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    The Screamer - L4W News

    “Hear ye! hear ye!”

    “Read about mayor Brunt’s recent tax scam to butter up Daunton’s Founding families! Hear about oni incursions in the Valley of Bone after portals at the Isle of Opposition scrambled! Learn about the new geyser at Bacarte after a group of “heroes” messed up a ritual to access the fabled Depthworld! Gawk at the chilling tales from survivors of pirate captain Grogmarrow’s latest raid at the coast of Mykonos!”

    “Hot off the enchanted press, bringing you the latest in shocking revelations and outrageous scandals from across the Transitive Isles!”

    “This is the Screamer!”


    The Screamer is a news source for the Living 4th Edition setting. All members are encouraged to post stories about recent events, preferably in-character in the form of a colorful anecdote. Suggested articles include:
    • Summaries of recently concluded exciting encounters.
    • Recaps of completed and ongoing adventures.
    • New competitions, arrivals, and adventure openings at the Hanged Man.
    • Significant in-game developments that could potentially impact the setting at large.

    A synopsis of adventures can be found here.

    The Screamer will also keep the community informed about OOC news such as recently approved proposals of character options, changes to the charter, etc. If manageable, news items will try to be indexed in this post in an organized manner.
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    Raid on Marn Mansion

    It was just just horrible!

    So I was just minding my own business, right? None of that pick-pocketing load of troll dung the guards claim. Just plain old helping ladies across the street for a penny. [From the looks of it, helping himself to the pennies as well. Ed.]

    So I run into this old friend of mine, right? Well, actually, she ran into me. Boot prints all over her back, so I figure shes fleeing from someone. So I ask: Who you running from, Tiptoes? She rambles on about this crazy gang raiding a mansion, something about liquefied organs and mutilated elves.

    So Im thinking I gots to check it out. Perhaps theres people that need to be plundered helped! Being a responsible community servant, right? So I followed Toes trail back to the place, crawled over the wall, and sure enough its a fresh battlefield! Blood and broken arrows in the grass, goblin corpses strewn about. All of them looted thoroughly Ill tell ya.

    But when I found the elf corpse Whoa! At least, I think it was an elf. Kind of hard to tell, considering his skin was flayed off, his nipples and manhood was a bloody mess, his eyes were useless, his thumbs were missing, he had thorns all over, he was bound and gagged with a snotty rag... oh, and he was hamstringed.

    So thats when I cleared off. Whoever did that, I dont wanna mess with em!

    [Encounter started here]
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    THE SCREAMER Local Gossip Section E1

    Overheard in "The Hanged Man"
    Crazy Little fella comesh in the bar, you know I crossh the shtreet to avoid the crazy dwarf! Dwarf writesh on the threshold, shcribbles a shpiral.

    Then walks in one of those F, FFF, F, Ella... Ella drinks! Trishtan. Cold, didn't even bat an eye at the crazy dwarf.

    Ha'lf is readin in the corner, doesn't even notice th'woman setting table on fire, makin tea! Fire! OR the guy chucking throwing stars into th'dartsh board!

    Show'sh already amayshing in th'bar, when shome foppish gold shpoon in th'mouth guy walks in... Come to find out hish name ish Regin-Uh, PSH Nobles.
    Orders a bunch of food, and drink, lotsha drink, and sits on hish lonesome, until the crazy dwarf shtompsh over to his ssheat, eats the food from infront 'is fayshe...

    After that it starts ta get hazy, because the bartender is hollering about getting a room, think he just, shaw how much money Regin-UH would pay for privy fashilities... ... ... Oh hazy, because they gotsha private room... and left all the food and drink at the table... So'sh I shays to the bartender, "You mind?" and he Shays "No."

    I remember before the drink conshumed me, a dangerous looking, muddy woman and an awful smelling, robed guy walk in...
    The last thingsh I remember, are all of'em leaving, shome before othersh, Regin-UH had contractsh in hish handsh.
    And now I'm waking up and you're here... What are you writing about... You're a shhKribbler... ShhhhKribbler...

    Adventure Started Here
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    "A rumor coming from the diplomatic quarter has recently been confirmed. An envoy from the Kingdom of Jade (The aide to the Iron General no less!) has been spotted in the city."

    "Attempts to interview or speak to the aid have been rebuffed by that all to common Dragonborn meatshield mentality. This reporter didn't even make it through the front doors! Despite their best attempts however the aide was recently spotted heading into the Hanged Man carrying a large scroll bearing the General's personal seal."

    "A secret source inside the embassy had this to say 'Most of us are not privy to the comings and goings of one so high up as the aide. But I did overhear two of the commanders talking in the mess hall one night after a few too many glasses of Imperial Fire Wine. They were arguing about why they thought the General would seek outside assistance and what this could mean for career soldiers like themselves. I knew right away that the people of Daunton needed this piece of information." So there you have it folks, it would seem the Iron General is seeking some sort of outside assistance in their ongoing battle against the 'darkness'. For the screamer this is your political correspondant Lanessa Longtooth.

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    Celia D'Orren was spotted coming out of the Dirty Deva last night with her new beau. Spotted by Darwinia L'Irkash, that is! Celia bumped into Winnie and her entourage in the street in front of the tavern, and Winnie went ballistic! Before her minders dragged her away, she was heard to call Celia "faithless", "false-hearted", and "a cheating WHO"ops! We can't print that last one in a family paper! A lovers' quarrel? We were sure hoping so - it'd sell a lot more papers! But it seems dear Winnie was just looking out for her cousin, Lukas, who you might remember was going around with Celia for a few weeks before he suddenly stopped calling. Winnie, dear - it looks from here like lovely Lukas ditched Celia, not the other way around! We're glad you've finally decided to start standing by your family, couldn't you have done it with a little more dignity? "His bones aren't even cold?" Just a little over the top? It seems some people never change!

    And speaking of never changing, if you guessed that Celia's new paramour is a handsome young guard captain - you're right! But it's not Woe Chinua this time! Yes, we're as shocked as you are! Who is this mysterious man in uniform? Our intrepid reporter didn't recognize him, so if anyone out there knows, drop us a line! We'd love to find out!

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    Redscale Revenge?!?

    A confidential source reported on a disturbance in the 'court' of Daunton's high class dragonborn from the Jade Empire, Madame Redscale. Her daily routine was disturbed when an aide interrupted a meeting with several of Daunton's upper crust. The aide whispered something to the mistress of mysterious dragonborn turned her scales pale and sent her into a quivering rage.

    As the assembly left her chambers, our informant was lucky enough to overhear her command to the aide who had brought her the obviously distressing news: "Find those responsible, and END them!" We'll be sure to bring you any further facts as we uncover them.

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