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    7 Rabbit looks impressed and bewildered. "Badgers? I don't think the prophecy said anything about badgers. But a lot of it was hard to follow..." He pulls out an intricately carved rod and begins counting off symbols, sliding a leather handgrip up and down as he does. "I'll put you down as a possibility for the Leader, for now. Or maybe the Trickster, in case you're making all that up." He scrawls a few notes on a scroll with charcoal, shoves it back into a pouch, then looks up brightly. "Now that that's settled, where's the adventure?"


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    A name eh? answers Xavfire to Veruzak, as his eyes get a lost look on them, as he tries to think of anything that could be fitting for such a group.

    Nothing comes to my mind for now, but I'd be glad to help with the paperwork needed to create it. I'm still tired from my trip here so I won't be going anywhere for a week or so. We should have everything ready by then.
    char template block ... I'm still too lazy to write Xavfire down in L4W format. A shame since so many adventures seem to be starting
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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoHeadsBarking View Post
    "Hold on there, pal. Let a man finish his drink." Yelder finishes off his ale, wipes his mouth again, and addresses the gathering crowd, "Alright, who's all interested? Don't know if I can take all of you; the mayor's gold can only stretch so far."
    Kruk heasr Yelder and instead of bringing an ale Grim and himself, he buys one for the whole group. He tries his best to bring the six mugs without spilling the ale, but in passing them out to everyone, accidently spills a little on Grim. "Sorry Grim. I'm Kruk. What's this I hear about goblins. I can speak for the bugbear here (pointing at Grim). He he can hurt ya with those twin bastards swords of his. I've seen him in action. What can we do for ya sir!," Kruk states as he adjusts his plate armor as he sits on his chair.


    yes, I'd like to be a part of this group...thanks THB. I also reached level 3, character is being submitted for approval tonight.
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    The young noble man walks into the crowded tavern, moving his head around as if he was looking for someone or thing. "I need something to do around here", he muttered under his breath. He slowly walks up to a table and sits down. "I guess I'll have to wait", he thought.
    My character hasn't been approved yet, but if anyone wants to start a adventure for some noobs to D&D like me, please invite me to join

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    "Yes... goblins. I'd like to get my hands on a few of those scrawny good-for-nothing runts, and I can't think of anyone better to do that with than Kruk."

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    Alek takes his drink, nods his head in thanks and says "I am very interested in this problem." He brings sipping at the brew as he waits for more information from Yelder. Opening his pack he stores his coin pouch at the bottom of the pack and closes it.

    Maybe I should have dark red as my character's speech
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    A tall, black-haired elf comes through the door. He wears plate armor traced with faint designs which, upon closer inspection, appear to actually be frost forming on the metal. On his hip is a bastard sword, on his back a shield and a pair of javelins, and those who recognize the paladin notice the lack of his usual white tabard and maroon cloak. Carried in his right hand is a large, sturdy canvas bag filled with something heavy, which is apparently somewhat wet. Moisture soaks the bottom of the bag and drips onto the floor periodically.

    "Hail. I am Raiyek Meliam, paladin of Palladys." He hesitates for a moment, then asks, "Is there a wizard here? I need a little ... help." It seems the elf is reluctant to ask for whatever help he needs.
    Just to be clear, this is NOT an adventure recruitment.

    You see, Raiyek needs a wizard because he recently went diving in a sewer and can't get all of the sewage out of his old cloak and armor. He's decided to try the magic route instead of yet more elbow grease and river water to get the nastiness out of his old gear
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    The elegant young man tells the barman to bring two jugs of ale. He holds one in his hands and lifts his sturdy long sword up to the air and says, "Cheers for the adventures to come and fulfilling our duty as good abiding citizens!". Lephisto looked around for people who would be keen for an adventure, but found none in his sight. He remains in his chair, waiting for the opportunity to arise.

    I hope there's an adventure soon, I am so keen to learn how to play DnD!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeNotCharles View Post
    "I'll put you down as a possibility for the Leader, for now. Or maybe the Trickster, in case you're making all that up."
    "Partner, it gods-***** near breaks my ***** heart that you would question the authenticity of my bona fides. While I confess to the occassional embellishment or hyperbole (as does any good storyteller), I assure you that my assertions fall within the general vicinity of veracity. Indeed, any resemblence to actuality is not coincidental, because my statements not only have acquaintance with truth or even a warm familiarity, but are indeed its kissing cousin."

    Hacker lights another cigarette.

    "Now, seeing as I have led many a ***** man to gods-***** glory and ignominy, victory and defeat, fame and infamy, and the endless combinations thereof, I most humbly suggest that the possibility of Leader be a certainty. While I do rule with an iron fist, I seem to recollect a velvet glove somewhere in my backpack, which I use on occassion."

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeNotCharles View Post
    He scrawls a few notes on a scroll with charcoal, shoves it back into a pouch, then looks up brightly. "Now that that's settled, where's the adventure?"
    "Now that's a good, gods-***** question, of which I am in dire need of a ***** answer. It has been my general experience that one enters an establishment such as this and kicks up enough *****, adventure pops up like angry pimp seeking recompensation from his drabs, but it is a ***** sad state of affairs when I find a sleepy bunch of ***** ***** *****, not even motivated by the promise of an un-*****-flinching brawl."

    Hacker's instrument is placed in his hands by the bartender. The gnome begins plucking strings.

    "Therefore, I suggest Plan B. It has been my experience, that if I inebriate myself to the point of ***** coma, I often awaken in the midst of adventure, quite often still wearing my clothes and my full purse of coin. Seein' as this fine establishment serves alcoholic beverages of a faintly tolerable sort, I would recommend that you join me."

    Quote Originally Posted by TwoHeadsBarking View Post
    I would be willing to take on a sixth (although I rather not), who would be whichever one of the controllers didn't get picked up or Hacker.
    No thanks. Don't want to cramp your style.

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    Carolina drinks with Kruk and Grim, and stifles a giggle as the paladin makes his request, knowing full-well his intentions.

    Then to those at the table, she speaks. "I think I'll leave the goblins for you. I'm staying here for a bit to see if I can't learn more of this X fellow. He's quite got me irritated, to say the least."

    Ren says he's working on a sequel, so I'm gonna wait here for that one to develop.

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