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    Paths of Legend: The Sunless Citadel [OOC]

    In the year 2010, a magical catastrophe wiped out most of the modern world. Earth was forever changed, becoming a world of magic and dragons, elves and dwarves, swords and sorcery.

    Now, in the year 5150, kingdoms struggle and prosper on the coastline of what was once known as North America, watched over by the enigmatic sorcerer known only as the Lord of the Lights from his lighthouse on the island once known as Manhattan. Hill dwarves dwell in the Appalachians, while their cousins, the mountain dwarves, claim the Rockies. High elves dwell in the northeastern forests, gray elves in the northwest, wild elves in the jungles of what was once known as South America.

    Orcs, goblinoids and other threats wander the plains of the continent's interior, raiding and pillaging as opportunity allows.

    And a massive island floats in the sky, hovering over what was once the midwest, turning the land beneath into a desolate and forever lightless wasteland known as the Darklands.

    The Sunless Citadel

    It is a few days before midsummer. In the small town of Oakhurst, a month has passed since a group of four brave adventurers ventured down the Old Road, seeking out an old ruin. They have not been heard from since.

    The Merchant Hucrele has posted a reward for their return, or at least some evidence of their fate.

    This is the classic 3rd edition adventure, The Sunless Citadel, set in my Paths of Legend campaign setting. For those familiar with the setting, it is specifically set in the "What Came Before" era of the setting. For more information on the setting click here, keeping in mind that the rest of the material found in that thread is not relevant to this era of the setting.

    Character Creation

    This game uses D&D 3.5.

    I will be accepting between 4 and 8 players.

    Player's Handbook only characters; Monster Manual races and the Aristocrat NPC class may be allowed also, depending on the character's background. Monstrous characters start at level 1 and use monster-class progressions as per Savage Species (as revised by yours truly). Variants from Unearthed Arcana are also a possibility on a case by case basis.

    32 point buy for ability scores

    1st level characters

    Average starting gold for your class
    Barbarian - 100 gp
    Bard - 100 gp
    Cleric - 125 gp
    Druid - 50 gp
    Fighter - 150 gp
    Monk - 12 gp, 5 sp
    Paladin - 150 gp
    Ranger - 150 gp
    Rogue - 125 gp
    Sorcerer - 75 gp
    Wizard - 75 gp
    Aristocrat - 270 gp
    Monster-Classes - 50 gp

    Character background is appreciated. Setting information will become available as I develop it, but feel free to make up things like town names, NPCs in the character's background, etc. This version of the setting uses the core pantheon.

    House Rules
    Design Notes: I try to keep house rules to a bare minimum. I still want my games to "feel" like D&D as much as possible, which means, among other things, not changing the basic rules of the game. Most of my house rules are designed to have as little impact as possible on PCs.

    What follows is a list of house rules I have implemented for the Paths of Legend Setting. I will occasionally update this section when I implement a new house rule or change or do away with an existing one.

    Dwarves (except deep dwarves and duergar) have low-light vision instead of darkvision).

    Hobgoblins have several additional racial traits (see their entry in the campaign setting material for details).

    The spells detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, and detect law only work against creatures, spells, items and other effects that have the appropriate alignment subtype. They also detect an individual that has an alignment aura as a class feature (clerics with access to an alignment domain, paladins, and blackguards).

    New Feats

    Wild Empathy [General]

    You have an affinity for dealing with animals and magical beasts.
    Benefit: This Feat works like the druid and ranger class ability, except the character adds her character level and her Charisma modifier to the d20 roll.
    Special: Druids and Rangers automatically have Wild Empathy as a bonus feat. They need not select it.

    Animal Companion [General]

    The character may select an animal companion.
    Prerequisites: Wild Empathy
    Benefit: This Feat works like the druid and ranger class ability, except the character uses her character level to determine the animal companion's abilities and what alternative companions are available at higher levels.
    Special: Druids automatically have Animal Companion as a bonus feat. They need not select it. Rangers receive Animal Companion as a bonus feat at 4th level.

    The druid and ranger class features Animal Companion and Wild Empathy are replaced with these feats.

    Dragon Disciples: At each level where the Dragon Disciple would normally gain Bonus Spells, the Dragon Disciple instead gains an increase to their spellcasting level, spells known, and spells per day as if they had gained a level in a spontaneous arcane casting class (Sorcerer or Bard usually). If they have more than one spontaneous arcane casting class, they must choose which one to add the spellcasting level to.

    Wealth and Bookkeeping: A player character can be assumed to have on hand and need not keep track of any non-magical, non-alchemical items (excepting alchemical silver ammunition) expendable items equal in value to 1/1000th the amount a character of their level (character level or effective character level) should have (rounded up to the nearest gold piece) according to table 5-1 on page 135 of the Dungeon Masters Guide. This includes individual units of ammunition such as arrows, bolts, and shuriken. At higher levels, this can include individual units of ammunition made of special materials.
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