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    With only Oni and me still in this, we might just want to pull the plug. Though I'd like some spoiling of what was going on in that case.

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    Not sure if WD is still interested, but with him and I that could be 4? We'd still need 1 more though.

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    Double post, nothing to see here folks.
    Last edited by Oni; Thursday, 17th September, 2009 at 11:01 PM.

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    Yah, I think it might be time to official call an end.

    I'm not sure we'd survive the combat anyway were we to play it to the end anyway.

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    I was interested as well, have a character submited and all.

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    Was also still interested. Was there an answer in the recruiting thread? I thought I had subscribed it...

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    Work is picking up for me, both here and in RL. That is why the long time between updates. I still intend on updating this game regularly, but due to my work, it will probably be once or twice(maybe) a week.

    That said, once we finish the encounter that is going on now, the other 3 new PCs will be introduced in relatively short order. Renau, WD, and Voda all expressed interest. If the slower posting rate causes other to quit, I understand. Let me know your thoughts.

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    After giving it some thought, I'm game to keep going since there is new blood coming in.

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