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    Robert shrugs. "Well! I'm gonna head to my place. You are welcome to tag along if you wish." He waits for the other man's response.


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    Bob looks forlornly at the array of game systems cluttering his living room. 'I really hope the gummint doesn't take my stuff!' he thinks. He says "Yeah, I'll go along for now. Those guys're prolly gonna come here lookin' for me....."

    He goes to grab a few things, putting his commlink, flashlight, binoculars, and PSP into an old backpack from college, along with his costume. Then he puts on the backpack and follows the other guy outside, locking his door on the way out, not that he thinks that'll actually stop the gummint from busting in.

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    Once they are outside and the door is locked, Robert nods to Bob. Then he grabs him and in a matter of seconds they are in front of Robert's house. In a flash he opens the door and is off searching the surrounding area for signs of surveillance. Then he returns and shows Bob in. It is a small house in the suburbs with not much furniture. In the far corner on a small desk is the police radio that Robert uses to keep up with the local authorities. Robert zips over to the radio and turns it on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jemal View Post
    Metro High
    Just after nightshift leaves, the doors open, and Gordon and Cassandra rush into the Gym, only to stop short at the sight in front of them.. 3 masked men pointing guns at a single agent while bodies of unconscious or handcuffed terrorists lay around them.

    The agent looks up at the two, and his eyes glaze over for a second "Oh for the love of.. Is this a freaking convention?"
    Gordon puts his hands in the air, following Cassandra's lead and ducking back through the doorway. He looks at her for a moment, seeming to be considering something. After hearing the shout about someone flying, he realizes that there's no going back now. "Remember what I said, no pictures" the man says with an edge to his voice.

    With that Cassandra sees a look of agony cross his face, he cries out in obvious pain, but that's not what would draw attention. From every visible spot on his body, red crystals begin extruding from seemingly everywhere. Within a heartbeat, the man who introduced himself as Stan, is encased from head-to-toe in a sheath of red crystal, his features unrecognizable in the new form.

    "Keep behind me" the Crystal says, stepping back into the doorway.

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    -Roberts House-
    News Radio
    "...cent Development in the Metro High Crisis. We have word now that the hostage situation appears to be over, though police believe there to still be terrorists IN the building, and are working hard to regain order and funnel the parents and their children away from the school so that no one is injured. I have a report here.. wait, is this serious?" *The air is silent for a moment* "Ahem, it appears that an unknown individual was seen.. flying away from the scene 'like superman', according to our onsight reporter. More as news becomes available.." The womans voice sounds incredulous as the radio fades to a commercial.

    -Metro High-
    Nightshift shouts out at the Terrorist, who stops in his tracks for a second, fighting the control. As it seems he's caught, Nightshift glances past him, only to see a kid in an ill-fitting makeshift mask zoom upwards out of sight! The Motion of the Terrorist charging towards him draws his attention back, and he is unable to doge, though he does manage to shift slightly sideways, and his suit somehow deflects the force of the explosion away from him.

    The Terrorists use the temporary Distraction to Open fire, two shooting at the Agent. The third sees the giant crystal man come in and shouts something in Nigerian, firing his rifle at it in a panic, only to have the bullet bounce off the Crystal's thick hide with a solid *PING*.
    The Agent is struck in the chest by one of the bullets, but must be wearing a vest, because he only grunts and returns fire, missing. The Terrorists all now see the Crystal, and run for the Hole in the wall leading to the Library.

    Above the City
    As Roy speeds away, he hears another explosion and fading gunshots behind him.


    Will Save (1d20+9=20) Ouch, Terrorist just barely made it.
    Terrorist Charging; Nightshift Toughness (1d20+8=23, 1d20+10=22) You made the Toughness save exactly.

