Friday, 24 April, 2009
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    Friday, 24 April, 2009

    • My phone call with Creg Leeds EN World member Brix enjoyed a telephone conversation with WotC president Greg Leeds this week. He was offered a chance to speak directly to Greg after his email to WotC regarding the recent PDF piracy issues was forwarded to the president. Here's what he has to say:

    Well. I had my phone call with <acronym title="Wizards of the Coast">WotC</acronym> president Greg Leeds. Greg was very polite one the phone given the fact that my initial email to Hasbro was kind of 'heated'.

    To put it short, here are the main points as far as I can remember them. Note that these are my own words, as I could not record the phone call
    • My (and your) voice was heard.
    • Wizards is happy with the <acronym title="D&D 4th Edition">4E</acronym> sales. Wizards is even fine with the fact that a fraction of the gamers went to Paizo. As long as everybody plays D&D that's fine.
    • The negative voices on the message boards don't reflect the sales numbers of <acronym title="D&D 4th Edition">4E</acronym> which is going strong
    • Wizards can't make anybody happy.
    • Wizards tries to evolve the game every ten years or so. Greg compared it to bands that change their style over the years, and thus loose old fans and get some new fans. But in the end Wizards hope to get everyone back.
    • Wizards will not resume pdf sales in the same way they did before. Obviously Wizards believes that there are possibilities to sale electronic content that is mostly pirate-proof.
    • Wizards will not support <acronym title="D&D 3rd Edition">3E</acronym> parallel to <acronym title="D&D 4th Edition">4E</acronym>.
    • But (and now for the big news) Wizards is looking for ways to publish old (i.e. pre <acronym title="D&D 4th Edition">4E</acronym> Realms) contents in form of electronic media.

    Of course there are not many surprises. It was a nice gesture from Greg Leeds to respond to a single disappointed fan this. However he said, that they will look into the suggestions that were given to them by us.

    • Paizo Twitters! Paizo started a Twitter account today. You can now follow official Pathfinder news, Paizo reports, Pathfinder RPG development, and other RPG ephemera.
    • Official D&D Updates:
      • Bear With Me - Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard Position Wanted: loving, supportive bear seeks wizard to make him feel alive. Enjoys travel, being outdoors (but not afraid to go underground), and vicarious adventure. Contact Oso de la Fez.
      • Fiction: Black Crusade: Chapter 14 He nursed the finest ale his meager pouch could afford—coincidentally, also the cheapest swill the establishment had to offer—and gritted his teeth against the urge to rise up and strike down everyone around him until the afternoon descended into blessed silence.
      • Excerpts: MM2 Pod Demon In today’s Monster Manual 2 preview, we introduce a new demon -- the pod demon and its podspawn!
      • Dangerous Delves D&D Miniatures The beholder has been called the "eye tyrant" since way back in the original Monster Manual. As the years go by, this stone-cold killer has only gotten meaner, tougher, and uglier. But you should see his friends.
      • D&D Alumni: Dave Arneson We here at Wizards of the Coast were extremely saddened to learn of Dave Arneson's passing. As co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, Dave affected all of our lives, and this month we wanted to make the small gesture of looking back on some of his contributions to the game we care so much about.
      • [sub] Court of Stars: Prince of Frost A new feature debuts this month with Court of Stars: The Prince of Frost. First described in Manual of the Planes, this archfey rules in the Feywild as one of its most powerful denizens. Surrounded by a devoted court and guarded by his blade of ice, the Prince makes for a chilling campaign villain.
      • [sub] Player's Handbook 3 Playtest: The Wilden D&D Insider brings you another exclusive playtest opportunity. Check out one of the new races scheduled to appear in Player's Handbook 3: the wilden!

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