4E Lost-Eberron-4E Style
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    Lost-Eberron-4E Style

    You were there, fighting for your life against insurmountable odds. Or maybe you were deep in prayer, in the quiet confines of your patron’s temple. Or could it be you were simply daydreaming doing your daily routine? One second you were there, now you are here.
    A long white sand beach stretches in both directions, dotted by barnacled hulls half buried in the sand. A thick dark jungle, rises to your left. Beyond the jungle, snow-capped peaks rise high into air. To your right, the ocean crashes onto the beach, sending a salty spray into the air. More ships, some with two masts, others with three, jut above the sea like bony fingertips.
    Panic grips you for a moment and things come into perspective. You realize you must calm down otherwise you will never escape…wherever you are. Survival is a must. As you take in your surroundings you realize how warm it is. The sun beats down upon your brow, making you thirsty. You look to the sea, and you know only a madman would drink the salty ocean water. Shading your eyes, you look for signs of a jungle stream that meanders down to the sea. You don’t see one, but you do see something else. Another figure! In the distance, too far away to tell what race or sex, but it’s definitely somebody else. Maybe you are not lost after all…

    -Number of PCs: 5
    -Level: 1
    -Setting: Eberron
    -Character Creation and Crunch allowed: 22 pt buy and standard gold. PHB,MP, AV,and any of the races from a standard Eberron setting. Swordmages and Dragon material are also legal(including playtest classes, like druid, barbarian, warden, artificer, etc). If you want to play a dragonmarked character, I’ll work with you on rules for that(more than likely a feat, similar to a multiclass feat). The only things that are off limits are minotaurs and genasi. Please include a wishlist with your character sheet as well. One item of each level up to 5.
    -Background: Here is where we get twisted, you are from Eberron, but each character is from different parts of history. Want to play an orc gatekeeper apprentice right before sealing away the daelkyr? What about a hobgoblin dirgesinger when they ruled as far as the eye could see? The first warforged? A “survivor” of Cyre’s disaster? You could be from the current timeline too, nothing wrong with that. A Lyrandar navigator, shifter ranger, or half-elven entertainer are options as well.
    -Timetable: I will keep submissions open for at most a week. However, if I have 5 good submission from reliable players, I will close early to get things started. Speaking of…
    -Posting: I will post an update every day. (There is always the rare exception though). I expect you keep up with me as much as possible. I will NPC you during combat if it slows things down too much. On my days off from work, I could be available for rapid postings. If you do not post without warning for more than a week, your character will fade into the background, and if you don’t resume your normal posting rate by the end of another week, I’ll recruit another player.

    I know I've played in quite a few games with people on here. Now it is my turn to DM!

    Stonegod: Hesh Sul'tashk, Hobgoblin Bravelord, Ancient past, accuracy approved
    GaryH: Warforged Great Weapon fighter, no CS, ancient background
    Oni: Lorn Spellwright, Human Staff Wizard, Cyre survivor, accuracy approved
    Redclaw: Stellan Scarhide, Longtooth shifter Warden, Last War Vet? Accuracy approved
    Erekose13: Qad'lieae Valaj, Drow Primal Predator Druid, ancient past, accuracy approved
    Pathfinderq1:Phiarlan artful dodger rogue
    mcnathan80: Changeling Rogue or Human Ranger(silver flame?), ancient past
    Atanatotatos: Thormir Brassbeard,Dwarven Infernal Warlock, current time period, accuracy approved
    Phaezan: Strength of the Unyielding Oak, Warforged Earthstrength Warden, Current time period
    DEFCON 1: Tremael Dailauren, Aeranal Elven Invoker, ancient past, accuracy approved

    So far melee heavy. Pathfinder and mcnathan have possible ranged characters in rogues/rangers. That is it other than Atanatatos' warlock and the controllers.

    Role Makeup: 1 Leader, 3 Defenders, 2 Controllers, 3 strikers
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