4e Monster resistance statistics
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    4e Monster resistance statistics

    While trying to pick a damage type for a new dragonborn PC's dragon I breath I calculated these statistics on the resistances and vulnerabilities of all the monsters in the 4e Monster Manual from level 1 to 33. Hopefully these are of interest for picking powers in general:

    # resistance to:	% of all (487) monsters
    1	all	                                0.21%
    14	acid	                                2.87%
    14	cold	                                2.87%
    1	force	                                0.21%
    12	insubstantial                           2.46%
    65	fire	                               13.35%
    11	lightning	                       2.26%
    61	necrotic           	               12.53%
    23	poison	                                4.72%
    1	psychic	                                0.21%
    11	thunder	                                2.26%
    9	radiant	                                1.85%
    12	variable	                        2.46%
    8	 from melee & ranged	        1.64%
    3	other	                                0.62%
    209	total with resistance	                 42.92%
    278	total without resistance	         57.08%
    Obviously, resistance to fire and necrotic are much (5-6X) more common than anything else. Poison resistance is also more common than other attack modes.

    # vulnerable to:	% of all (487) monsters
    0	acid	                                0.0%
    3	cold	                                0.62%
    6	fire	                               1.23%
    0	lightning	                       0.0%
    2	necrotic           	               0.41%
    0	poison	                                0.0%
    0	psychic	                                0.0%
    0	thunder	                                0.0%
    44	radiant	                                9.03%
    8	area and close            	          1.64%
    63	total with vulnerability	12.94%
    424	total without vulnerability	87.06%
    Vulnerabilities are much more rare- and the only significant one is radiant vulnerability for undead.

    Finally, a look at immunities:

    	# immune to:	% of all (487) monsters
    0	acid	                0.00%
    1	cold	                0.21%
    6	fire	                1.23%
    2	lightning	        0.41%
    87	poison	                 17.86%
    0	thunder	                 0.00%
    2	necrotic	        0.41%
    0	radiant	                 0.00%
    2	filth fever	        0.41%
    4	chaos phage	         0.82%
    5	charm	                 1.03%
    9	sleep	                1.85%
    26	fear	                5.34%
    88	disease	                 18.07%
    3	illusion	        0.62%
    2	push/pull/slide	         0.41%
    2	knocked prone	         0.41%
    16	petrification	         3.29%
    1	moon frenzy	         0.21%
    11	gaze	                2.26%
    147	total with immunity	30.18%
    340	total without immunity	69.82%
    Disease and poison are the only common immunities (all the undead), but
    fire is more common than acid, cold, thunder, or lightning.

    It seems that fire, necrotic, and poison are substandard energy types.
    A power that uses these energy types had better have some extra feature to make up for that.

    Dragonborn should choose lightning or cold for breath. Fire and poison should be avoided unless the player has a roleplaying reason to choose them.

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    I was fully expecting fire resistance to be at the top. (Fireball has always been the go-to spell for big damage.) But some of the other lists surprised me a bit. Good ol' Undead!

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    I think this kind of analysis has been posted before on these boards, but thanks for doing it nonetheless. You see, this exact issue came up regarding the breath weapon of a Dragonborn character in the game I am running right now. It fits the character concept perfectly for him to have poison breath, and even a poisonous weapon, but a ridiculous number of monsters are outright immune to it, and nothing is vulnerable.

    Still, I don't want to just leave it as a some kind of trade-off between appropriateness and effectiveness, so I guess I may as well openly ask other people for their opinions on how the situation can be improved.

    I am fine with leaving the immunities as-is, but I think I should do something to give it some more power in order to compensate. One easy thing to do would be to give more creatures a vulnerability to poison attacks. Honestly, I can imagine that this is easily justified for the vast majority of living natural creatures, but I am not sure whether to leave it at that or limit it some more. I always liked the classic humanoid vulnerability to poison from the Final Fantasy games...

    Still, I can't help but feel the 4E designers should have done more to make all of these damage types worthwhile. What is the point of making the distinction between lightning and cold powers if it will only matter (for good or ill, and mostly ill) against a mere 5% or so of the Monster Manual?

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    An interesting trend:
    As one might expect, resistances get larger as level increases.
    However, I did not expect that vulnerabilities increase with level as well.

    Also, if anyone is interested here is the excel file with the stats:
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    This chart doesn't help much without knowing the monsters in question.

    I'd rather have a breath weapon that has 10 resistant elite and solo soldier monsters than a breath weapon with 5 resistant regular brutes. You see more of the latter than the former.

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