Gaming W/Jemal: Mutant Rising Season 1
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    Gaming W/Jemal: Mutant Rising Season 1


    Shayuri - Cassandra Arista, Investigative Reporter (Telekinetecicst)
    Andor - Roy Ellings/Kid Super, Student (Super-man powers)
    Renau1g - Gordon Masterson/The Crystal, ex-Science teacher & Recovering Alcoholic (Crystal transformation)
    Tailspinner - Robert Paul Marshal/RPM, Ex-Thief (Speedster)
    Arkhandus - Bobby Reddington/Red Impulse, Computer nerd/Comic book clerk (Psychokinetic)
    Binder Fred - Mitchel Rawling/Nightshift, Old security guard (Rejuvenated physique/Teleporting powers)

    June 14th: A teenager in the downtown Metro area gained the ability to rapidly grow his body, becoming a veritable giant. A local news crew was able to capture it on film and air it before the boys 'mysterious' dissapearance and the governments insistance that it was an elaborate hoax.

    June 18th: footage was aired of a man frozen solid just outside a popular club. The footage was taken by several people with cell-phones, who claim that another man had been seen arguing with the victim just before the incident occurred.

    Today: June 20th

    Metro, known to most people as The City, with its massive skyscrapers and numerous ports, has never been a dull place. For the past few weeks however, it's been especially exciting, with a growing number of bizzare events taking place around the city. Nobody knows - or at least, nobody is letting on that they know - what exactly is going on, but it's certain to come to a head.. and most likely sooner than later.

    -Megacomix- (Bobby Reddington, )
    Fortunately, most people don't let things like this change their daily routines.
    At Megacomix, it was just like that. People coming, people going, another boring day in the neighbourhood. Except Bobby couldn't help but notice that car out there again. It had been parked there off and on for two days now, but he never saw anybody getting into or out of it. Until today, when three people - two large men with slick black hair and an african woman - got out and came towards the shop. And that's when Mr. Erikson started getting pale.

    -Metro High- (Roy Ellings)
    As if teenagers don't have to deal with enough! Now not only did Roy Ellings have Finals, but he also had to deal with being a Super Hero. Life was exciting, that was for sure. But not as exciting as it was about to get. He was in the gymnasium when they heard the explosion. Seconds later, men were pouring in with guns trained on the students, many of whom started screaming.

    *Police Scanner*
    Attention all units. We have reports of an explosion at Metro High School, as well as sightings of armed gunmen. Proceed with extreme caution, we are dealing with a potential terrorist and/or hostage situation.

    *Local News*
    "And with that high pressure zone heading north, it looks like we'll be enjoying a week of warm balmy weather. Back to you, Jamie."
    "Thank you, That was Hal Stamford with the weather, and now for sports with... Hold on a moment, I've just been informed that there seems to be a situation at Metro High School. Police have just arrived on scene after an explosion, and witnesses are claiming they saw men with guns going into the school. We'll bring you more information just as soon as we have a reporter on scene."

    I've included at each location characters that I know would be present at that location. If your name's not at a specific site, feel free to be wherever you want.
    I'll also be including Police Scanner and News reports in some of my updates to keep everybody advised of what's happening around the city. If your character has access, feel free to use the info.
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    - SUMMER HILL SUBURBS - (Mitchel Rawling)
    "Hu." The weeds were out in force this year. Rawling switched his grip on the Weed Twister (best money he'd ever spent) and went on the offensive...

    "Sweety? Come and have a look at this."

    "This" happened to be Jamie Redscott on the local news. "- situation at Metro High School. Police have just arrived on scene after an explosion, and witnesses are claiming they saw men with guns going into the school. We'll bring you more information just as soon as we -" *PTWINK*

    "What do you think?" he asked, already knowing what HE wanted to do...

    Mary just nodded. She knew too -- strong woman, the one he'd married.

    From there it had taken just a flick of the hand for his newly darned costume to shift around him. A kiss - more pressing than usual -, a look out the kitchen window and he was on top of Fleishman's grocery store and on his way.

    Nightshift's actions
    Nighshift wil teleport at full speed, ending his moves perched on a communication tower overlooking the highschool (from which he'll survey the situation). Specifically, can he spot where the police is setting up, where the gunmen have set up/are moving towards (any "snippers" in surrounding buildings/parcs/whathaveyous?) and where the explosion took place or its intended purpose?

