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    Traveller Collection


    Core Books
    Imperial Encyclopedia
    Players' Manual
    Referee's Manual

    Accessories and Adventures
    COACC: Close Orbit and Airspace Control Command
    Fighting Ships of the Shattered Imperium
    Guide to MegaTraveller [PDF]
    Referee's Companion

    Digest Group Publications
    101 Vehicles
    The Flaming Eye

    Traveller 2300AD

    Aurore Sourcebook

    Traveller: The New Era

    Guide to Traveller: The New Era (Ad Portfolio) [PDF]
    Understanding Traveller: The New Era [PDF]

    Mongoose Traveller

    Traveller Core Rulebook

    Accessories and Adventures
    Campaign 1: Secrets of the Ancients [PDF]

    The Third Imperium
    The Spinward Marches

    Gun Metal Games
    Reign of Discordia [Traveller Edition]

    Terra-Sol Games LLC
    Twilight Sector: Setting Update Alpha [PDF]

    Adventures [PDFs]
    Ancient Trails: So it Begins
    Into the Star
    Somnium Mundus

    "To Get" List
    Accessories and Adventures
    Arrival Vengeance: The Final Odyssey
    Assignment: Vigilante
    Astrogator's Guide to the Diaspora Sector
    Hard Times
    Knightfall (must have)
    Rebellion Sourcebook (must have)

    Digest Group Publications
    Solomani & Aslan: The Rimward Races
    Starship Operator's Manual, Vol. 1
    Vilani & Vargr: The Coreward Races
    World Builder's Handbook

    Traveller 2300AD
    Boxed Sets
    2300 AD: Man's Battle For The Stars
    Star Cruiser: Starship Construction and Combat in the Year 2300

    Accessories and Adventures
    Colonial Atlas (must have)
    Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook
    Equipment Guide
    Ground Vehicle Guide
    Kafer Sourcebook (must have)
    Nyotekundu Sourcebook
    Rotten to the Core
    Ships of the French Arm (must have)

    Traveller: The New Era
    TNE Rulebook (must have)

    Accessories and Adventures
    Fire, Fusion, & Steel: Technical Architecture (must have)
    The Regency Sourcebook: Keepers of the Flame
    World Tamer's Handbook

    Mongoose Traveller
    Book 1: Mercenary
    Book 4: Psion
    Book 6: Scoundrel
    Book 7: Merchant Prince (unsure)
    Book 9: Robots (must have)
    Supplement 2: Traders and Gunboats
    Supplement 3: Fighting Ships
    Supplement 4: Central Supply Catalogue
    Supplements 5-6: The Vehicle Handbook (must have)
    Supplement 9: Campaign Guide
    Supplement 10: Merchants and Cruisers

    Traveller RPG: 2300AD
    2300AD Core Rulebook

    French Arm Adventures
    Tools for Frontier Living

    The Third Imperium
    Alien Module 1: Aslan
    Alien Module 2: Vargr
    Alien Module 3: Darrians
    Alien Module 4: Zhodani
    Deneb Sector (unsure)
    Reft Sector (unsure)
    Sector Fleet
    Spinward Encounters
    Spinward Marches Map Pack (unsure)
    Starports (must have)
    Sword Worlds

    Judge Dredd RPG
    Judge Dredd RPG

    The Cursed Earth
    Judge's Handbook

    GURPS Traveller4
    Interstellar Wars (*) [35]
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    Jorune Collection

    1st Edition

    Maustin Caji [PDF]

    2nd Edition

    Supplements [PDFs]
    Earth-Tec Jorune
    Playing the Iscin Races

    Companion Jorune [PDFs]
    City of Ardoth
    Shanthas of Jorune

    Bits & Pieces
    Skyrealm Kolovisondra [PDF]

    3rd Edition

    Core Rulebook
    Skyrealms of Jorune: The Roleplaying Game

    Unofficial Support
    j20: Clarifications of System for 3rd Edition Jorune [PDF]

    "To Get" List
    2nd Edition
    Skyrealms of Jorune Role-Playing Game [Boxed Set] (must have)

    Earth-Tec Jorune (print)

    3rd Edition
    The Gire of Sillipus
    The Innocents of Gauss
    The Sobayid Atlas

    The Sholari Pack
    ▪ The Sholari Companion (must have)
    ▪ Voyage of the Aylon Star
    ▪ Sholari Screen
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    My communities:

    The Miscy

    Dragon Age RPG [Green Ronin Publishing]

    Quick Start Guide [PDF]
    Set 1 [boxed set] (trade bait for 5E)

    Duty Unto Death [PDF]

    Dying Earth RPG, The

    Core Rulebook
    The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game

    Appendices [PDF]
    Azenomei [PDFs]
    Kaiin Old Town [PDFs] [Kaiin Player's Guide" Bonus Chapter]
    The Excellent Prismatic Spray, Vol. 1, No. 1 [PDF e-zine]

