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    The dragon was a hoax!

    The black dragon Bosch that recently was seen
    above the city of Daunton was not real! Unfortunately, seven
    citizens of Daunton where killed from friendly fire as the
    milita's arrows rained down on the terrorized citizens below.
    If it was for the leadership and bravery of brother Navio and
    his band of adventurers, more casualties would have occurred.

    Rumor has it that a crazy bard with a white dragon was responsible
    for the hoax. Brother Navio stated that the dragon was an illusion
    created by a magic ring. Although an illusion, the real dragon is less
    than a day away from the city! Take cover citizens! The dragon
    Bosch is true to his word. He comes to destroy the city.

    Our only hope rest in the hands of the same group of adventurers
    who restored order from the hoax. Brother Navio states that they
    are on their way to confront the dragon. My sources tell me that the
    dragon has dispatched a scouting party. Hopefully the adventurers
    can eliminate them quickly.

    Stay tune citizens of Daunton. Be prepared
    to evacuate if and when the time comes.

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    Hastings Wellington (29), successful businessman, philanthropist and son of Lord Tarquin Wellington of Daunton was found dead this morning in his home. Officials say that he was stabbed through the heart in his sleep by a dagger.

    There was no signs of struggle says Bacarte Guard Captian Simmerson (42). Sir Hastings was a highly respected person with not an enemy in the world, I do not know who would commit such a cold-bloodied crime. Nevertheless, we will find those responsible and bring them to justice.

    He was such a nice boy, says his mother Celia (1,223), reformed fiend and head of numerous women's charity organizations. He had such a kind heart and never even harmed a fly she adds through sobs.

    We have reason to believe that this heinous act was done by a group of adventurers, reports Lord Tarquin Wellington (62). I have been pushing for some time now to regulate the adventuring profession through strict rules, tracking and government licensing and contracting. This instance just shows that the profession has gotten out of control.

    Last night a servant spotted several figures sneaking out of Hasting's Bacarte mansion. These include:

    -A large muscular male Kobold wielding a long dagger.
    -A Werewolf|Vampire hybrid Warforged sporting mathematical symbols on his armor.
    -A short male Goblin with red eyes and wielding a wicked looking scimitar.
    -A male Orc Pyromancer with wielding a staffs.
    -A male fire elemental with a bow.
    -A male elf ranger with a raven animal companion.
    -A small rat-like creature with a repeating crossbow.

    Lord Tarquin Wellington is offering a 100 platinum reward for any information leading to the execution or capture of said individuals. He is also offering a 200 platinum reward for the capture (both alive and non-alive) of the perpetrators.

    These individuals are extremely dangerous and should be treated with extreme caution.

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