Gaming W/Jemal: Mutant Rising Season 1
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    Gaming W/Jemal: Mutant Rising Season 1


    Shayuri - Cassandra Arista, Investigative Reporter (Telekinetecicst)
    Andor - Roy Ellings/Kid Super, Student (Super-man powers)
    Renau1g - Gordon Masterson/The Crystal, ex-Science teacher & Recovering Alcoholic (Crystal transformation)
    Tailspinner - Robert Paul Marshal/RPM, Ex-Thief (Speedster)
    Arkhandus - Bobby Reddington/Red Impulse, Computer nerd/Comic book clerk (Psychokinetic)
    Binder Fred - Mitchel Rawling/Nightshift, Old security guard (Rejuvenated physique/Teleporting powers)

    June 14th: A teenager in the downtown Metro area gained the ability to rapidly grow his body, becoming a veritable giant. A local news crew was able to capture it on film and air it before the boys 'mysterious' dissapearance and the governments insistance that it was an elaborate hoax.

    June 18th: footage was aired of a man frozen solid just outside a popular club. The footage was taken by several people with cell-phones, who claim that another man had been seen arguing with the victim just before the incident occurred.

    Today: June 20th

    Metro, known to most people as The City, with its massive skyscrapers and numerous ports, has never been a dull place. For the past few weeks however, it's been especially exciting, with a growing number of bizzare events taking place around the city. Nobody knows - or at least, nobody is letting on that they know - what exactly is going on, but it's certain to come to a head.. and most likely sooner than later.

    -Megacomix- (Bobby Reddington, )
    Fortunately, most people don't let things like this change their daily routines.
    At Megacomix, it was just like that. People coming, people going, another boring day in the neighbourhood. Except Bobby couldn't help but notice that car out there again. It had been parked there off and on for two days now, but he never saw anybody getting into or out of it. Until today, when three people - two large men with slick black hair and an african woman - got out and came towards the shop. And that's when Mr. Erikson started getting pale.

    -Metro High- (Roy Ellings)
    As if teenagers don't have to deal with enough! Now not only did Roy Ellings have Finals, but he also had to deal with being a Super Hero. Life was exciting, that was for sure. But not as exciting as it was about to get. He was in the gymnasium when they heard the explosion. Seconds later, men were pouring in with guns trained on the students, many of whom started screaming.

    *Police Scanner*
    Attention all units. We have reports of an explosion at Metro High School, as well as sightings of armed gunmen. Proceed with extreme caution, we are dealing with a potential terrorist and/or hostage situation.

    *Local News*
    "And with that high pressure zone heading north, it looks like we'll be enjoying a week of warm balmy weather. Back to you, Jamie."
    "Thank you, That was Hal Stamford with the weather, and now for sports with... Hold on a moment, I've just been informed that there seems to be a situation at Metro High School. Police have just arrived on scene after an explosion, and witnesses are claiming they saw men with guns going into the school. We'll bring you more information just as soon as we have a reporter on scene."

    I've included at each location characters that I know would be present at that location. If your name's not at a specific site, feel free to be wherever you want.
    I'll also be including Police Scanner and News reports in some of my updates to keep everybody advised of what's happening around the city. If your character has access, feel free to use the info.
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