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    Quote Originally Posted by treex View Post
    "Rift in a Bag" (that's the best I can come up with :P)
    Those who've shown interest so far:
    1. Lilli, Gnome Wizard 5 (Neil1889)
    2. Tristan Moonblade, Elf Avenger 4 (Lord Sessadore)
    3. Papolstaanas, Kobold Avenger|Battlemind 6 (Mewness)
    4. Kaeysari, Longtooth Shifter Fighter 6 (BenBrown)
    5. Artemis Hark, Human Hexblade Warlock 5 (FourMonos)
    6. -others?-

    Well, I'm glad I statted my monsters to be level 5, I can at least say that much. I'd like to see whether there are others who will take precedence over the current roster.

    Bah, I need bigger badder monsters to even think of putting a dent in this party.
    I should mention I do have another active character as well, so if there's anyone without any active characters who wants to get in on this adventure they should have priority over Tristan.

    Also, if there's anyone who would prefer arcane meddling over solving murders, I don't particularly care whether Tristan goes on this adventure or r1's so I'm more than willing to switch if that works better. (Solving murders makes more sense as a motivation for Tristan, but again he hasn't done any adventuring in a long time and is probably quite bored. )
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    In your adventure? You people lack at least one full healer, two would be better...no multiclass half-solutions

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbear View Post
    "A Call for Lovers"
    1: LordGraz'zt (new to L4W; creating PC; nearly finished) lvl 1
    2: Treex (creating Watersoul Genasi Scout) lvl 1
    3: Neil1889 ( creating Rain, Tiefling Shielding Swordmage) lvl 1
    4: Daeja (new to L4W; in process of creating PC) lvl 1
    5: Nemesis Destiny (new to L4W; in process of creating PC) lvl 1
    6: @Son of Meepo (Wrathful Invoker) lvl 1? (Which adventure are you going to sign up for?
    I will have my PC on the wiki tomorrow - do we know what classes the other new players are going with?

    I was originally going to go with a Striker but happy to play a Leader if we need one.

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    It's kinda funny that we have an overabundance of leaders in LEB and a shortage of defenders/strikers, and here we're the opposite....

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    Eloan (lvl 7 Warlord) is avalaible, and I think @dimsdale Lerrik, a lvl 6 Cleric is avalaible. Maybe he could fill the Leader slot of @treex adventure?

    Eloan would wait to go with the higher level character waiting at the moment. I have enough DM credit to raise him at least two more level if needed.
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    Malehan - Elf Avenger 8 [LEB]
    Valeria - Human Witch 1

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    Somebody had a level 5 or 6 cleric available, didn't they?

    Edit: I should have read the post above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FourMonos View Post
    This group is short a leader. Artie has one daily heal ability (multiclass warlord)
    Ditto Lilli with a Daily Majestic Word and the Heal skill at +8, but a prime healer she ain't.

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    The DM of Catastrophe has decided to officially end the adventure and wrap it up today, so my hybrid artificer|warlord is available for a level 4-6 adventure

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    My level 4 Artificer is available as well (from the same adventure), but I have 2 other characters in adventures, so no priority if others want in with less.
    Vander (Pixie Monk 6), Graven (Warforged Swordmage|Wizard 3), Everlin (Human Skald 3)

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