Throne of Bhaal novelization, Minsc?
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    Throne of Bhaal novelization, Minsc?

    Work is being done to improve the Minsc article on Wikipedia, and the main guy working on it wants to know if Minsc appears in the novel based on Throne of Bhaal. If you've got a copy, we were discussing here, so let us know if you can help.

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    I just pulled the book off my shelf and quickly glanced over nearly every page and I didn't see even a reference to Minsc or Boo.

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    I remember really liking the novelization (at least by game novel standards) but do not recall Minsc in it. I will confirm tomorrow unless somebody does so here before!

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    The novelization was absolutely atrocious.

    Minsc is mentioned once in the first few pages of the Shadows of Amn book as a random lunatic, and that's about it. He doesn't appear in Throne of Bhaal.

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