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    With one last look around the room Tor makes his way back to the entrance, the place seemed a bit quiet. Too quiet for him to find anything of interest, he decides to try someplace else.


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    Adventure : Zombies and Crooks

    The Adventure thread is open but recruitment is not closed at this time. There are slots open.

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    Veruzak notices his chance and tries a bit of stand up comedy... If you two travel together, Veruzaks nods toward Montroya and Matlal, all of Daunton will slowly, slowly be covered in light... Better be careful, "dark things" don't like that. HaHa Verzak claps Matlal on the back at his poor joke. Try fishermans Alley, not always the best, but always fresh.

    After saying what he felt was an appropriate, "see you later" to his two newest single serving friends, the wizard smiles through the grey hood and facial tattoos at the shifter,
    You haven't heard it?! Two shifters walk into a bar, the first says OUCH, and the second attacks! HA ha, Veruzak continues his beaming grin, as if his awful jokes were actually decent...

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    Mesa grins politely at the joke and takes a long drink to hide his confusion. Walks into a bar, and 'Ouch?' That makes no sense; must be a city-born type of joke. Deciding that he was just too uncivilized to understand the joke, he files it away for later. This is why I'm here, after all; to learn about what's in the rest of the world.

    "Ahh, ye've got a good sense o' humor there, my friend. Life's too short to be serious all the time." Draining the last of his mug, he sets it on the bar and stands. "Now, if ye'll excuse me, I'm supposed to find somewhere to lay my head tonight. Thank ye again for the drink, friend. Let me buy ye one in return." Setting some coins on the bar, he waves to the barkeep and points at Veruzak, indicating he had just bought the tatooed eladrin a drink.

    Before he can move off, though, Mesa sees Tor exit ahead of him. He sighs mockingly and looks back at Veruzak. "Ye know, I keep following him in and out of places, and people'll think I'm stalking the longtooth..." Grinning, he bows slightly towards the wizard and makes his way out of the door.

    Sorry to run off, but I've got a busy weekend coming up and I don't want to delay Mal's game starting if I can't post as often as I'd like. I want to get over there and posted where I'm at in the street before everything blows up.
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    Matlal turns to the Deva and nods his approval. He gave a friendly parting grin to Veruzak, the Eladrin would bring plenty of interesting trouble for the barbarian later no doubt. "Ja, no pigs from I's tribe, lossa fish on da river though." He hears his formidable stomach rumble and knows it's definitely for the best he gets to Fisherman's Alley soon, lest he be tempted to eat a dragonborn (they have scales, they might taste like fish, right?).

    He follows Montroya out the door. "Wai' up, light mon."

    CaBaNa, I have this image of Shadar-Kai sitting around and telling bad Soviet-Russia jokes to each other when they're not being suicidal thrillseekers. It's entirely your fault.

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    Andrec is a slight man of unassuming countenance. When he is seated at in the inn, it is easy to overlook him, surrounded by so many people of a more outstanding appearance. He has light brown hair, and green eyes. His gear seems slightly battered, but serviceable. He comes and goes quietly, and seems to be staying nearby. He is here frequently, as though waiting for something. If there is any unusual trait about him, it is that he is always watching the exits, and seems a bit jumpy.

    Andrec is not yet approved by two character-reveiws, but will be soon as the second reviewer's comments have all been addressed on his sheet. And thanks to TwoHeadsBarking for showing me how to do the neat block thing.
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    Like this:
    (sblock=ooc)Your text here.(/sblock) only with square brackets instead of parentheses. And you can put different labels besides "ooc".

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    With the Inn clearing out a bit, a mostly drunk wizard, sashaying a waltz step towards one of the few patrons still in the bar sober enough to converse with.

    Stopping short of Andrec, Veruzak gives an elaborate curtsy, before sitting on the floor, legs out. Robe piled all around, a grey lump on the floor. Ashen slippers with bunny ears poke out the ends of the robes.

    Cheersh! I'm Veruzak. slurs the wizard matter-of-fact-like, and you are my new shingle sherving friend. What ish your opinion* a slight hiccup escapes the lump of grey, *on a shubject?

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    New Arrival

    The doors of the tavern open, and in walks a short female gnome dressed in fine entertainer's clothes under a suit of hide armor. While a gnome's hair would sprout in wild directions, her hair is long and tied high in a pony tail, accenting her gnomish features, especially her glittering dark eyes. A shortsword is sheathed on her side along with a dagger on her belt.

    Walking up to the counter, she notices a man at the bar along with a seemingly drunk bartender.

    "Good evening, gentlemen.. I'm Nissa, just got into town. What's the news?", she greets them cheerily as she climbs up onto the stool and orders some wine.

    Nissa is awaiting character approval

    Character Sheet
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    A moment after that, the door open again. A bladeling enter the place. His body covered with what look like spike, it is a wonder how he can comfortably wears the chainmail he is wearing. A mace hang at his belt.

    He takes a moment and look at the bar. He walks to the bar and ask the barman. "I'm searching a band of adventurers."

    "For employment?"

    "No, a band that would have come back from Valhyr a month ago probably."

    "Pretty far land. I don't remember to have heard someone have visited that land in the last few months."

    "Thanks. I'll take a mug of ale."

    The barman serves the bladeling a mug. "What your name?"

    "Feyr. Thanks" He grabs his mug and walk to a table where he sits down a rest for a moment.
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