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    Actually, covaithe beat me to it. I think he mentioned 3rd characters, like, yesterday. Greedy people, we are.
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    I'd like to point out: Palindrome is a controller and would make a welcome addition to any adventuring party.


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    Well, it just so happens that last week or so I did an accounting of all the approved characters we have in L4W. This was before the most recent rash of characters submitted, and also before the MMC leveled up and became the first 3rd/4th level characters.

    Anyway, I've attached the resulting table. An addition that I didn't have in the table:
    Strikers: 36
    Defenders: 23
    Leaders: 17
    Controllers: 13

    I find it interesting how human wizards are the most popular race/class combination. I definitely wouldn't have predicted that.
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    I'm not up to date on my figures, but those numbers are consistent with previous summaries. We've always had an excess of strikers and a shortage of leaders and controllers.
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    Isn't that always the way

    Even in 4e they can't "fix" the problem that people want to play the ass-kickers (strikers) who can potentially take down a foe in one hit, than the one who's stuck healing (even though it's only a minor now)

    Oh, as an aside I sure like how both my PC's are the only one of their race being played (at least for now, I'm sure others will play devas)

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    I'm planning to try a controller for my second character. Human Druid from Ea, for whatever that's worth. (I'm not so surprised that humans are a popular choice for wizards, the human's extra at-will is especially nice for controllers.)

    But my first character has to reach level two first, correct? Any chance of "affirmative action" for controllers allowing me to slip the second one in a bit early?
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    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g View Post
    Even in 4e they can't "fix" the problem...

    I'd like to reiterate the quotes on the word fix above, because I don't think we have a real problem yet. Having at least two strikers in a party of five is probably a good thing.

    If we ever run low on leaders then we will have a real problem that we need to fix (no quotes), imho. From my limited experience, leaders are the only 'must have' role.
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    Yeah, we've always been very striker-heavy, and I do think that's a common problem. Like I said when I made Tristan, I was reluctant to make a striker because we're already flooded with them. Unfortunately, avengers are just too awesome, and I had to make one

    I like how both of my PCs are the only one in their race/class combination (though that may change for elven avenger). Does it make me an elf lover that both are elves?

    Looking at that table is interesting, though. For example, it seems that warlords were more popular when L4W started than they are now, because they're tied for the most 2nd level characters, but have very few 1st level characters. I also wonder what it says about ranger and rogue players that there's so few above 1st level (For the record, I love the rogue class as well, and had thought about rolling a rogue instead of Raiyek.)

    Something else to note is that the table I posted includes all approved characters, even ones who have never showed their face in the tavern, or who have disappeared mysteriously. The numbers for actual active characters may be different, but I think it's safe to say that there's still more strikers than anything else and a shortage of leaders and controllers.
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    I'm making an Eladrin wizard born and raised among shadar-kai. He'll be controller-tastic!

    I'll try to get him done tonight and submit him for review, so he can be approved, as soon as Arcane Power is approved.

    JoeNotCharles, I still want to have a connection with 7-rabbit with this character if your interested.

    Also open to anyone else who would enjoy cross-character backstories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Sessadore View Post
    I find it interesting how human wizards are the most popular race/class combination. I definitely wouldn't have predicted that.
    That was predictable. You have only 1 Controller class, so even if there is less controllers, they are all Wizard (well until PHB2 was approved, but it is pretty new). And then, Human are among the best Wizards as they can gives +2 Int and the extra At-Will Power is really great to wizard.
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