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    ř Block Knightfall

    ř Friend+
    Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Collection

    Paizo Publishing

    Monster Books
    Bestiary [PDF]
    Bestiary 2 [PDF]
    Bestiary 3 [PDF]
    Bestiary 4 [PDF]

    Online Resources
    Pathfinder Reference Document

    Advanced Race Guide Playtest [PDF]
    Alpha Playtest Edition [PDF]
    Beta Playtest Edition (plus PDF)
    Beta Playtest Edition: Prestige Classes [PDF]
    Occult Adventures Playtest [PDF]
    Revised Advanced Class Guide Playtest [PDF]

    Accessories and Sourcebooks
    Blood of Angels
    Goblins of Golarion

    Campaign Sourcebooks
    Distant Shores
    Distant Worlds
    Dragon Empires Gazetteer
    Giants Revisited
    Guide to the River Kingdoms
    Magnimar, City of Monuments

    Academy of Secrets
    From Shore to Sea

    Free RPG Day
    Dawn of the Scarlet Sun
    Master of the Fallen Fortress
    Risen from the Sands [PDF]
    We Be Goblins! [PDF]
    We Be Goblins, Too! [PDF]

    Pathfinder Society
    Fane of Fangs [PDF]

    "To Get" List
    Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
    Pocket Editions
    Core Rulebook (must have)

    Other Rule Books
    Advanced Player's Guide [PDF version]
    Bestiary 5 [PDF version]
    Bestiary 6 [PDF version]
    GameMastery Guide [PDF version]

    Pathfinder Adventures
    The House on Hook Street

    Pathfinder Campaign Setting
    Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars
    Occult Bestiary
    Technology Guide (unsure)

    Pathfinder Companions
    Blood of the Elements (unsure)
    Blood of Fiends
    People of the Stars (must have)
    Varisia, Birthplace of Legends (must have)


    3rd Party Publishers [Pathfinder Licensed Products Collection]

    ARMA Studios

    Accessories and Sourcebooks
    Crusader Base Class [PDF]
    Templar Base Class [PDF]

    Black Star Studios

    Campaign Setting
    Shadowlands Campaign Setting Conversion Guide [PDF]

    Carthica's Pride Adventure Arc
    Carthica's Pride [PDF]

    E.N. Publishing

    Accessories and Sourcebooks
    Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future
    Campaign Guide [PDF]
    Players' Guide [PDF]

    Campaign Guide [PDF]
    Players' Guide [PDF]
    Players' Guide: Extended [PDF]

    City of Flint [JPG]

    Part 1 (The Gears of Revolution): The Island at the Axis of the World [PDF]
    Adventure No. 5: Cauldron Born [PDF]

    Louis Porter, Jr. Design

    Accessories and Sourcebooks
    Races of the Bronze Sky: Kaylethon [PDF]
    Races of the Bronze Sky: Tocarra [PDF]

    NeoExodus Chronicles
    NeoExodus: A House Divided Campaign Setting

    NeoExodus Legacies: Campaign Guide [PDF]
    World of NeoExodus [PDF]

    Silvered Skull, The [PDF]

    Obsidian Apocalypse
    The World of Abaddon [PDF]

    Mike Dusseault

    Accessories and Sourcebooks
    PFRPG Core Reference Document [PDF]
    PFRPG Monster Reference [PDF]

    Open Design | Kobold Press

    Midgard Campaign Setting [Hardcover] [AGE | PFRPG]

    Accessories and Sourcebooks
    Midgard Bestiary
    Sunken Empires
    Zobeck Gazetteer

    Adventure Anthologies
    Tales of the Old Margreve
    Streets of Zobeck

    Paizo Fans United

    Bestiary [PDF]
    Wayfinder, Vol. 1 (June 2009) [Paizocon2009] [PDF]
    Wayfinder, Vol. 2 (January 2010) [Winter 2009] [PDF]

    Raging Swan Press

    Accessories and Sourcebooks
    Be Awesome at Dungeon Design [PDF]
    Dragon and the Thief [PDF]
    Lonely Coast, The [PDF]

    Sunken Pyramid, The [PDF]

    Rite Publishing

    Frozen Wind [PDF]

    The Rite Review [PDFs]
    Issue No. 1
    Issue No. 2

    Issues No.1 to 29 [PDFs]

    Heroes of the Jade Oath [PDF]
    Litorians [PDF]

    Rogue Genius Games

    Accessories and Sourcebooks
    The Genius Guide to: Favored Class Options [PDF]
    The Genius Guide to: Hoof and Horn Racial Options [PDF]
    The Genius Guide to: Wind and Wing Racial Options [PDF]

