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    SPOILERS for Jade Frontier

    I'm embarrassed to say it took me until page 45 to realize what this was. (Although I didn't actually read the source material until after the first trip to town, so I didn't pick up on most of the NPC's.)
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    Dear Jade Frontier players,

    Please do not read JNC's post. Seriously.



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    Can you let us know when whatever is in that spoiler has come to pass so we can read it please? Curiosity niggles me

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    Sure thing.

    It may take a while, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fragsie View Post
    Can you let us know when whatever is in that spoiler has come to pass so we can read it please? Curiosity niggles me
    It's pretty much about the end boss.

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    Just caught up on To Catch a Crime Lord, and let me say...

    NOOO! What is going on in my homeland? Slaves? Human sacrifices?

    Everybody knows you don't take sacrifices in tribute, you only sacrifice captured warriors! Anything else just pisses the gods off!

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    Haha... it's a good thing 7 Rabbit's not here, it would certainly make for a much different adventure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorpiusRisk View Post
    Bell happily moves from place to place, watching people work, sketching the carnage, and writing brief descriptions. She smiles when Atlas comes by and tells her to note that she is a hero too, but then furrows her brow at the thought.

    I don't think a proper writer would write that. That sounds egotistical. Heroes should not be so, but I suppose they sometimes are. Villains, are, or filled with self loathing. Veruzak is egotistical, and I need to infiltrate his trust so maybe I should be too. Then my notes would be tainted. I must think on this more.

    Bell quickly jots down, 'I may or may not be a really awesome hero.'

    When the back and forth about popping the bug bubble comes up Bell raises her dagger to throw, without giving it much thought, but then stops herself when Atlas mentions Kendrick.

    Oh yeah, that's a better idea, Study first, then open, then study more. That make's more sense.
    I like the may or may not line

    Bell and Atlas are a great entertainment together

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    Why thank you. If you like her now, wait till she hits epic levels. . .

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    Thanks and right back at ya! I like Veruzak, he is wicked in so many ways

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