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    Fantasy Grounds 2 Version of WotBS

    If anyone here is using the Fantasy Grounds 2 virtual tabletop software, I am creating modules for War of the Burning Sky as the PDFs are released. EnWorld has graciously agreed to distribute it on the Burning Sky page and you can download it from there any time. However, it is password protected. You will find the question next to the download link. The answer is in the appropriate PDF you received.

    The answer to that question will open the zip. Out will come a .mod file, which you can place in the Fantasy Grounds 2 Application Data directory's "modules" folder. Once you've done that, start up your campaign, open the modules manager in the top right, and drag open the book for the module. Then click the tab in your Story, Personality, Encounter, and Images scrolls to access the data. Start with the (Table of Contents) entry under Story for easy access!

    Feel free to post any feedback about the module here. I will fix any reported mistakes.

    Currently, modules 1-6 are available.

    NOTE: The modules get better as they go. The early modules sometimes contain links to Items, Rituals, or other things to which the link is broken. Usually these blocks can be found by looking at the Library entry for the module.
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