    "There Can Be Only One"

    Accessories and Sourcebooks
    Fast Fantasy: NPCs 1 [PDF] [Wild Hunt Games]
    Forgotten Foes [Tricky Owlbear Publishing]
    Forlangen, The [PDF] []
    Liber Vampyr: Secrets of the Blood [PDF] [Necromancers of the Northwest]
    Loot 4 Less: Fantastic Footwear [PDF] [Super Genius Games]
    Player Races: High Goblins [PDF] [Jon Brazer Enterprises]
    Psionics Unleashed [Dreamscarred Press]
    Psionics Transcended: The Power of Ki [PDF] [OutsideNormal]

    At the Heart of Evil [PDF] [Headless Hydra Games]
    Horror at Dagger Rock [PDF] [Sagawork Studios]
    Peril in Freeport [Cubicle 7 Entertainment]
    Slavers of the Sunken Garden [Gaming Paper]
    Slumbering Tsar: The Desolation, Part 1 - The Edge of Oblivion [PDF] [Frog God Games]

    Game Systems/Campaign Settings
    Dusk: Pathfinder Edition [PDF] [Michael Lloyd Morris]
    Heroes of Thornwall, the [PDF] [Mechanical Muse]
    Modern Path, The: Heroes of the Modern World RPG (ver. 2) [PDF] [Game Room Creations]
    Ruins and Wastelands: After the Cataclysm [PDF] [Michael Johnson]
    Shadows over Vathak [Fat Goblin Games | Chronicle City]
    Steampunk Musha: Explorer's Guide [PDF] [Jason Stoffa]
    World of Torn Overland Map, The [PDF] [Torn World]

    Flint & Steel Roleplaying Game: Starter Edition [PDF] [Adventurer's Inn]
    Interface Zero: Beta Play Test Document [PDF] [Gun Metal Games]

    "To Get" List
    Dreamscarred Press
    Psionic Bestiary
    Psionics Expanded: Advanced Psionics Guide

    Epidemic Books
    Oathbound Bestiary [PDF]
    Oathbound Eclipse: Director's Cut [PDF]
    Oathbound Seven [PDF]

    Expeditious Retreat Press
    Malevolent & Benign (must have)
    One on One Adventures Compendium

    Frog God Games
    Razor Coast

    John Wick Presents
    Wicked Fantasy [hardcover]

    Open Design | Kobold Press
    Dark Roads & Golden Hells
    Journeys to the West
    Pirates of the Western Ocean

    Southlands Campaign Setting
    Southlands Bestiary

    Dark Deeds in Freeport
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    ř Block Knightfall

    ř Friend+
    Systemless Collection

    All-System Catalyst Series

    Citybook I: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker
    Citybook II: Port o'Call

    Creative Mountain Games

    The Gorgon's Head [fiction]
    Ship, Captain, Crew [dice game]

    The Freeport Collection [non-d20]

    Campaign Guide
    The Pirate's Guide to Freeport

    Accessories and Sourcebooks
    Buccaneers of Freeport
    Cults of Freeport
    Freeport Poster Map

    Midkemia Press

    The Black Tower [PDF]
    Towns of the Outlands [PDF]

    Wizards of the Coast

    Dungeons and Dragons: System Neutral
    Ed Greenwood Presents: Elminster's Forgotten Realms
    Grand History of the Realms, The

    The Miscy

    100 Last Names for Fantasy Adventurers, Set 1 [PDF w/JPG cover] [Fishwife Games]
    Ancient Academy, The [PDF] [Robertson Games]
    Guises of PCs: A Collection of Characters for your Fantasy Role-Playing Games [PDF] [Asgard North]

    "To Get" List
    All-System Catalyst Series
    Citybook III: Deadly Nightside
    Citybook IV: On the Road
    Citybook V: Sideshow
    Citybook VI: Up Town
    Citybook VII: King's River Bridge

    Goodman Games
    Adventurer’s Almanac, The
    Points of Light
    Points of Light 2
    Random Esoteric Creature Generator, The
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    ř Block Knightfall

    ř Friend+
    Talislanta Collection

    Talislanta, 4th Edition

    Talislanta Fantasy Roleplaying [official electronic download]

    Adventures & Sourcebooks [official electronic downloads]
    Codex Magicus
    Midnight Realm
    People & Places: Djaffa
    Riding The Sky: A Guide to Windships
    Talislanta Menagerie (dual stat book [T4E | d20])
    The Northern Reaches
    The Weight of Water

