Monday, 8 June, 2009

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    Monday, 8 June, 2009

    • Salvage Run Reality Deviant Publications has released Salvage Run, a True20 Adventure for Darrin Drader's Reign of Discordia campaign setting - "What horrors await the Heros when they are tasked with retrieving information from a derelict R'tillek starship? Can they accomplish their mission before the R'tillek fleet comes to reclaim what is rightfully theres? Find out in this action-packed adventure written by Andrew Bacon!"
    • 5th edition available Not really of course, its a lighthearted response from the twitter D&D community.
    • 'Speculative Netbook of 5e' "I've compiled all the 5e rules into a playable 'Speculative Netbook of 5e' which anyone interested can use to upgrade your 1e, 2e, 3e, 3.5e and 4e game to 5e."
    • Online Card Authoring Tool Creating print quality power/quest/item/monster/encounter cards and card sized handouts for your weekly games becomes a snap. Just pick a template, enter your homebrew content, and download/share the pdf.
    • Interview with Jeff LaSala, author of the Darkwood Mask The RPG Examiner recently interviewed Jeff LaSala, fantasy author, game designer, and NY Speculative Fiction Examiner. They discuss role-playing games, episodic fiction, and Rush.
    • Heroes of the Jade Oath Preview: Feats Rite Publishing has posted two new feats from the Heroes of the Jade Oath Patronage Project scheduled for Beta Release in August.
    • Gnome Stew: Character Development with Tarot A deck of tarot cards can be a great tool for building and deepening PCs and NPCs.
    • Monday Monster at Kobold Quarterly In case you might have missed this monster, it was part of KQ's Monday Monster series two weeks ago... Another 4E option for your game.
    • Official D&D Updates:
      • Excerpts: City of the Dead The last live ember in the bedroom fireplace gave out the faintest red glow. The window shook again as another blast of Waterdeep’s wet winter hit it. The rotting month of Uktar certainly was starting with a roar of watery fury.
      • Excerpts: EPG Champion of Prophecy In today’s Eberron Player's Guide preview, we present a new epic destiny tied to the setting -- the Champion of Prophecy!
      • [sub] Sarifal: Realmslore Nestled among the fog-shrouded isles of the Moonshaes rests the kingdom of Sarifal. Home to fey of all varieties, Sarifal is an eldritch wonderland alive with verdant forests and majestic highlands.
      • D&D 4E Game System License Partnerships A list of companies producing 4E materials under the GSL.
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