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    Whoa. Palindrome.

    Man. That seriously struck me.
    I f****** loved that character.

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    He had a good run.

    I can't imagine a reason for another PC to resurrect him. Well...maybe Tander, because he's the good guy. (Woe is going to loot the corpse.) If they get Palindrome into hock with Lauto, Palindrome will tell the god to take a hike.

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    ...and then Tonk can hunt him down.

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    Man! That would be a weird game!

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    Well, I think NPC arch-villain was always Palindrome's true calling.

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    Bitter, undead, lich-specter-Palindrome.


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    I Really, Really hopes Tander finds a reason to resurrect Palindrome and raises him from the nether regions

    BTW wasn't Atreus hired to look after Palindrome?


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    So what will happen to Doddoddod now that his, uh, "favourite apprentice" is dead?

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    I have ideas, but let's see what the party does. It all depends on if they (for some UNGUESSABLE reason) raise Palindrome or if they recover the body.

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    Well, as Ozymandias79 pointed out, I was actually hired to look after Palindrome... so my character has least an excuse to resurrect Palindrome, but I am telling ya, he won't like it !

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