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    Traveller Collection

    Classic Traveller

    Alien Module 1: Aslan
    Alien Module 6: Solomani


    Core Books
    Imperial Encyclopedia
    Players' Manual
    Referee's Manual

    Accessories and Adventures
    COACC: Close Orbit and Airspace Control Command
    Fighting Ships of the Shattered Imperium
    Player's Guide to MegaTraveller [PDF]
    Rebellion Sourcebook
    Referee's Companion

    Digest Group Publications
    101 Vehicles
    The Flaming Eye

    Traveller 2300AD

    Aurore Sourcebook

    Traveller: The New Era

    Fire, Fusion, & Steel: Technical Architecture
    Guide to Traveller: The New Era (Ad Portfolio) [PDF]
    Star Vikings
    Understanding Traveller: The New Era [PDF]

    Mongoose Traveller

    Traveller Core Rulebook

    Accessories and Adventures
    Campaign 1: Secrets of the Ancients [PDF]

    The Third Imperium
    The Spinward Marches

    Gun Metal Games
    Reign of Discordia [Traveller Edition]

    Terra-Sol Games LLC
    Twilight Sector: Setting Update Alpha [PDF]

    Adventures [PDFs]
    Ancient Trails: So it Begins
    Into the Star
    Somnium Mundus

    "To Get" List
    Accessories and Adventures
    Arrival Vengeance: The Final Odyssey
    Assignment: Vigilante
    Astrogator's Guide to the Diaspora Sector
    Hard Times
    Knightfall (must have)

    Digest Group Publications
    Solomani & Aslan: The Rimward Races
    Starship Operator's Manual (*) [25] (must have)
    Vilani & Vargr: The Coreward Races
    World Builder's Handbook (must have)

    Traveller 2300AD
    Boxed Sets
    2300 AD: Man's Battle For The Stars (must have)
    Star Cruiser: Starship Construction and Combat in the Year 2300 (must have)

    Accessories and Adventures
    Colonial Atlas (must have)
    Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook
    Equipment Guide
    Ground Vehicle Guide
    Kafer Sourcebook (must have)
    Nyotekundu Sourcebook
    Rotten to the Core
    Ships of the French Arm (must have)

    Traveller: The New Era
    TNE Rulebook (must have)

    Accessories and Adventures
    Aliens of the Rim
    Path of Tears: The Star Viking Sourcebook
    Referee's Screen
    Regency Combat Vehicle Guide
    The Regency Sourcebook: Keepers of the Flame (must have)
    Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide
    Smash & Grab (unsure)
    Striker II
    Survival Margin: Gateway to the New Era (must have)
    Vampire Fleets
    World Tamer's Handbook (must have)

    Mongoose Traveller
    Mercenary, Second Edition [Bk1]
    Psion [Bk4]
    Robots [Bk9] (must have)
    Scoundrel [Bk6]

    Central Supply Catalogue [Sup4]
    Cybernetics [Sup8]
    Dynasty [Sup12]
    Fighting Ships [Sup3]
    Merchants and Cruisers [Sup10]
    Powers and Principalities [Sup15]
    Space Stations [Sup14] (must have)
    Traders and Gunboats [Sup2]
    Vehicle Handbook, The [Sup5-6] (must have)

    Traveller Compendium 1
    Traveller Compendium 2

    Traveller RPG: 2300AD
    2300AD Core Rulebook (must have)
    French Arm Adventures
    Grendelssaga, The
    Ships of the French Arm (must have)
    Tools for Frontier Living (must have)
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    My communities:

    Jorune Collection

    1st Edition

    Maustin Caji [PDF]

    2nd Edition

    Supplements [PDFs]
    Earth-Tec Jorune
    Playing the Iscin Races

    Companion Jorune [PDFs]
    City of Ardoth
    Shanthas of Jorune

    Bits & Pieces
    Skyrealm Kolovisondra [PDF]

    3rd Edition

    Core Rulebook
    Skyrealms of Jorune: The Roleplaying Game

    The Gire of Sillipus
    The Innocents of Gauss
    The Sobayid Atlas

    The Sholari Pack
    ▪ The Sholari Companion
    ▪ Voyage of the Aylon Star
    ▪ Sholari Screen

    Unofficial Support
    j20: Clarifications of System for 3rd Edition Jorune [PDF]

    "To Get" List
    2nd Edition
    Skyrealms of Jorune Role-Playing Game [Boxed Set] (must have)

    Earth-Tec Jorune (print)
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    My communities:

    The Miscy

    Dragon Age RPG [Green Ronin Publishing]

    Quick Start Guide [PDF]

    Duty Unto Death [PDF]

    Dying Earth RPG, The

    Core Rulebook
    The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game

    Appendices [PDF]
    Azenomei [PDFs]
    Kaiin Old Town [PDFs] [Kaiin Player's Guide" Bonus Chapter]
    The Excellent Prismatic Spray, Vol. 1, No. 1 [PDF e-zine]

