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    Same as WD and Mewness, available character is level 5. Good luck though


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    Lerrick is a lvl 6 cleric hanging out in the tavern

    Seems there is a lot of lvl 5 -7 waiting for work
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    Indeed there is.... it sure would be nice if someone was to take care of that ....... *whistles*

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    * brushes off resting chaos sorcerer *


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    Second Approval received: So Approved!

    Open Slots: "A Call for Lovers"
    1: LordGraz'zt (new to EnWorld and L4W; will need to create PC) lvl 1
    2: (Treex?) (Character in progress?) lvl 1
    6:? (maybe)

    @treex So you want a spot with your soon to be new character? If I manage to recruit a whole group from here I might not start the adventure from the Hanged Man. geographically it will be easier to create an area and add to the world rather than forcing it in I think. So it maybe located in some islands somewhere around the Jade Kingdoms. Which is not so easy to come up with a reason for them to be looking for adventurers in Daunton. It can be done, but it would be a stretch.

    Cheers for the best wishes y'all! No one else feeling the itch to roll up a new PC?
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    I have made a Watersoul Genasi Scout. I've planned only very little of his backstory, but a chunk of it would be that he's a pirate. We can discuss some things over PM then
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    I have a level 7 Warlord available to... that start to sound like a good team for a lvl 6 adventure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dimsdale View Post
    Seems there is a lot of lvl 5 -7 waiting for work
    Yep, Lilli is a level 5 Illusionist Wizard and very eager to hit the road again.

    I might think over a first level character, though.

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    @jbear you should at least put a post in the tavern to tell people you're recruiting, as most folks are used to seeing adventures start there.
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    I have a Level 6 Warlock and a level 4 Warden, and a lot of DM credits to spend to bump them up (I can probably get 2 levels out of it.)

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