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    "Yes, yes, of course," the eladrin says, nodding, "but first, introductions are in order. My name is Borius Gand, and our driver is my personal attendee, Maitre'd. And your names are?"

    Borius raises a single eyebrow as his eyes glaze over Les, taking in her whole body.

    "Also, pleasure before business. Please, you all look very tired. Have some brandy."

    Borius pulls a small flask from robe and passes it around the cramped carriage.

    Anyone who drinks from the flask gains the benefits of having an extended rest


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    7 Rabbit takes a sip of the brandy and deliberately passes it over Kruk's head to Vlastos. "We must talk about it later," he whispers. "I wish to hear what our host has to say."

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    "Well met, sir. Raiyek Meliam, paladin of Palladys, at your service." The elf makes a graceful attempt at a bow in the confines of the carriage.

    After the rest of the introductions, he watches Borius ogling Les with more than a little disgust. Typical of the rich - he assumes he can get anything he wants. The least he could do is manage a little subtlety.

    When Borius offers the brandy, Raiyek would prefer to turn it down so his wits stay sharp, but his training in etiquette told him not to turn down an offer of hospitality during negotiations, especially when both parties are still getting to know the other. I suppose one swig won't hurt, in any case. "My thanks." The paladin takes a sip from the flask, then offers it to whoever else would like some.

    A few seconds later, once the burn of the brandy is diminishing, Raiyek's eyes open wide. He immediately feels a surge of energy through his body, as though he'd only just risen for the day. "Amazing," he mutters under his breath. "What was that?"
    Thanks for the super-juice. Haha, so will it sober up Kruk then? Silly dwarf

    Raiyek Meliam - Male Elf Paladin (Palladys) 1
    Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 18; Low-light vision
    AC:20, Fort:15, Reflex:16, Will:15 -- Speed:6
    HP:27/27, Bloodied:13, Surge Value:6, Surges left:11/11
    Resist 5 poison
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: not used
    Powers-Valiant Strike, Holy Strike, Divine Challenge, Lay on Hands (3/3)
    Piercing Smite, Channel Divinity, Elven Accuracy, Hunter's Quarry
    Paladin's Judgment
    Group Awareness: All non-elf allies within 5 squares of Raiyek gain a +1 bonus to Perception.
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    Thanks for the super-juice. Haha, so will it sober up Kruk then? Silly dwarf
    Not if we don't give him any!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Sessadore View Post
    "Amazing," he mutters under his breath. "What was that?"
    "Very, very expensive." says Borius with a laugh. "Be sure to give some of that to your unconscious friend, it should sober him up."

    Borius' eyes never leave Les as he speaks.

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    Note to self, thinks Vlastos - protocal, concerning rich patrons requires an introduction before business; the drunk dwarf probably didn't help either.

    Ahem, I'll handle the dwarf if I may, announces the wizard to the others, renewed from the marvelous elixer. With some effort, he props up the comatose Kruk and pours a mouthful of the fluid down the warrior's gullet.

    Without waiting for the effect, he drops Kruks to the carriage floor and then floats the decanter slowly across the carriage space to Les, who appears to be centered between the rich man's lust and the paladin's discomfort.

    What's this Borius got in mind that involves ALL of us, thinks Vlastos to himself?
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    Kruk stirs and turns a bit and then says "ahhhhhhhhh...thanks Vlastos...much better...I was fine until I started talking to that Hafling...I think he slipped something into my mug!" He quickly checks his money pouch to see if his money is still there. Much to his relief, it is.

    He gets up and squeezes his way between 7-Rabbitt and Vlastos, bumping in to both repeatedly "Sorry...tight space here"

    He then looks up at Borius and says in a stern voice "I'm ready to hear what you have to say."

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    As Kruk gets up off the floor of the carriage, Raiyek tries very, very hard to suppress his urge to laugh at the dwarf's antics. Finally getting a grip on himself, Raiyek gets serious as well. He leans forward to block Borius' view of Les to get his attention. "So, what exactly is it that you'd have us do? It would be nice to know what we've gotten ourselves into."
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    "Down to brass tacks, I suppose. Although I have never been blessed with any children (that i know of)," the eladrin adds with a wink at Les, "I am something of a godparent, as it were. A close friend of mine gave birth to a beautiful baby girl some years ago, and I was named the child's de facto guardian should anything happen to the parents."

    "Sadly, this is exactly what happened but a few years ago. Both her mother and father were taken by a plague, and the girl was left homeless. Naturally, I took her in and cared for her as if she were my own, but there was a..."

    Borius pauses, waving his hand in the air as he racks his brain for the right word.

    "A...a...disconnect, I think is the word I should use. She was nearly of age by the time she came into my care, and she had a rebellious streak. Must have picked it up from her mother, I suppose. Anyway, Rebekkah (Did I not mention her name? It was Rebekkah), she had her heart set on being an artist. Not just an artist, mind you, but an ARTIST; that is, she glamorized the entire lifestyle: living on the streets, surviving commission to commission, attending dingy little art shows with her friends at run-down galleries in shady parts of town. You get the idea, I'm sure. Naturally, she and I did not have a lot of pleasant conversations. We tended to clash more often than not; I import silks for a living, and did not want to see her living below her station. Eventually, when it came time for her to strike out on her own, I had secured her a place to live amongst the higher eschelons of Dauntonian society. She was to be a courtier to the city's nobles; she was certainly suited to it, as she was quite comely and quick-witted. However, she wanted none of it; her dreams of artistry had clouded her better judgement. I even offered to give her a studio to practice her craft, but she refused. Told me that she 'wanted to live the authentic lifestyle', which meant squatting in the dirt as she eked out a living selling baubles to commoners. Finally, I gave in to her demands, allowing her to strike out on her own, but with one stipulation: every weekend, we would meet for lunch."

    "Six weeks ago, our meetings stopped. I don't know what's become of her, as it is unlike her to go with long without contacting me. I don't know where to begin looking for her, and the city guard is of no help; they are uninterested in 'street trash'. I'm offering 45 gold per head for you to find her, and if need be, return her to safety. As a noble, I wouldn't even know who to ask, let alone what questions would lead me to her. As adventurers, I'm sure you are more...*ahem*...well-versed in the art of dealing poor folk."

    "So what say you? Do we have a deal?"

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    Rebekkah, and a beautiful girl, too, hmm - her name is from the Old Allarian, starts Vlastos. It means "to bind". You, Borius, are in a bind. One artist chick alone in shady town, and these are dangerous times. Though I have few skills for street work, I may be of use depending on what is discovered.

    OOC: Is the wage being offered suited to the task - Insight [1d20+7=9 ] - probably not helpful?

    I'll hear the words of the others on this matter, the wizard adds irritated at his mind blank.
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