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    Raiyek nods to Rabbit as he leaves. "I, too, will be at the Hanged Man as long as I remain in Daunton. That isn't to say that I plan to leave in the near future, but I cannot claim to know what the future holds." He looks puzzled at Rabbit's significant glances, but decides to keep his questions silent for now. "It has been an honor, Rabbit, Les, Kruk, Ash," he says, nodding to each as he says their names. "I think I will go explore the city for the time being; it could be interesting with what we now know of the workings of the city." With that, Raiyek dons his armor and gathers the rest of his gear, looking thoughtfully at the overlarge sword from the gnoll and his shield, then leaves the mansion, though he waits if anyone comes to join him.
    Yes, good game everyone. I think I'm going to take a little break from adventuring with Raiyek; I seem to have a lot of other stuff on my plate. But fear not! The unoptomized paladin will return soon!
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    Kruk watches as everyone leaves. His eyes become misty. He rubs them with his forarm and then states "I look forward to the time when our paths may cross again." He then takes the time to equip his armor and gather his belongings, including his greataxe, wonding how Marley was able to swing it so effortlessly and cause so much distruction. He then walks out the door and heads to the tavern for some well deserved beverages, and who knows, maybe another chance to adventure.
    Characters: Kruk (Lvl 11), Max (Lvl 11), Lerrick (Lvl 6)

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