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    The High Road - Obsolete!

    Durindal, Jhalthus, Grandfather
    You've been thrown aboard the Treylana transport "Allerion" to bring you to the infamous prison-mote, known primarily as "The Rock". It is located far below the Core of the Empire, below the plane of the sun. You are locked in your own cell in the brig which holds 6 cells.

    You see a Minotaur, a Drow, a Deva, and an Elf the the other cells. There is an Eladrin guard in a small room that is off of the one passage.

    This is a very large vessel, possibly to the point of actually launching other ships, practically a small mote in and of itself. There is a blaring noise and the sleeping guard wakes up and hastily arranges his armor and spear and moves into the hallway, just around a corner. The door to the smalll room is just slightly ajar, as if he meant to close it, but was too rushed. Your cells are locked, and as with most eladrin facilities, you see the signs of a surrounding cold iron cage that blocks escape.

    You thought you were being hired to pilot the craft. Spelljamming helmsman, now that might have some promise as a new direction. No Experience Necessary? To Good To be True? Actually yeah. The Captain, Kalrane, HATES mages of any sort. He has you strapped into a helmchair that is crippled. You can't pilot the ship, you're just powering the engines. They've got you alternating with a tiefling wizard who does not speak common, and are guarded with a few unsavory human sailors. The gith are the elite here, and you, are fuel.

    You've bee sitting in the helm chair for some time now, but are suddenly awakened by one of the Gith that hired you. Wake up, mage. We're about to surprise a huge target and if this gets messy and we are boarded I need you to guard the chair. I'll leave a few thugs for support.

    The gith leaves the room.

    Mrs. Ragedaughter
    You're locked in the galley. It's right outside the helm room. You over heard Mykos's conversation with the gith. You know there is a fight about to go down and the gith want you in here.
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