How should I get miniatures for my game?

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    How should I get miniatures for my game?

    I've run almost all of my games recently using old tokens and taped-together graph paper. It's completely fine, but I would really like something nicer, and I want to get some miniatures and tiles. The members of our party are a Deva Druid, a Dragonborn Paladin, a Human Wizard, an Eladrin Ranger, and a Human Cleric (the wizard is going to miss our next few games so I'm putting in a drow rogue NPC from the adventure). At first I was considering getting the Arcane Heroes 2 and the Starter Set (for the tiles), but I realized the Starter Set had no miniatures. I could have sworn that I once saw a starter set that contained an Eladrin "wizard" with a bow and many other figures, and somewhere I saw something that said it came with a Dragonborn paladin and Human cleric, but I can't find it. There are very few individual miniatures I can find, there are absolutely no deva minis and only one druid, which is a female elf that definetely couldn't pass for a male deva. There seems to be a human wizard in Arcane Heroes 2, a Human Cleric (with a mustache) in one of the Divine Heroes sets, and at least an Elf Ranger, but absolutely no deva or dragonborn (besides a ROGUE). I also am not sure where to get a bunch of monster miniatures. I'm currently running H2, which needs a few goblinoids, duergar, undead, and gnolls. If anyone can help me find any of these things, I'd be very thankful.
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