    Other Talislanta Books

    French Talislanta [eight directories of PDFs and images]
    Talislanta d20 Edition [official electronic download]
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    ř Block Knightfall

    ř Friend+
    Traveller Collection

    Classic Traveller

    Alien Module 1: Aslan
    Alien Module 6: Solomani


    Core Books
    Imperial Encyclopedia
    Players' Manual
    Referee's Manual

    Accessories and Adventures
    COACC: Close Orbit and Airspace Control Command
    Fighting Ships of the Shattered Imperium
    Player's Guide to MegaTraveller [PDF]
    Rebellion Sourcebook
    Referee's Companion

    Digest Group Publications
    101 Vehicles
    The Flaming Eye

    Traveller 2300AD

    Aurore Sourcebook

    Traveller: The New Era

    Fire, Fusion, & Steel: Technical Architecture
    Guide to Traveller: The New Era (Ad Portfolio) [PDF]
    Star Vikings
    Understanding Traveller: The New Era [PDF]

    Mongoose Traveller

    Traveller Core Rulebook

    Accessories and Adventures
    Campaign 1: Secrets of the Ancients [PDF]
    Three Blind Mice [PDF]

    The Third Imperium
    The Spinward Marches

    Gun Metal Games
    Reign of Discordia [Traveller Edition]

    Terra-Sol Games LLC
    Twilight Sector: Setting Update Alpha [PDF]

    Adventures [PDFs]
    Ancient Trails: So it Begins
    Into the Star
    Somnium Mundus

    "To Get" List
    Accessories and Adventures
    Arrival Vengeance: The Final Odyssey
    Assignment: Vigilante
    Astrogator's Guide to the Diaspora Sector
    Hard Times
    Knightfall (must have)

    Digest Group Publications
    Solomani & Aslan: The Rimward Races
    Starship Operator's Manual (*) [25] (must have)
    Vilani & Vargr: The Coreward Races
    World Builder's Handbook (must have)

    Traveller 2300AD
    Boxed Sets
    2300 AD: Man's Battle For The Stars (must have)
    Star Cruiser: Starship Construction and Combat in the Year 2300 (must have)

    Accessories and Adventures
    Colonial Atlas (must have)
    Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook
    Equipment Guide
    Ground Vehicle Guide
    Kafer Sourcebook (must have)
    Nyotekundu Sourcebook
    Rotten to the Core
    Ships of the French Arm (must have)

    Traveller: The New Era
    TNE Rulebook (must have)

    Accessories and Adventures
    Aliens of the Rim
    Path of Tears: The Star Viking Sourcebook
    Referee's Screen
    Regency Combat Vehicle Guide
    The Regency Sourcebook: Keepers of the Flame (must have)
    Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide
    Smash & Grab (unsure)
    Striker II
    Survival Margin: Gateway to the New Era (must have)
    Vampire Fleets
    World Tamer's Handbook (must have)

    Mongoose Traveller
    Mercenary, Second Edition [Bk1]
    Psion [Bk4]
    Robots [Bk9] (must have)
    Scoundrel [Bk6]

    Central Supply Catalogue [Sup4]
    Cybernetics [Sup8]
    Dynasty [Sup12]
    Fighting Ships [Sup3]
    Merchants and Cruisers [Sup10]
    Powers and Principalities [Sup15]
    Space Stations [Sup14] (must have)
    Traders and Gunboats [Sup2]
    Vehicle Handbook, The [Sup5-6] (must have)

    Traveller Compendium 1
    Traveller Compendium 2

    Traveller RPG: 2300AD
    2300AD Core Rulebook (must have)
    French Arm Adventures
    Grendelssaga, The
    Ships of the French Arm (must have)
    Tools for Frontier Living (must have)
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    ř Block Knightfall

    ř Friend+
    The Miscy

    Buck Rogers XXVc [TSR, Inc]

    Buck Rogers XXVc: The 25th Century [Boxed Set] (in rough shape)

    Accessories and Sourcebooks
    XXVCR3 Inner Worlds
    XXVCR7 Hardware
    XXVCREF1 Character Record Sheets (some already used)

    XXVCA1 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
    XXVCA2 NEO in the 25th Century

    CORE Command RPG [Dream Pod 9]

    Player's Handbook
    Big Nasty Aliens

    D6 | Open D6

    D6 Adventure [PDF]
    D6 Fantasy [PDF]
    D6 Fantasy Creatures [PDF]
    D6 Fantasy Locations [PDF]
    D6 Space [PDF]

