Ĝone Games have released Ĝone's Black & White: Bandits' Trail

Everyone in town knows where the bandits’ hideout is. However no one dares to walk on the bandits’ trail. People of the town say the trail is cursed since a demon with burning eyes lurks in its surroundings. It is said the demon appears from nowhere in the middle of the people walking on the trail, sowing death and destruction. The few people who have seen him and survived, describe the demon as a naked giant with burning eyes and yellow fangs, and swear it is a demon out of hell.

This product details an underground bandits hideout, a clandestine brewery and a small wilderness area. It contains a Referee Map and 25 customizable tiles

This product line brings you simple tiles for your favorite RPGs. In each product you will find a whole fantasy location fully fleshed out in miniature-scale tiles with the usual Ĝone’s top-notch customization capabilities. The B&W maps are simple, line art battlemaps you can customize to suit your needs and then print.
These tiles are accurate, detailed, customizable, inexpensive and no ink-eaters.

Want to get a taste of the Black & White products? Download Medusa Hideout, its FREE!

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