselves and are now functioning as temporary leaders of the kingdom.

The Kingdom of Jade is divided into 5 regions, the Kingdom itself has 3 regions under control of the Iron General descendants, and the other two are now lost to The Oni

The Five Elemental Lords I consider them like titans and not as gods. I have not had the time to elaborate on this matter but I imagined that the people of Jade have turned away from the regular Allarian gods to worship the Elemental Lords.

I have more ideas, suggestions and stuff I would like to elaborate on, so I will be posting soon with a follow up.

Feel free to let me know what you think so far about my ideas.