4E Lost Eberron 4E Style: Combat over, Level up!
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    Lost Eberron 4E Style: Combat over, Level up!

    Hesh and Thormir

    Hesh Sul'tashk

    Hesh leaps into the air, looking to the sky as he jumps, victory within his grasp. A single spark shows in the air above him, and then a flash of lightning brightens his vision, blinking as he stumbles in unfamiliar terrain. Hesh appears to be on the beach, the sweltering jungle to one side, and a limitless blue ocean on the other. Ships partially buried lie on the beach and others are half submerged in the reef. A figure is seen further away. Sex or race canít be determined, but judging from their body position they see you as well.

    Thormir Brassbeard

    Thormirís glee is unbound as he places his hands on the wooden chest. He salivates at the thought of the gold inside. He relishes in the feel of the smooth wood beneath his hands and then he blinks in sudden blindess as electricity flares before his eyes. A trap? No everything else is different too, except for the fact that his hands still touched wood. As his eyes recover from their ailment, he sees he is not where he was. Also, his hands are no worse for the wear. A jungle lies off to his left, and an endless ocean off to his right. The wood he was touching appears to be a ship of some sort, half-buried in the sand. More ships are nearby, and yet more are half sunk in the reefs off shore. A figure is seen in the distance, too far to tell sex or race, but they see you too.
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