    Dragon Age RPG [Green Ronin Publishing]

    Quick Start Guide [PDF]

    Duty Unto Death [PDF]

    Dying Earth RPG, The

    Core Rulebook
    The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game

    Appendices [PDF]
    Azenomei [PDFs]
    Kaiin Old Town [PDFs] [Kaiin Player's Guide" Bonus Chapter]
    The Excellent Prismatic Spray, Vol. 1, No. 1 [PDF e-zine]

    FATE Core System

    FATE Core System [PDF] [Evil Hat Productions]
    FATE System Toolkit [Evil Hat Productions]

    Adventures and Worlds [Evil Hat Productions]
    Venture City Stories [PDF]

    FATE Core Commissions [PDFs] [Evil Hat Productions]
    Authority and Reputation on the World Train
    Black Sun
    Drops in a Pond
    Humanity and Magic
    Psychic Powers
    Very Large Monsters
    Words of Power

    3rd-party Publishers
    A Spark in Fate Core [PDF] [Genesis of Legend Publishing]
    d20 system to FATE 3.0 Conversion Guide [Adamant Entertainment]
    Nova Praxis [Void Star Studios]

    FATE Accelerated [PDF] [Evil Hat Productions]

    Adventures and Worlds [Evil Hat Productions]
    Aether Sea, The

    Fates Worse than Death: Rentpunk [PDF] [Vajra Enterprises]

    Other Official Downloads [PDFs] [Evil Hat Productions]
    Character Creation Worksheet
    Character Sheet
    Character Sheet (Conditions Variant)
    FATE Core Cheat Sheet and Veterans' Guide
    Game Creation Worksheet

    Fudge Edition [Evil Hat Productions]

    Heavy Gear [Dream Pod 9]

    Northern Vehicles Compendium Two: Tanks & Artillery

    Heavy Gear Blitz!
    Field Manual Core Rulebook (Revised) [PDF]
    Locked & Loaded Rulebook [PDF]

    Krendal RPG System [Grayscale Games LLC]

    Krendal Core [PDF]
    Powers [PDF]

    Palladium Books

    TMNT | After the Bomb
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Guide to the Universe

    After the Bomb [original supplement]


    Mongoose RuneQuest [Mongoose Publishing]
    RuneQuest [PDF]
    RuneQuest II Core Rulebook

    Young Kingdoms
    Elric of Melniboné
    Bright Shadows

    Other Books
    An Introduction to Glorantha [PDF]

    RuneQuest, 6th Edition [The Design Mechanism]
    Essentials [PDF]
    Game Masters Pack [PDF]

    Other Books
    Caravan [PDF]
    Firearms [PDF]
    Sariniya's Curse [PDF]

    Savage Worlds [Pinnacle Entertainment]

    Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer's Edition

    Other Books
    Fantasy Companion: Explorer's Edition
    Horror Companion: Explorer's Edition
    Super Powers Companion [hardcover]

    Space 1889 [Game Designers' Workshop]

    Canal Priests of Mars [PDF]
    Introduction to Space 1889 [PDF]


    Blue Rose: The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy [PDF] [Green Ronin Publishing]
    Reign of Discordia (True20) [PDF] [RPGObjects]

    What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. [E.N. Publishing]

    Starter Kit [PDF]

    Book III: Monsters [PDF]

    Playtests/Previews [PDFs]
    Alpha Playtest Document (Feb 2014)
    Character Generation Preview
    Playtest Document (May 2014)

    Starship Counter Pack [PDF]
    Cheat Sheet [PDF]

    Playtests/Previews [PDFs]
    Character Creation (Feb 2015)
    Introduction [PDF]
    Playtest Document (Mar 2014)

    Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future
    A Visit to Keepsake: The Hunt Begins [PDF]
    Santiago Player's Guide [PDF]

    Wheel of Time RPG

    Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game, The
    Wheel of Time Web Enhancement [PDF]

    "There Can Be Only One"

    Accessories and Sourcebooks
    7th Sea Compendium [PDF] [AEG]
    Arēs: Special Edition 2 [TSR, Inc.]
    Flaming Monkey Tavern, The [PDF] [Wydraz RPG Products]
    Jovian Chronicles: CISLunar Space [Dream Pod 9]
    Legend: Spirit Magic [PDF] [Mongoose Publishing]
    Species and Societies [PDF] [Thunderegg Productions]

