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    Wednesday, 1 July, 2009

    • [imager][/imager]Errated/Updated verison of War of the Burning Sky 4E #1: The Scouring of Gate Pass If you purchased the first adventure in the 4E WotBS campaign saga, you can now download the updated/errated version from your account at RPGNow. The second adventure, The Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar, is due to hit the virtual storeshelves any day now!
    • Medieval Bestiary: Morrigan Legendary heroes need legendary monsters. Alea Publishing Group continues its Medieval Bestiary line of products with the Morrigan, a ghoul-like undead with an insight into the fates of others and who raises human children as their own. 5 new monsters for 4e.
    • Map-Making for GMs This article from Gnome Stew is full of tips,
      links, and practical advice.
    • Forgotten Heroes: Scythe & Shroud From Goodman Games, in stores this week. Play an assassin or necromancer in 4E!
    • "I am a gamer..." Audio Montage Project Now Live As part of its closing work, The Core Mechanic has collecting text, tweets, and audio clips from a wide variety of gamers. Modeled after the popular NPR "This I believe..." series, the collected responses from the community have been fused into one RPG Audio Montage for everyone's enjoyment.
    • Updates to 4E 3rd Party Publishers Page (the most complete list of 4E 3PPs in the universe):
      • Added: Adament's Pact of Ghosts and Dragon Lords; Alluria Publishing's race the Numistian; Emerald Press's the Revenant; Added the new publisher, GameVein's Acrobat Playtest and others in the Book of Classes and the Book of Race; Added an other new publisher, Kraken Eye and their new product "Grafted" a new pseudo race.
      • Updated: Made by Wombat and it's first product “4E Utility Pack”; Goodman Games/Blackdirge Publishing's Critter Cache 5 Daemons.
    • Tharbrian Horse-Lords Adventure Games Publishing has released Wilderlands of High Adventure Player's Guide #1: Tharbrian Horse-Lords, a 22-page $5 PDF sourcebook for Castles & Crusades detailing the savage and atavistic Tharbrian horse nomads of the Wilderlands. Therein you shall discover the secrets and truths about Tharbrian history and society, and details on their abilities and culture.
    • New OGL trap at Kobold Quarterly Our trapsmith continues his Tuesday tradition, bringing you the feared "Hand of God." Thieves will never look at a temple altar the same again...
    • Official D&D Updates:
      • MM2 Creature Competition Wallpaper Our second set of wallpapers to show off more monstrous denizens -- this time featuring the finalists of our Creature Compeition!
      • Party to Build Character What happens when the DM allows players to inject their own story ideas into his or her carefully crafted campaign? Anarchy, that's what! Or maybe, a richer storytelling environment for everyone. That's possible, too.
      • [sub] Preparing to Improvise Improvising isn't something to shy away from. Too many DMs fear that an off-the-cuff adventure will fall flat. You can run a thrilling D&D adventure without preparation ... if you prepare for it.
      • Arcane Heroes 3 D&D Miniatures Today's three miniatures have ties to the first two campaign settings released for 4th Edition, Forgotten Realms and Eberron. One is even based on Geran Hulmaster, the hero of the novel Swordmage.
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