A Rose In The Wind: A Saga of the Halmae -- Updated June 19, 2014
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    A Rose In The Wind: A Saga of the Halmae -- Updated June 19, 2014

    **In addition to its regularly updated form on these Boards, this Story Hour is being collected into PDF form through the generous work of StevenAC. For those who wish to read the collected first 35 chapters in PDF form, they can be found here: http://stevenac.net/rosewind/StoryHour.htm. Otherwise -- and for the most recent updates and comments -- read on!**


    Good things happen on Fajitas’ birthday. Six years ago, Spyscribe commemorated the day by introducing the Story Hour http://www.enworld.org/forum/story-h...tml#post730523 Her reasons for beginning the story hour were that she was (a) compulsive and (b) poor. Our reasons for beginning this one? Well, we are (a) obsessive and (b) not exactly rich. Bottom line: it is again Fajitas’ birthday, which makes it a perfect time to begin this chronicle of the new Halmae campaign, which began a couple of months ago. We could never try to be Spyscribe, but we hope we’ll tell an enjoyable story, with much gratitude to Fajitas for giving us the story to tell.

    Much has changed since the end of the campaign chronicled in “Welcome to the Halmae.“ A couple of the players moved away (we miss them!) and Spyscribe, lured by the inexorable draw of a career, has taken a (short-term) position across the country. A few players (including Ilex and jonrog1) have joined the group. And in the Halmae, sixteen years have passed since the end of the last campaign. Ekht’s fire still burns; Kettenek’s halls still ring with justice, and Sedellus’ cold wind still blows over Alirria’s seas. The shape of the Halmae remains the same, but her political climate has changed.

    . . . And – since we didn’t have our acts together well enough to have a full post ready by today, more time will pass before the story truly begins. But watch this space.

    In the meantime, a taste, in the post below: the introductory text that Fajitas provided us when he handed us each a player packet.

    Happy birthday, Fajitas.

    Ellinor and Ilex
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