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    Proposal: Things to be nerfed

    I was thinking that having played, and read about the game for a while longer, and since there are characters that are going to leave the lower-end of heroic tier pretty soon (well, relatively to the slowness of pbp), we might begin considering changing a few things that might be overpowered, in the spirit of what has been done already during the approval process.
    I'll list a few things that come to my mind right now, I'm sure there should be more:

    From AV:
    -Bloodiron weapons
    -Bloodclaw weapons
    -Reckless weapons
    -Radiant weapons
    These are generally considered overpowered, and in particular, I feel that reckless weapons and bloodclaw weapons should give an item bonus, and that the bloodclaw power should only be usable once per round. The bonus critical damage from the bloodiron should be reduced.

    -Rain of blows power (Fighter Encounter 3, PHB)
    You know it. Four attacks at 3rd level is just too much.

    -Salve of power (wondrous item, AV)
    Sometimes I feel these defeat the spirit of the game a bit.

    -Righteous rage of Tempus (divine feat, Forgotten Realms PG)
    Generally considered broken.

    -Expertise feats (PHB2)
    These aren't even approved, and I'm not proposing a nerf, but merely an option. There has been an uproar in the community saying that these feats are a "quick fix" and that they're mandatory, so now all characters have 17 feats, not 18.
    I don't agree completely, but it'd be quite easy for us to simply add a static bonus to hit to all characters at 5th, 15th, and, someoneforbidmeforevenmentioningthat, 25th level.

    -Echoes of thunder (feat, PHB2)
    Not really broken, but making it a typed bonus would prevent headaches.

    -Save penalties
    These go more out of hand the more the level goes up. My proposal is that every feat, power or item giving a penalty to saves gives a feat, power, or item type penalty respectively. I know penalties have no type, but this should be an exception IMO.

    If you're interested in this, I can edit this first post when more proposals come out.
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