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    Siege Of Bordrin's Watch

    Captain Maul stands upon the parapet of Bordrin’s Watch, leaning against the large trebuchet. Out across the rocky expanse of the Stonehome Mountains before and below him, he sees a slow march of figures coming up the Dwarfroad from the west. He extends his spyglass and begins scanning the rows upon rows of marching companies, mentally calculating the numbers in his head. After a few moments he snaps the spyglass shut, and he turns to his aide at his side.

    "'Tis a large force. Is true. But nowhere near the numbers we have heard. They cannot assault us with this force."

    He glances back concerned, and his lips twitch slightly. His aide inquires as to the Captain’s orders, and Maul responds without facing him. "Get word back from the scouts. Find out where the rest of this army is. I was told that there was a new warlord who was in command, but I see nothing to indicate a massive reorganization. I need more information, aye?"

    As the aide shuffles off to carry out his command, Captain Maul breathes in and then breaths out a heavy sigh. "Where are ye, Tusk? I know you are out there. Somewhere. I'll find ye. I'll find ye."


    The five high-backed chairs that sit upon the twenty foot dais within the High Hall, all hold their respective owners. The five members of the Council of Elders, five dwarves of surpassing intelligence, resources, and charisma, sit upon their cushioned seats listening to the message that was brought before them. The five rule the city of Overlook with a steady hand, and thus are the first line of defense when duty calls.

    "If I am to understand you," says the youngest of the three male Elders, a confident dwarf with a long black beard and hard, stern face by the name of Cadrick. "You say that this army isn’t coming over the mountains, but rather through it?" As the messenger nods in the affirmative, Elder Cadrick nods his head slowly. "Interesting. Inventive. Inspired. Those tunnels have not been used in centuries. Advanced parties that could breach the tunnel’s defenses could encircle us easily."

    The messenger quickly bows and takes his leave, and Cadrick stands to think aloud and discuss the events with his fellows in the Council. "A multi-pronged assault then, it seems. It is no wonder Maul requested the militia be reformed. Not only do we need to assist the Watch, but also close off any openings on our side of the Stonehome but quick. How many are there?" "Four that we know of" responds Elder Auda, the older of the two females. "Shackles, the Sundered Chain, the Vents, and under the Watch itself." Cadrick nods once and then turns out to face some of the other men and women below them on the floor of the High Hall. "Alert Forgeheart. Tell him to get the militia in order… both from here in the city, as well as the surrounding towns. I want all available mercenary companies and adventurers in on this too. Standard military pay. Send an envoy into the Westdeep as well… perhaps we’ll finally get a response from those damned elves. I want my volunteers here in three days. Got it?" A murmur of agreement ripples through the workers below, and with that the men and women… dwarves, humans, halflings and others alike… all quickly move out to put Cadrick’s orders into effect.


    The voice rings out through the streets of Overlook. A dwarven warrior by the name of Durkik Forgeheart, known to most as a captain of the city's militia, stands on the back of a cart as it is pulled through the city streets.

    "How can we forget the suffering of our kin during the Age of Chains? How can we set aside those ancient grudges when the risk of slavery is now greater than ever? Fellow warriors, the orcs are upon us, marching once more to the beat of the giants’ drum. It falls to us to stop them—to hold fast no matter their numbers. If we falter, we give into fear. It’s not just ourselves and our way of life that will suffer; all people of the Elsir Vale will perish as well. War is upon us. Now is the time for men and women of courage to stand up and defend those who cannot defend themselves!"

    It is a speech that the older amongst the city have heard before. Every several decades an orc warlord with itchy feet gets delusions of grandeur and believes he can conquer the lands to the east. But every wave of green crashes against the one hundred foot walls of Bordrin’s Watch and is turned away. But it is only because of the strong bodies and stronger hearts of the men and women of Overlook that the Watch succeeds. The militia needs us. Needs us to fight. To defend our families and our homes.

    "Two days! Meet in the High Hall of Caer Overlook in two days! Armed and ready to move! Show us the stuff with which you’re made!"

    The echoes of his voice grow faint as he rides on past. But we have heard the call. And now we just need to respond.
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