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    I just ran my first session of WotBS on Saturday evening using Fantasy Grounds 2. I am pleased to say that both my players and I had a great time! They all love Fantasy Grounds; and after actually running the game; I found it going a lot smoother than our usual mIRC sessions.

    It was slow to start with as we got used to it; and the first few rounds of combat were a bit draggy as we all figured out how it worked and sorted out a few bugs in the character sheets; but once we hit our stride; it really started to go smoothly.

    Thank you again for providing these modules

    And since FG provides session logs; I may be posting a campaign log later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roadtoad View Post
    I don't suppose anyone is doing this for Zeitgeist?
    I'm doing it in MapTool. The first adventure is in this thread: http://www.enworld.org/forum/en-publ...nture-one.html

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    What's the timeline to get 9-12 converted to Fantasy Grounds. I'm going to be starting this soon and would like to have all of them done before too long.

    EDIT: Man, that sounded like a supervisor talking to an employee. :P Sorry about that. I meant that I would love to see these done before I reach that part of the campaign. lol
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    My group's almost done with the Fire Forest, just two more sessions; I'm thinking, and I have to say, everybody is having a great time with these modules; even moreso because we're using Fantasy Grounds.

    I'd never used it before; but it's amazing how much smoother sessions go when the computer's handling all the numbers. Hitpoints, defenses, attacks, etc. I've been able to focus so much more of my energy on description and storytelling with the system taking care of all the fine details for me.

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    I have much of the prelim work done for 9-12 (I think 9 is actually completely done), just need to go in and finish it up. They're the shortest adventures in the series so it shouldn't be too bad. I haven't had much time recently but that should change soon. Expect to start seeing them released at the end of August. All four remaining adventures should be ready sometime in September.

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    You're the greatest, thanks so much! My group is having a blast running through these

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    I agree! Thank you so much for your hard work. It's greatly appreciated.

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    Are these still available post-hack? I'm having trouble locating them.

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    Hi EugeneZ,

    Is there any news on the modules for 9-12? I'm mainly interested in the maps if you have built the player versions since I'm converting to 3.5 for the rest of the game so NPC's have been put in from scratch anyway.

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