    Also, Am I the only one who finds it funny that the bullet proof super-kid has a harder time taking hits from this guy than the old man who can teleport? *L*

    Renau1g -
    Damit, you beat me to the punchline. Here I was gonna give you a dilema about 'do I transform in front of the reporter and the government agent to keep from getting shot in the face', and you post while I'm typing. :P
    Terrorist Attacks (1d20+4=21, 1d20+4=17, 1d20+4=8)


    *Approximate distances at the school: Gordon and Casandra are at the door to the Gym. 20' east in the middle of the Gym is the Agent. The Terrorists are 20' south of his position, just entering the 'hole in the wall'. Nightshift is about 80' south of them, in combat with the SuperTerrorist.*
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    Cassandra gapes in horrified awe at the transformation she witnessed, of a man changing into some kind of living crystal! That was power on a whole other level...not the subtle kind like moving things around, or even like that kid who seemed really tough but otherwise normal enough. She had to see this!

    As the terrorists open fire on the approaching juggernaut, she leans around the corner and quickly, a little guiltily (but hey, she'd never really promised not to take pictures...he'd just asked her to), snaps a shot of the terrorists scattering before his inexorable advance.

    Victor was going to drop a load in his pants when he saw this.

    Even so...this ruby guy didn't seem all that -fast-. Were the terrorists going to get away? Hmm.

    Her eyes fix on one of the reading tables not far from the hole in the wall. She'd never tried to move something quite that big and heavy before...but it wasn't THAT much bigger than her coffee table. And there was no time to dither, they were almost out!

    In a sudden burst of decisiveness, she 'grabs' the table and hurls it up into the air and across the distance to the hole...meaning to both knock the terrorists away, and then block the exit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jemal View Post

    Also, Am I the only one who finds it funny that the bullet proof super-kid has a harder time taking hits from this guy than the old man who can teleport? *L*

    Heh. Kid Super is easily the least tough character in the group. I wasn't quite expecting that, but it was a deliberate design choice on my part.... and it is funny.

    Incidently, I meant to mention this before, but I don't think Roy could be knocked through a building. If it's not a ranged attack and he's not spinning his toughness is within human limits. A cop in riot armour has a better toughness save, and I'm pretty sure you can't put a cop through a library without turing him into tomato paste.
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    Robert looks from the radio to Bob and then back to the radio again. "Did you hear that? Terrorists? Someone flying? Do you want to take a quick trip to Metro High? We could be there in a matter of seconds." Robert gets a smile on his face like a kid in a candy store as he looks at Bob again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jemal
    he is unable to doge, though he does manage to shift slightly sideways, and his suit somehow deflects the force of the explosion away from him...
    Going to have to redo your definition of 'unarmed', Mitch. Rawling completes his defensive roll and SHIFTS, ending up on one knee atop a high bookshelf plain on the other side of... let's call him A-bomb.

    "You're that other one's brother, right?" Bang. Shot to the leg.

    Just as renewed automatic gunfire erupts from back in the gym.
    Bravo Hotel and things of that nature.

    <Response Super-terrorist?>

    Move=Teleport to A-bomb's left-rear quarter, as far away as he can (100' max though). He's hoping to take him by Surprise with his teleport power.

    Standard= Duty Revolver bullet, 1d20+8=16; Toughness save 25 shoud it hit

    HERO POINTS: 1 used, 1 left
    HEALTH: Healthy
    DEFENSE bonus: 20 [10 + 3Base + 7Shield power] ---> FLATFOOTED 11
    TOUGH 10 [0Base + 3con + 7Costume power]
    FORT 3 [0Base + 3con]
    REF 7 [4Base + 3dex] (Area effect = no dam on succ save)
    WILL 10 [8Base + 2Wis]
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    Binder Fred, wondering where that other agent went...
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    Bobby replies "Yeah, jes' lemme change real quick." He's grinning as he runs over to find the bathroom, closes the door, takes his costume out of the old backpack, and changes outfits. He figures it would take too long to change clothes, really, so he just pulls the costume on over his regular clothes, which makes it uncomfortable and an awkward fit.

    He steps out of the bathroom a few moments later, wearing a red jumpsuit with blue and white trim, blue gloves, blue goggles, and a white bandanna covering his mouth and nose. He's still grinning when he says "Let's go!" It doesn't occur to him how ridiculous he probably looks.

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