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    Fantasy Grounds 2 Version of WotBS

    If anyone here is using the Fantasy Grounds 2 virtual tabletop software, I am creating modules for War of the Burning Sky as the PDFs are released. EnWorld has graciously agreed to distribute it on the Burning Sky page and you can download it from there any time. However, it is password protected. You will find the question next to the download link. The answer is in the appropriate PDF you received.

    The answer to that question will open the zip. Out will come a .mod file, which you can place in the Fantasy Grounds 2 Application Data directory's "modules" folder. Once you've done that, start up your campaign, open the modules manager in the top right, and drag open the book for the module. Then click the tab in your Story, Personality, Encounter, and Images scrolls to access the data. Start with the (Table of Contents) entry under Story for easy access!

    Feel free to post any feedback about the module here. I will fix any reported mistakes.

    Currently, modules 1-6 are available.

    NOTE: The modules get better as they go. The early modules sometimes contain links to Items, Rituals, or other things to which the link is broken. Usually these blocks can be found by looking at the Library entry for the module.
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    Most Awesome!

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    That's incredible, Eugene! Thank you so very much for doing this.

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    I am assuming it is the 4e version, right? And what additional items do you need to download to run it in FG2 for 4e? Isn't there a framework that can be downloaded?

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    Yes, the module is for the 4e version of Burning Sky. It's based on the 4E_JPG ruleset, which neither myself nor, I presume, EnWorld, can distribute for legal reasons. I'm not even sure I'm allowed to link to it. However, if you own the Fantasy Grounds 2 product, finding the 4E_JPG ruleset should be pretty easy, either on Google or their own forums. Sorry I can't help more than that.

    Edit: However, I can help with anything BUT finding the ruleset. Once you have it, unzip it into the rulesets folder of your FG2 data dir. Feel free to post here or in the FG2 forums if you are having trouble or don't know what to do next.
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    Someone asked about token resizing, an important issue considering I left all the maps in the original scale (the cleaned up maps were actually kindly provided to me by a fellow DM, whose credits are in the module).

    Here's the answer I gave him, in case anyone find it useful:

    Here is what you should do:

    1) When you open up a map for the first time, drop any token onto it.
    2) Use your mousewheel to zoom into the map. You should see that the map zooms, but the token does not.
    3) Keep zooming until the token fits neatly into a grid square or whatever size you want it to be.
    4) Right click on the token, select the "Lock Token Scale" option. I believe it's on the bottom left. It's similar but functionally different from the "Lock Tokens" button which prevents players from being able to manipulate the token.
    5) Zoom back out and you should see that the token now shrinks along with the map.
    6) Other tokens dropped onto the map also use the same scale.

    The letters use a 50x50 format. If your player tokens are larger/smaller, that may clash with my tokens, even if you are using the system above. If yours are for example 100x100, even if you use the steps above, your tokens will be twice bigger.

    There are two ways to avoid that:

    1) Resize individual tokens. Depending on if there are more PCs or enemies, simply place the token down on the map by dragging it from the combat tracker. Then use your scrollwheel (possibly while holding Ctrl, don't remember) on the token *in the combat tracker*, not on the map. The token is on the left side. you should see a small number, indicating the relative size of that token, and you should see the token resize on the map.

    That method may either be too annoying or impossible if you don't use the combat tracker tokens or some other reason.

    2) Use your own tokens. The Fantasy Grounds forums has a number of them available. It's usually best to just use the same type of tokens you are using for your players. The fastest way to replace my tokens is if you use the Encounters scroll. This assumes most of the time, you use the Encounters to populate enemies into the combat tracker. If you drag'n'drop personalities, you have to go through them one by one.

    Either way you do it, open up the encounter or personality entry, and drag'n'drop tokens from your token box onto the old token. When you populate the combat tracker, your tokens will be used. Then use the steps above to lock the tokens to the map's scale.

    As an aside, I am hoping to resize the maps in #2 to a 50x50 scale so they are uniform. I'm not sure if everyone prefers them that way or if people prefer the original size. After all, you can just do the resizing in FG2. The main benefit would be that it's easier to figure out how to grid each map, since they will all be 50px.
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    I don't suppose anyone is doing this for Zeitgeist?

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    I just ran my first session of WotBS on Saturday evening using Fantasy Grounds 2. I am pleased to say that both my players and I had a great time! They all love Fantasy Grounds; and after actually running the game; I found it going a lot smoother than our usual mIRC sessions.

    It was slow to start with as we got used to it; and the first few rounds of combat were a bit draggy as we all figured out how it worked and sorted out a few bugs in the character sheets; but once we hit our stride; it really started to go smoothly.

    Thank you again for providing these modules

    And since FG provides session logs; I may be posting a campaign log later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roadtoad View Post
    I don't suppose anyone is doing this for Zeitgeist?
    I'm doing it in MapTool. The first adventure is in this thread: http://www.enworld.org/forum/en-publ...nture-one.html

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