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    Block CaBaNa

    I think the Reaper would give up an occasional extra d12 for a constant +1 to armor class. The executioners axe is for that guy that has people brought to him all tied up. (the executioner) Then he lays them down and gets a coup de grace, which allows him to constantly roll an extra D12. people try to run from Death, so they are harder to hit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunamin View Post
    Just thought I'd note that Adventurer's Vault has just been updated.
    Gonna need an update to the update. "Vampiric Gauntlets"?

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    Block Lord Sessadore

    Don't forget that executioner's axe is also brutal 2. Brutal is pretty awesome

    And yeah, bit of a copy-paste error on the "gauntlets", haha.
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