(A thread in general support of D&D and the Hobby, when so many other current threads speak of despair and doom, and the fall of the game. It is not meant in humor, for the situation is too serious for humor. However, it is not meant literally, either. It merely seeks to give support.)


D&D's Army!

Dedicated to preserving D&D, in all editions and all forms.
Dedicated to the memory of Dragon and Dungeon Magazines in print form, and to their continued existence in online form.
Dedicated to Polyhedron Magazine and the RPGA.
Dedicated to the OGL and all the games like D&D that draw in new gamers.
Dedicated to all the D&D and RPing messageboards, their preservation, and their health.
Dedicated to online D&D, online products, and maintaining and expanding the hobby on the Internet.
Dedicated to our fellow Gamers.
Dedicated to our Friendly Local Gaming Shops.
Dedicated to our online gaming stores.
Dedicated to our presence on E-Bay.
Dedicated to our Game Designers, past, present, and future.
Dedicated to all who have worked in the gaming industry, past, present, and future.
Dedicated to all who defend our Hobby from the competition and economic woe.
Dedicated to the memory of those who were the Founders of the Hobby.

*** Dedicated to the preservation of D&D and of the Hobby, forever. ***

In dedication to them all, I declare the creation of D&D's Army.

I will sign the charter:


Who will sign, and proclaim their support for D&D's Army?

If you wish to sign, place your name on this post.