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    The Screamer - L4W News

    “Hear ye! hear ye!”

    “Read about mayor Brunt’s recent tax scam to butter up Daunton’s Founding families! Hear about oni incursions in the Valley of Bone after portals at the Isle of Opposition scrambled! Learn about the new geyser at Bacarte after a group of “heroes” messed up a ritual to access the fabled Depthworld! Gawk at the chilling tales from survivors of pirate captain Grogmarrow’s latest raid at the coast of Mykonos!”

    “Hot off the enchanted press, bringing you the latest in shocking revelations and outrageous scandals from across the Transitive Isles!”

    “This is the Screamer!”


    The Screamer is a news source for the Living 4th Edition setting. All members are encouraged to post stories about recent events, preferably in-character in the form of a colorful anecdote. Suggested articles include:
    • Summaries of recently concluded exciting encounters.
    • Recaps of completed and ongoing adventures.
    • New competitions, arrivals, and adventure openings at the Hanged Man.
    • Significant in-game developments that could potentially impact the setting at large.

    A synopsis of adventures can be found here.

    The Screamer will also keep the community informed about OOC news such as recently approved proposals of character options, changes to the charter, etc. If manageable, news items will try to be indexed in this post in an organized manner.
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