Monday, March 2, 2009

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    Monday, March 2, 2009

    • [imager] 52[/imager]NEW GAMING SYSTEM LICENSE (GSL) RELEASED! The new, revised GSL has now been made publically available. Highlights include:
      • Removal of section 6, which set terms & conditions for <acronym title="D&D 4th Edition">4e</acronym> compatible product lines that may have been previously published under the Open Game License (<acronym title="Open Gaming License">OGL</acronym>).
      • Inclusion of a provision for a “Notice of Termination”, allowing publishers to end their use of the <acronym title="4E Gaming System License">GSL</acronym> at their choosing. This includes the addition of a 6-month inventory sell off period after executing a Notice of Termination.
      • Modification to imagery clause that clarifies use derivative art work.
      • Additions to the <acronym title="System Reference Document">SRD</acronym> from Player’s Handbook® 2, Monster Manual® 2, and Adventurer’s Vault™ including:
        • Barbarian, bard, druid, and sorcerer class options
        • Alchemy, alchemical formula template, and alchemical items
        • Vehicles, mounts, and the vehicle template
        • Disease template
        • Demons, devils, rust monster, metallic dragons, duergar, and over 50 other monsters

    • Official D&D Updates:
      • Excerpts: Zealous Assassin In today’s Player's Handbook 2 preview, we introduce a new paragon path for the avenger: the zealous assassin!
      • March of the Monsters A look at the roper over the ages.
      • Previews for March and Beyond Dungeon Delve, P3 Assault in Nightwyrm Fortress, Player’s Handbook 2, Corsair, E1 Death's Reach, Arcane Power, DDM Monster Manual: Dangerous Delves,Monster Manual 2.
      • [sub] Monsters, Miniatures, and a New Power In addition to the usual tidbits and secrets from the halls of R&D to our loyal D&D Insiders, I’m going to show off a couple of monsters from Monster Manual 2 and their new miniature counterparts, as well as give you a sneak peek at the upcoming Player’s Handbook Heroes minis and power cards and Adventurer’s Vault 2. But first, let me wander through R&D and see what’s going on …

    • Signs & Portents 66
    • Necromancer Games Plans to Bring "First Edition Feel" to Both 4E and Pathfinder "In addition to our support for Pathfinder, we believe in supporting the most current official version of D&D--and that is 4E. We plan to create a community-sponsored, grass-roots development of some old-school rules alternatives for 4E, not to replace 4E but to supplement it. To let old school gamers like me play the game we want but with the modern rules and the modern tech".
    • TOS+ is two years old The Only Sheet is having a contest with prizes to celebrate.
    • Goodman Games needs dungeon masters Goodman Games is looking for a few good dungeon masters to help judge its Dungeon Crawl Classics Open Tournament at Gen Con.
    • RPG Superstar Voting continues for Paizo's RPG superstar semi-final round.
    • KoDT Bundle of Trouble v25 now available Kenzer and Company has released Bundle of Trouble volume 25 - a new trade paperback collecting the strips from issues 84-86 of the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine.
    • Gamer's Attic GM's Day Coupons To celebrate the day, we've created two special coupons for all to use up until March 4th, 2009. First coupon is $5 off any order of $25 or more (code: MAR4TH5 ) and the second coupon is 10% off any order (code: MAR4TH10 ). You may use each coupon once. Visit Gamer's Attic on or before 3/4/09 and pick up a gift for your hard-working GM (or even something for yourself).
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