What would you like to see more in an adventure?

View Poll Results: Multiple Choice: What do you want to see in an adventure?

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  • detailed and interesting NPCs

    52 51.49%
  • good storyline

    67 66.34%
  • storyline with a twist

    41 40.59%
  • monsters that are interesting in a fight

    46 45.54%
  • creative combat scenes

    54 53.47%
  • interesting magic items

    35 34.65%
  • riddles, puzzles & traps

    41 40.59%
  • it is Open Content

    16 15.84%
  • it is Web enhanced

    15 14.85%
  • Other (explain )

    11 10.89%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    What would you like to see more in an adventure?

    Hi All,

    What are the most important, or your favourite things in a module, the ones that give you the best enjoyment and entertainment... from Players to DMs it can vary. Think about you "classic" modules, and what they had in them... what do YOU think a good module should have? Don't forget, it's multiple choice for those who can't decide on one

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    Multiple choice- I voted once for every thing because in my opinion I would like to see some of each in an adventure. Sure some may emphasize killing more than puzzles but it is nice for a change of pace to intoduce variables.

    For a good classic module I think White Plume Mountain was good it had riddles, interesting traps, unique magic items (Black Razor), interesting fight locations (inverted ziggurat) and good NPCs (the kelpies, werewolf mage, and the ogre magi). Overall a good adventure if a little short but then it left clues that there was much more to do in Keraptis volcano.
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    handouts etc..

    I'd like to see good maps and player handouts. ( a good adventure doesn't need this but it sure adds to the atmosphere)

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    More Sanskrit and Tibetan!!

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    I'd do a multiple vote for all of them, if the damn thing would let me vote at all...
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    Non-linear scenario, with lots of choice. I'm not so much interested in story so much as being engaged.

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    - Adapatable to different campaign worlds

    A module with a terrific storyline and detailed backgrounds isn't much use if I have to rip it apart to make it fit my campaign. I don't care how cool the original campaign world/setting is, if it doesn't fit easily with my world then I have little use for it. The more the core of the adventure is generic the better. It's not that I really mind the wasted space of someone elses campaign world I just don't like modules that are tied so tightly they are unusable anywhere else.

    - Scalable to different levels

    I have really come to enjoy those publishers that include notes on how to scale adventures to different levels. I like an adventure that is scalable +/- 3 or 4 levels in difficulty.
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    It is amazing how even everything is, which I guess just goes to show that a good adventure needs all of those elements.
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