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    Recruiting for a 3.5 D&D campaign on OpenRPG

    Hello folks. I'm currently the DM of For More Than Glory, a long-running D&D campaign set in The 13 Kingdoms (a Living Greyhawk-style setting hosted on EN World). I'm looking for 2 or 3 new players to join the campaign, which runs each Monday night on the OpenRPG freeware virtual tabletop program. Our games our hosted on the OpenRPG Dev II server (a public server), and each session generally starts around 6:30 pm Pacific Standard Time until 9 or 10 pm (sometimes 11 or 12, depending on the players).

    Our group currently consists of:
    Spingear "Fleck" Spindlefingers, a gnome transmuter 13/archmage 1,
    Szitha, a lizardman cleric 14,
    his cohort Szenthrass, a lizardman fighter 8/templar 3 (or thereabouts),
    Argus, a human druid 7/monk 3/barbarian 1/ranger 1/fighter 1 (my crazy sometimes-PC, sometimes-NPC, as we rotate DMs once in a while),
    and Fahlias Dragonson, a human half-silver-dragon ranger 5/horizon walker 6 (or thereabouts)

    We have a mage, a frontliner/archer, a healer, a spare frontliner, and a mixed blaster/healer/frontliner/scout/chaser (yeah, Argus turned out wierd).....

    So starting level for a new PC would be 13th, with a few hundred or few thousand extra XP, and roughly average starting gold for that level. I'll give a bit more detail on things if anyone's interested.

    Edit: Done running tonight's session..... So here's a little more info.

    I can e-mail the T13K Setting Guide PDF on request; it has the details on the setting we use and the extra rules material used in it (some new spells, feats, items, prestige classes, and races, a revised race here and there, and a bit else).

    FMTG has been running for about 5 years, though we took a few months' break at one point IIRC as the original DM was too busy for a while. That DM, Emiricol, later had to pass the DM hat to somebody else, and he's too busy with family and work to DM now. I've been one of the few round-robin DMs for FMTG since then; my PC Argus is just less active and less talkative than normal when I'm DMing.

    Joining FMTG doesn't require you to take a turn at DMing; it's just something that a few of us have done. We started at level 1 and have fought and RPed our way up to 14th or so (the one or two who had a bit more XP lost a level at one point or another from deaths; everyone in the party has either died once or often come very close. Even familiars and animal companions have died on a few occasions. But we often have a cleric in the group or at least find a temple to get a Raise Dead spell from.

    It's not a very deadly campaign; but you have to expect an occasional casualty at mid to upper levels. They've generally been to dragons, giants, or fiends (and once by a vampire, I think). Yeah, we've faced multiple dragons in this campaign; three at once in one case. This just means we've looted a few dragons' hoards, and will probably pillage a few more before we're through. Fahlias is on a quest to find and destroy a powerful red dragon that he has a beef with, but that's only an eventual sidequest. The group has traveled across several countries in the game-world and been to both the Ethereal and Shadow Planes before, as well as the Abyss once.

    We don't have a main storyline; we pursue some personal quests of the PCs, and other adventures that we get pulled into or that we run into. The campaign wasn't supposed to be heroically focused; no saving the world or whatnot, just pursuing personal interests, whether it's gold, power, revenge, justice, answers, or whatever. There are political machinations going on in the background, wars, and other events. Still, we tend to find ourselves doing something heroic and selfless half the time, because a few PCs are actually good-aligned while the rest of us have been some shade of neutral.

    Argus seeks strength and power. Fahlias has a dragon to slay, once he's gotten strong enough. Fleck is exploring the ways of arcane magic and delving into their secrets, for their own sake, and to help free more of his people whenever possible (many gnomes are enslaved by the hobgoblins of Ulruz, in The 13 Kingdoms, while the rest are scattered). Szitha and his cohort are seeking power, ways to serve their patron god's interests (our party has a bad habit of doing things that help Naeron a bit, and of course we adventurers send a lotta critters to their graves; Naeron devours a piece of the dead's memory and soul), and the spread of Naeron's faith (Naeron is the Death Dragon, the god of death, knowledge, and evil dragons in The 13 Kingdoms; also creator of the lizardfolk and their nation, Paludosus).

    Currently, we're at the end of one sidetrek in Ceomyr, and about to resume traveling, probably to Lorlynia (the elven nation), and from there we're not sure yet. I have some plot threads going, but whether or not the party does anything with them or just turns to one of their personal quests again remains to be seen. A new PC could be involved in something of their own and drag the rest of the party into it, potentially, or provide a lead on some other opportunity or an adventure hook.
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