D&D 4th Edition 19th-level Monster Conversions

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    19th-level Monster Conversions

    This thread is for conversions of existing monsters to 19th-level 4e critters. Here are the monsters on the list for conversion, as well as my existing 18th level monster conversions and the list of "still to do" monsters from higher levels. There is a thread in General Discussion asking for more suggestions as to what other good 19th level monsters I might be missing; please feel free to contribute ideas!

    19th Level Monsters to be Converted
    Bile Beast
    Dinosaur, Plesiosaur
    Gargantuan, God-Ape
    Hydra, Pyrohydra
    Ragamoffyn, Shrapnyl
    Skeleton Warrior

    Already Created 19th Level Monsters
    Aag rot mage (level 19 artillery)
    Deathjack slugthrower (level 19 artillery)
    Intellect devourer barker (level 19 artillery)
    Corded grisgol (level 19 controller)
    Greater spawn of Juiblex (level 19 controller)
    Gulgar stalagmite hermit (level 19 controller)
    Jackalwere mocker (level 19 controller)
    Night twist windcrier (level 19 controller)
    Drowned pirate (level 19 minion)
    Black ethergaunt exterminator (level 19 elite soldier)
    Dire rhino (level 19 soldier)
    Girallon (level 19 elite soldier) (ape)
    Lodestone serpent (level 19 soldier)

    Higher-Level Monsters to be Converted
    Beholderkin, Hive Mother [29th level]
    Beholderkin, Overseer [20th level]
    Blackball [30th level]
    Deepspawn [27th level]
    Dinosaur, Elasmosaur [21st level]
    Effigy [21st level]
    Elder Brain [30th level]
    Elemental, Ruin [22nd level]
    Elemental, Tempest [25th level]
    Fiendwurm [27th level]
    Froghemoth [25th level]
    Gargantuan, Devastation Spider [27th level]
    Genius Loci [30th level]
    Giant, Cloud [21st level]
    Golem, Adamantine [30th level]
    Golem, Bone [21st level]
    Golem, Mithril [26th level]
    Infernal [30th level]
    Iron Lich [21st level]
    Living Holocaust [27th level]
    Neothillid [22nd level]
    Ragewalker [20th level]
    Ragewind [21st level]
    Ruin Chanter [24th level]
    Scyllan [24th level]
    Solar [30th level]
    Spell Weaver [21st level]
    Squid, Shipcrusher [23rd level]
    Uvudauum [25th level]
    Winter-Wight [23rd level]
    Zaratan [27th level]
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