4 Winds Fantasy Gaming has posted the third of five previews to The Book of Arcane Magic: A Sourcebook for Bards, Sorcerers and Wizards! The Book of Arcane Magic is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible product that will release in August 2009. This product features over 100 new arcane spells, new feats based on colleges of magic and bardic schools, new sorcerer bloodlines, new familiars and new magic items.

Today’s feature is from the Sorcerer Bloodlines chapter. It is a list of the 10 new sorcerer bloodlines players can choose for their sorcerer character. The preview also features a web-exclusive NPC built with the Nightmarish sorcerer bloodline. This NPC will not appear in the published book and was built specifically to preview the Nightmarish bloodline. Note that we intentionally left out the descriptions and details of many of the character's bloodline powers just to tease you...

To see the preview, visit the 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming web site at http://4windsfantasygaming.com (You can still see preview #s 1 & 2 in our News Archive).

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