    Dead Weight Adventure module & HârnMaster Quickstart [Columbia Games]
    Star Frontiers: Starspawn of Volturnus [SF2] [TSR, Inc.]
    Tales from the Wild Blue Yonder: Chapter 1 (Lady Blackbird) [PDF] [One.Seven Design]

    Game Systems/Campaign Settings
    3 Generations After the End [PDF] [Gamer Assembly]
    Awesomesauce The RPG: Troll Hammer Edition [PDF] [Troll Hammer Press]
    Bill Coffin's Septimus [PDF] [Purgatory Publishing Inc.]
    Cascade Failure [PDF] [Chubby Funster]
    Toypocalypse [PDF] [Top Rope Games]
    Twilight: 2000 [PDF] [Game Designers' Workshop]
    ZOUNDS! The Fantasy RPG [PDF] [SFX! Roleplaying Games]

    Fastplays/Quickstarts/Previews and Demos
    Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires (Fastplay) [PDF] [Paradigm Concepts]
    Conspiracy X: Introductory Game Kit [PDF] [Eden Studios Inc]
    Cypher System Rulebook (Free Preview) [PDF] [Monte Cook Games]
    Dragon Brigade Roleplaying Game: Opening Salvo [PDF] [Margaret Weis Productions]
    Dragon Kings Gazetteer [PDF] [Studio 2 Publishing]
    First Contact X-Corps Quickstart [PDF] [AKA Games]
    Night's Black Agents [Demo Game] [PDF] [Pelgrane Press]
    Sixcess (6S) Quickstart Rules [PDF] [Harsh Realities]

    "To Get" List
    Buck Rogers XXVc
    Accessories (must haves)
    XXVCR1 Mars in the 25th Century
    XXVCR2 Earth in the 25th Century
    XXVCR4 Luna
    XXVCR5 The Belt
    XXVCR6 No Humans Allowed

    XXVCS1 Deimos Mandate [CA3]
    XXVCS2 Sargasso of Space
    XXVCS3 A Matter of Gravitol
    XXVCS4 Phases of the Moon

    CORE Command RPG [Dream Pod 9] (must haves)
    Silhouette CORE RPG Rules Deluxe Edition

    Cypher System [Monte Cook Games]
    Cypher System Rulebook (unsure)

    FATE Core System [Evil Hat Productions]
    FATE Core System [physical copy] (W1) (must have)

    Adventures and Worlds (must haves)
    Gods and Monsters
    Sails Full of Stars

    Fate Worlds
    — Volume One: Worlds on Fire
    — Volume Two: Worlds in Shadow

    Heavy Gear [Dream Pod 9]
    Character Compendium (*)
    Duelist's Handbook, 2nd Edition (*)
    Equipment Catalog
    Gamemaster Guide and Screen, 2nd Edition
    Heavy Gear Rulebook, 2nd Edition
    Life on Terra Nova, 2nd Edition
    Spaceship Compendium
    Technical Manual, 2nd Edition

    3rd Edition (must haves)
    Player's Handbook
    Earth Companion
    Terra Nova Companion
    Vehicle Companion

    Jovian Chronicles RPG [Dream Pod 9]
    Gamemaster Handbook & Screen
    Player's Handbook, 2nd Edition (must have)
    Chaos Principle, The
    Jovian Chronicles Companion
    Mechanical Catalog
    Mechanical Catalog 2
    Nomads Sourcebook
    SolaPol Sourcebook
    Space Equipment Handbook (must have)
    Spacer's Guide

    Planet Sourcebooks
    Earth Planet Sourcebook
    Jupiter Planet Sourcebook
    Mars Planet Sourcebook
    Mercury Planet Sourcebook
    Venus Planet Sourcebook

    Mongoose RuneQuest
    Games Master's Handbook
    Pocket Deluxe
    Tragic Millennium
    — Hawkmoon: The Roleplaying Game
    — Castle Brass
    — Granbretan
    — Hunters of Granbretan
    — Secrets of Tragic Europe
    Young Kingdoms
    — Cities of the Young Kingdoms: The South (must have)
    — Companion
    — Dream Realms (must have)
    — Magic of the Young Kingdoms

    Mongoose RuneQuest II
    Monster Coliseum (must have)
    RuneQuest II Compendium, Volume 1
    Young Kingdoms
    — Cults of the Young Kingdoms (must have)
    — Games Masters Screen

    Savage Worlds
    Science Fiction Companion

    Star Frontiers
    Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn [Boxed Set] (*)
    Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks [Boxed Set] (*)

    Volturnus, Planet of Mystery [SF1]
    Sundown on Starmist [SF3]
    Mission to Alcazzar [SF4]
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