    Fate [Evil Hat Productions]

    Fate Accelerated [PDF]
    Fate Core System [PDF]
    Fudge Edition [PDF]

    Myth & Magic Fantasy Roleplaying [New Haven Games]

    Game Master's Starter Guide [PDF]
    Player's Starter Guide [PDF]


    OSRIC Updated 2nd Edition: Pocket SRD [Underwood Publishing]

    Old-School Gazette [Expeditious Retreat Press]
    Number 1 [PDF]
    Number 10 [PDF]

    Other Books
    Advanced Adventures No. 10: The Lost Keys of Solitude [Expeditious Retreat Press]
    Blackmarsh [PDF] [Bat in the Attic Games]
    OSRIC 2.0 [PDF]

    Palladium Books

    TMNT | After the Bomb
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Guide to the Universe

    After the Bomb [original supplement]


    Mongoose RuneQuest [Mongoose Publishing]
    RuneQuest [PDF]
    RuneQuest II Core Rulebook

    Young Kingdoms
    Elric of Melniboné
    Bright Shadows

    Other Books
    An Introduction to Glorantha [PDF]

    RuneQuest, 6th Edition [The Design Mechanism]
    Essentials [PDF]
    Game Masters Pack [PDF]

    Other Books
    Caravan [PDF]
    Firearms [PDF]
    Sariniya's Curse [PDF]

    Savage Worlds

    Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition [Pinnacle Entertainment]

    Other Books
    Fantasy Companion: Explorer's Edition [Pinnacle Entertainment]

    Star Frontiers

    Starspawn of Volturnus [SF2]

    Stars Without Number

    Stars Without Number: Free Edition [PDF]

    Mandate Archive [PDFs]
    Bannerjee Construction Solutions
    Martial Arts
    Red Sangha Mercenary Corps
    The Dust
    The Qotah

    Swords & Wizardry

    Rules [Mythmere Games]
    Complete Rulebook [PDF]
    Core Rules [PDF]
    Quick Start [PDF]

    Other Books
    Basic Illusionist, The [PDF] [Darkwater Press]


    Blue Rose: The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy [PDF] [Green Ronin Publishing]
    Reign of Discordia (True20) [PDF] [RPGObjects]

    "There Can Be Only One"

    Arēs: Special Edition 2
    Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game [PDF]
    Bill Coffin's Septimus [PDF]
    Conspiracy X: Introductory Game Kit [PDF]
    Dead Weight Adventure module & HârnMaster Quickstart
    Legend: Spirit Magic [PDF]
    Mythender Roleplaying Game [PDF]
    Twilight: 2000 [PDF]
    Weird Fantasy Role-Playing: Player Core Book - Rules & Magic [PDF] [LotFP]
    Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game, The

    "To Get" List
    Buck Rogers XXVc
    Buck Rogers XXVc: The 25th Century [Boxed Set] (*) [40] (must have)

    Accessories (must haves)
    The Belt
    Earth in the 25th Century
    Inner Worlds
    Mars in the 25th Century
    NEO in the 25th Century
    No Humans Allowed

    A Matter of Gravitol
    Deimos Mandate
    Phases of the Moon
    Sargasso of Space

    Fate RPG [Evil Hat Productions]
    Fate Core System [physical copy] (must have)
    Fate System Toolkit (must have)

    Dresden Files Roleplaying Game, The
    — Volume One: Your Story
    — Volume Two: Our World
    — Volume Three: Paranet Papers
    Fate Freeport Companion
    Fate Worlds
    — Volume One: Worlds on Fire
    — Volume Two: Worlds in Shadow

    Mongoose RuneQuest
    Games Master's Handbook (HHC)
    Pocket Deluxe (must have)
    Spellbook (HHC)
    Land of the Samurai (HHC) (unsure)
    Tragic Millennium
    — Hawkmoon: The Roleplaying Game
    — Castle Brass
    — Granbretan
    — Hunters of Granbretan
    — Secrets of Tragic Europe
    Young Kingdoms
    — Cities of the Young Kingdoms: The South (must have)
    — Companion
    — Dream Realms (must have)
    — Magic of the Young Kingdoms (HHC)

    Mongoose RuneQuest II
    Monster Coliseum (must have)
    RuneQuest II Compendium, Volume 1
    Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar Unleashed
    Young Kingdoms
    — Cults of the Young Kingdoms (must have)
    — Games Masters Screen

    Star Frontiers
    Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn [Boxed Set]
    Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks [Boxed Set]

    Volturnus, Planet of Mystery [SF1]
    Sundown on Starmist [SF3] (*)
    Mission to Alcazzar [SF4] (*)

    Stars Without Number
    Stars Without Number: Core Edition

    Skyward Steel: Naval Campaigns for Stars Without Number
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