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    The githyanki nods to Raiyek and dashes across the tavern, carefully avoiding the awkward spills on the floor. She lashes out at the human near Seven-Rabbit while kicking Vlastos with a booted heel. “Get up. I honestly can't remember your name, but get the hell up. How come its always the wizards who are falling down on the job?” The gith flashes a fanged smile to both arcane casters as Vlastos lays there on the wooden floor, panting from wounds.

    “So, which one of you wants to fly?”

    Standard: Viper's Strike on Rabble south of me. 23! 9 damage
    Move: Move to G6
    Minor: Inspiring Word on Vlastos with an additional 4 health

    Les Ghentel stat block
    Les Ghentel- Female Githyanki Warlord 1
    Passive Perception: 9, Passive Insight: 9
    AC:16, Fort:15, Reflex:13, Will:13 -- Speed:6
    HP:24/24, Bloodied:12, Surge Value:6, Surges left:8/8
    Initiative +5
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: not used
    Powers: Commander's Strike, Viper's Strike, Warlord's Favor, Telekinetic Leap Bastion of Defense, Special: Inspiring Word x1


    I too took it as joking. And I wouldn't be too concerned about being knocked out once. In the game I DM on Sunday's the last battle just went atrociously for them. Everyone was bloodied, three fell unconscious, one died and one had only one death save left to fail.-and- the encounter was one level lower than they were. They were embarrassed as hell.

    Anyway, it is hard to explain things across internet and I really don't think Don has any reason to “cheat” and try to kill us. I know it pisses me off when my players question the statistics of monsters, when I'm just using the damned book. Think of how you would feel if someone started complaining that you have too high to hit or too high damage and did it in a way that made it seem as if you were cheating about it even though it was straight out of the book.

    Don't take that as an insult though! Just trying to explain...I'll shut up now. Love you all :P
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    OOC: Nobody kicks the wizard. If he is somehow still alive, his first action is to cast Sleep on the gith and then to slit her throat. If he's not alive or is still unconscious, then here are my first 3 death rolls in order: 1, 2, 3.

    Got it.

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    OOC: As it's not obvious to 7 Rabbit yet that Vlastos is gone, I'll still use my first posted set of actions.

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    I'll assume that was all meant in jest. Especially since Les has more strength than you. If not, go and read Raiyek's post. I had to heal up Vashik last time so it's just Les throwing jokes around. People do do that

    The caustic attitude isn't necessary. It is likely that you are being sarcastic and in my positivist view I'll assume it is simply my faulty perception that takes it this way. If you read the post ahead of you in somewhat better depth, you'd see that you can blast away at those bastards in the ceiling.

    Also, both you and JNC posted but didn't really answer my IC question. Which one of you wants to fly up and use the rafters to take out the ones up there and have protection from anyone on the ground?

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    7 Rabbit's eyes light up. "Fly? Then I could be the one raining death from above? Yes, I think I would like to. Please."

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    If Vlastos just wants to duck out, I'll be happy to NPC his actions for the rest of the combat then have him quietly leave the scene. I'd prefer not to kill him, but if Vlastos (the poster, not the character) is determined to kill off his character, then there's not much I can do about it.

    Also, I'd like to resolve this "issue" before continuing with combat, if that's okay with everyone.

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    Kruk drops his axe, walks over to Vlastoes lifeless body as he is being pelted with glass bottles and slings. He picks him up off the floor and slowly walks out the door, never to be seen again. As he walks out the door, Vlastos's orb falls on the floor and rolls towards 7-Rabbitt (if you want it, check out the treasure from the Necro adventure to see what it is)


    I give up...

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    OOC: why? why are you quitting, Dimsdale?? and Vlastos, why are you so eager to die and give up?? Please, tell me what I can do to help you? if not answering here then mail me with your answer, please:

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    JUDGE COMMENTS, upon being summoned by Ozymandias79:

    Before this breaks down any further...

    Vlastos, can you please explain what's bothering you? I know there was the "numbnuts" comment (for which Don Incognito has apologized), but even before that, you seemed to give up as soon as your PC went below 0 HP. Do you believe Don Incognito was being unfair to you, did you not know about death saves, or something else? I really don't know what was going on there.

    Dimsdale, I think you've explained your problems just fine, but I'd like to ask you to stick around, or at least gracefully exit after the fight, and return to the tavern. Don't let this spoil your whole L4W experience.

    Don Incognito, thanks for offering to let Vlastos survive and leave after this scene. That might be the best idea, and it was good of you to offer that opportunity.

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    Thanks, Garyh, for putting that more politely than I would have. I'll just add one more thing. I don't know or care how old you are in real life, in this forum I expect -- no, I demand that you act like adults. That means being civil towards each other in public, and not taking out your frustrations on innocent bystanders: your fellow players, judges, DMs, and anyone reading this thread for fun. This forum is about fun, and if your temper tantrum starts ruining the fun, I'll do what I have to to get you to stop pissing in the pool. That includes deleting posts or worse.

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