    4 Notice rolls at 12
    1 Craft Demolition roll at 8

    EDIT = Added rolls
    __________________________________________________ ____
    Binder Fred, excited.
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    - METRO HIGH GYMNASIUM - (Kid Super)

    "Holy Crap!" Roy's eyes flash black with surprise and panic as he tries to get his bearings. One second he was playing basketball while trying to conceal his new powers and the next he was in a Steven Seagull movie! What to do? What to do? Play along? How many are there? What about my friends? What about keeping my powers secret?"

    "Get down! Do what they say!" He shouts as he looks around the room counting badguys. He stiffens as he sees Lisa on the far side of the Gym. That settles him down. If it's a choice between Lisa's safety and keeping secret... that's no choice at all.

    Yeah, I didn't think his secret identity was going to last long... Still he might pull it off. We shall see.
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    "Hey, what's wrong Pat?" Bob asks. He doesn't recognize the approaching trio, but then he's only been working at MegaComix for a year. Why would they hang around outisde a few times and only now decide to come inside?

    ......Did they see him change duds a few days ago?

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    Gordon Masterson - Mega Lo Mart

    Gordon was walking through the local Mega Lo Mart as he heard over the loud speaker that damn annoying slogan of theirs "Mega Lo Mart, where you'll be shopping for the rest of your life". He shook his head at those words, almost taunting him as he walks down the aisle. Gordon always thought this during his weekly trip to the store "They're right, they got us by the shorties, can't compete with their prices.". Trying to find someone, anyone, who could help him find some allergy medicine, Gordon walked by the electronics section. He couldn't help but notice the group of people huddled around the 50' tv on display and wandered over to see what was going on.

    Seeing the situation developing at the school, Gordon decides this might be the time to start taking back this city. "Let's see those cowards try and shoot me" he thinks to himself as he runs out of the building, all thoughts of which products are on sale, or where that allergy medication is fly from his mind. Gordon rushes out and hails down the first cab he sees, telling the cabbie to step on it, his kid's at that school.

    It's times like this Gordon wished he hadn't drank away his savings and still had that beat-up Buick he used to drive. It was a boat, and burned oil, but it was his. Shaking his head to snap out of it, Gordon anxiously awaited their destination, seconds seeming like minutes and minutes seeming like hours to him. His heart was pounding and he could feel the tingling, needlelike pain starting. Gordon forced himself to calm down, deep breaths "Pull yourself together Gordo, can't be having this happen right now. Not yet anyways"


    Sorry for the delay, missed this somehow. Not having great speed, flying, or anything else Gordon is forced to rely on public transportation for all his superhero'ing needs. At least until he can buy back that Buick.
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    ...and you know how there was a billion dollars 'lost' in Iraq, and the defense department 'lost' a few million here and a few million there? No no. Nobody just loses that much money. Ever. Those are the black projects. That is the money going to things only a handful of people will ever know ever existed.

    I know it sounds paranoid, but I have proof, personal proof, that there are things in the world that just don't fit with how we're told things work...

    Cassandra frowned as she read over her post again. She dithered. Was it condescending? Too unsubstantiated? It was a blog reply though, not a dissertation. She didn't have to cite her sources or include a bibliography.

    And of course, it was true, even if it was vague.

    She'd just hit the 'send' button when a shadow fell over her from behind.


    Victor Kessel was the 'cub' reporter at the Metro Insight; a small local news paper that served mostly the downtown area. Cassandra's brother jokingly called it a 'toilet paper paper,' because of the cheap newsprint they used, and the tendency of its pages to wind up in bathrooms as free reading material. Because of that, Vic felt he had plenty to prove, and there was only one person on staff that he was qualified to boss around.

    Cassandra quickly quit out of her web browser and twisted around in her chair to look up at him. "Yes?"

    Victor didn't seem to have noticed her having been on a non-work site. He was far too excited by something. "There's a major story breaking over at the high school. I need you to grab that little camera thing and come with me so we can put it streaming on the website. You know how to do that, right?"

    "Uh..." Cass sort of knew the basics behind YouTubing. Streaming video on the paper's website would be harder though, and she wasn't sure she could do that. But she nodded anyway because paper's distribution was down and costs were up and even her minuscule salary as an intern would look pretty good for cutbacks eventually. "Yeah, we can work that out."

    Not exactly a lie. Just misleading.

    "Great!" Vic enthused. "Meet me out front in five minutes. We've gotta hurry to get there before everyone else does!"


    And that was how Cassandra found herself holding a digital camera, recording movies of a reporter who looked way too happy to be looking at a school that had gotten bombed and was now the scene of a hostage situation.

    And all the while... Do you want to just stand here taking pictures no one will see, or do you want to actually help out?

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