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    If I leave out the DMG (4e) can I have adv vault AND PHB2?


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    For me, there is no "ONE BOOK" answer.

    The 4th book- assuming D&D 3.5Ed- would depend upon the particular PC concept I'm trying to play. If I'm playing a combat monster, I'd probably go CompWar. If I'm playing a spellcaster, CompArc.

    Or maybe I'd choose one of the more expansive books, like the XPH, ToM or MoI.

    And of course, there's always books like DCv1, UE, Savage Species, Miniatures Handbook, BotR and so forth, each of which might be crucial to a particular PC design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveMage View Post
    Wilderlands of High Fantasy Box set is #1

    Ptolus would be choice #1A.

    For 4E, I would toss out the DMG -regardless of whether that would give me a spare slot in the this thread's (quasi)poll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windjammer View Post

    For 4E, I would toss out the DMG -regardless of whether that would give me a spare slot in the this thread's (quasi)poll.
    Really? the 4e dmg is the key to creating all your own monsters, although if you had memorized the creating monster charts, the encounter templates, and the balancing encounter charts....

    Anyway for 4e its the PHB2 - although the Adventures Vault is a close second. (it depends on what level the game starts.)

    If the game starts well above 1st, I would feel the pinch of limited magic items. While each character would have enough powers, feats and Paragon options to reduce the limited character concepts of only the original PHB)

    for 3.5 as a player its the PHB2. As a DM its the Expanded Psionics Handbook. I love me those psionic villians. (halflings and blue goblins esp.)
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    3rd: Player's Handbook 2 -or- Eberron Campaign Setting -or- Arcana Evolved (though this really replaces the PHB, it doesn't augment)
    4th: Player's Handbook 2

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    whether I'm running OD&D/S&W, B/X, 1E, or 4E core, I think the one extra book would be Secrets of Xendrik (despite the fact I don't run Eberron)- tons of snaggable locations, plots, and idea kernels.

    DaveMage brought up something I never owned, but forgot about- WOHF- that might be my pick too.

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    Assuming the thread title means we have access to any adventures/modules, Id go with .....

    3E/3.5 - Pathfinder Campaign Setting (Golarion)
    2E - Tome of Magic
    1E - Fiend Folio

    Assuming the OP meant things literally with no access to adventures (trapped on a desert island scenario), Id go with.....

    3E/3.5 - Castle Whiterock Boxed or Shackled City HC
    2E - Night Below Boxed
    1E - Temple of Elemental Evil

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    For my 4th edition game, I'd get PTOLUS... Guess what I'm running now!

    It's a great book and it just fits 4ed. IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woas View Post
    The Bible.
    Dude, I have to question your choice there. The Chosen of God Paragon Path / PrC is ridiculously overpowered, and like old-school Forgotten Realms, the NPCs are so powerful it makes you wonder why the problems haven't been solved by them already.

    My group is also not very good at following rules set down by authority figures, so they usually run afoul of the Ten Commandments on multiple levels. All it usually takes is a visit to the tavern and they've violated three or four. My PCs think we should just hand-wave them away, but I think that you really lose the flavor of the setting that way.

    I also am not fond of the level of deity intervention in that setting. I understand that in the later setting material it's not so blatant, but you did specifically mention the Bible here, so that's what I'm going off of.

    The final nail in the coffin for me, though, is the lack of character options. Most of the races just aren't there, and everyone seems to want to play as Gods Chosen People which IMO are poorly balanced, with numerous benefits but mainly roleplaying restrictions to balance them out, like 2E drow. Also, I'm a big fan of arcane classes, and the way the setting is structured it's basically impossible to have a divine and arcane character in the same party, since the divine users won't suffer the arcane ones to live.

    However, to each his own!
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    I''ll cheat and go with a custom set

    Players Handbook upgrade

    DMG' /Setting upgrade

    Big Book of Monsters

    Huge Book of spells and magic
    Innoculated from .sig virus

    Hope this holds!

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