    FATE [Evil Hat Productions]

    FATE Core System [PDF]
    Fudge Edition [PDF]

    Myth & Magic Fantasy Roleplaying [New Haven Games]

    Game Master's Starter Guide [PDF]
    Player's Starter Guide [PDF]


    OSRIC Updated 2nd Edition: Pocket SRD [Underwood Publishing]

    Old-School Gazette [Expeditious Retreat Press]
    Number 1 [PDF]
    Number 10 [PDF]

    Other Books
    Advanced Adventures No. 10: The Lost Keys of Solitude [Expeditious Retreat Press]
    Blackmarsh [PDF] [Bat in the Attic Games]
    OSRIC 2.0 [PDF]

    Palladium Books

    TMNT | After the Bomb
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Guide to the Universe

    After the Bomb [original supplement]

    RuneQuest | Legend

    RuneQuest II Core Rulebook [Mongoose Publishing]

    Other Books [Mongoose Publishing]
    Legend: Spirit Magic [PDF]
    RuneQuest [PDF]

    Savage Worlds

    Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition [Pinnacle Entertainment]

    Other Books
    Fantasy Companion: Explorer's Edition [Pinnacle Entertainment]

    Hellfrost [Triple Ace Games]
    Player's Guide

    Star Frontiers

    Starspawn of Volturnus [SF2]

    Stars Without Number

    Stars Without Number: Free Edition [PDF]

    Mandate Archive [PDFs]
    Bannerjee Construction Solutions
    Martial Arts
    Red Sangha Mercenary Corps
    The Dust
    The Qotah

    Swords & Wizardry

    Rules [Mythmere Games]
    Complete Rulebook [PDF]
    Core Rules [PDF]
    Quick Start [PDF]

    Other Books
    Basic Illusionist, The [PDF] [Darkwater Press]


    Blue Rose: The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy [PDF] [Green Ronin Publishing]
    Reign of Discordia (True20) [PDF] [RPGObjects]

    "There Can Be Only One"

    Arēs: Special Edition 2
    Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game [PDFs]
    Bill Coffin's Septimus [PDF]
    Brass & Steel: The Case of the Croquet Mallet
    Conspiracy X: Introductory Game Kit [PDF]
    Dead Weight Adventure module & HârnMaster Quickstart
    The Esoterrorists
    Mythender Roleplaying Game [PDF]
    Twilight: 2000 [PDF]
    Weird Fantasy Role-Playing: Player Core Book - Rules & Magic [PDF] [LotFP]
    Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game, The

    "To Get" List
    Dying Earth RPG
    Cugels' Compendium of Indispensable Advantages
    Demons of the Dying Earth (W1)
    Compendium of Universal Knowledge, The
    Kaiin Player's Guide, The
    Scaum Valley Gazetteer, The

    FATE [Evil Hat Productions]
    FATE Freeport Companion (must have)

    RPG Settings
    Dresden Files Roleplaying Game, The (must haves)
    — Volume One: Your Story
    — Volume Two: Our World
    Spirit of the Century

    Savage Worlds
    Savage Worlds Deluxe

    Agents of Oblivion [Reality Blurs]
    Agents of Oblivion: The Perfect Cocktail of Horror & Espionage (must have)

    Darwin's World [RPGObjects]
    Campaign Guide
    Survivor's Handbook

    Hellfrost [Triple Ace Games]

    Sundered Skies [Triple Ace Games]
    Sundered Skies (Setting Book)

    Other Books
    Players Guide

    Other Books
    Savage World of Solomon Kane RPG, The
    — Player’s Guide
    — Player’s Guide

    Star Frontiers
    Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn [Boxed Set]
    Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks [Boxed Set]

    Volturnus, Planet of Mystery [SF1]
    Sundown on Starmist [SF3] (*)
    Mission to Alcazzar [SF4] (*)

    Stars Without Number
    Stars Without Number: Core Edition

    Red Tide: Campaign Sourcebook and Sandbox Toolkit [PDF] (unsure)
    Skyward Steel: Naval Campaigns for Stars Without Number

    Hard Light [PDF]

    TMNT | After the Bomb [Palladium]
    Road Hogs
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures! (*)
    Transdimensional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (unsure)
    Truckin' Turtles (*)

    After the Bomb
    Mutants Down Under
    Mutants in Avalon
    Mutants in Orbit
    Mutants of the Yucatan (Alhambra)

    True20 [Green Ronin]
    True20 Adventure Roleplaying, Revised Edition
    True20 Bestiary
    True Sorcery [d20/True20] (must have)

    Blue Rose
    Blue Rose Companion, The (unsure)
    World of Aldea

    Other Roleplaying Games
    Arcanis the Roleplaying Game (must have)
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