Star Wars: Classic Adventures Character Thread
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    Star Wars: Classic Adventures Character Thread

    Please, post your finished character sheets here.

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    Dr. Darryn Leqarna


    Dr. Darryn Leqarna had been born to one of the wealthier, if less famous, noble families on Alderaan. He'd chosen to study medicine at an off-world university, and had just completed his residency when word of his homeworld's destruction reached him.

    He reacted badly to the news, attempting to drown his grief in alcohol, women, and other diversions that he could easily afford to purchase, after inheriting most of his family's off-world assets. His best friend Marcus -- who had served as the engineer and normal pilot for his yacht/space transport for years -- had quit when he ran out of ideas for how to kick Darryn back into the world.

    Soon after that, he hired a desperate-looking girl named Stella as his replacement engineer -- Darryn trusted his own piloting, but he didn't know how to keep the ship running if it broke -- and took a few more stops trying to ignore the rest of the galaxy. It didn't work too well; he couldn't see someone who needed a doctor, and not help. And when he'd been more than a little drunk, Stella had dragged him back to his ship to recieve an urgent priority message from his second cousin Arrik... and that had manged what Marcus hadn't been able to. It had kicked him back into the real world... and into the Rebellion.

    Since then he's covertly beefed up the armaments on his ship, and picked up some further associates.

    story fragment

    A few weeks after the destruction of Alderaan ...

    This isn't working. Darryn thought, some time after his fifth or sixth drink of the evening. The girl he was with was even more expensive than the alcohol, but neither had been as diverting as he'd hoped. You just don't have the right personality for a drunken playboy, Dr. Leqarna. And you know too much biochemistry to try drowning your sorrows in anything stronger than alcohol.

    He was in a spaceport cantina that the idle rich favored, on the sort of world that the idle rich went to when they were looking for trouble. It had seemed approriate. What else was he going to do?

    "You're better than this, Darryn." Someone said. Who was it? That engineer he'd hired two worlds back, when Marcus -- who'd taken care of Darryn's starship and otherwise worked for him all through medical school, and his residency, and was probably the best friend he'd had -- had quit? What was her name? Stella something-or-other? She'd needed to get off-world, and he wasn't being picky at the time. She was running from something, he'd picked up that much.

    "You've known me less than a month." He said.

    "And despite spending most of that time wandering from one direputable spaceport cantina to the next, you've still managed to save half a dozen people's lives in that time." She said.

    "I don't know why I bothered. It's pointless, anyway. If the Empire can blow up Alderaan, they could do the same anywhere else, for any reason." He was ignoring his escort, but she didn't seem all that concerned.

    "You didn't come down here to walk me home." He finished.

    "No. There's an urgent priority message for you, and you weren't answering your commlink."

    "It's probably more lawyers." Darryn said. When he wasn't burrying himself in alcohol, he'd spent too much time talking to lawyers lately. Usually informing him that another group of relatives had been confirmed dead, and that he was heir to at least some part of their estate. These things happened when you were one of a handful of Alderaan nobility who had been off-world when the Empire decided to make a statement with its new terror weapon. By the time they were through, he wasn't just going to be rich, he was going to be exorbiantly wealthy.

    "I don't think so. This was sent on the highest priority you've got, and encrypted."

    "I suppose I have to get back to my ship." He told his escort.

    When he got back to the trasport, he took a couple of pills to clear his head before opening his mail. He'd left his wrist computer on the ship; it was handy for normal business, but not for fun.

    "Use the special family code." He told the computer, when the standard decryption program returned gibberish other than a short header that let him know who the message actually was from. Prompted for a passphrase, he typed it out. Surprising the things he still remembered. A holorecording started to play in response.

    "You may not remember me." A man about Darryn's age said. One that looked a lot like him, actually, except for the unfamiliar uniform. It wasn't surprsing; Arrik was Darryn's second cousin, and as far as Darryn had known, Arrik had disappeared without a trace two years ago. Or rather with very little trace; his parents had recieved a few untraceable messages a year that let them know he was still alive, but not much more than that. "By now, you've head about what happened to Alderaan. If you want to do something about it, keep listening, otherwise destroy this message right away. I'll give you a minute..."

    He thought about shutting off the recording. Arrik was certainly hinting that he was part of the Rebel Alliance. Which Darryn had always considered well-intentioned but doomed. But he didn't stop it. And his cousin gave him a contact point, and told him the Rebellion could always use doctors, but he thought someone who was smart, observant, got on well with people, and had more than a little quite legitimately acquired money might be able to do more than that.

    And then Darryn realized Stella had heard the whole thing. Those pills he'd taken did a lot to clear your head after too much alcohol, but they didn't completely reverse the effect.

    "If you have any intention of calling Imperial Security, could you do it now?" He said.

    "I don't." She said.

    * * *

    "If you have any intention of calling Imperial Security, could you do it now?" He said.

    "I don't." She said. The white haired girl looked rather hesitant for a moment, as if she weren't sure of what she was about to say, then she shrugged, her hands at her sides balled up into fists out of nerves or perhaps uncertainty.

    "Imperial Security are the last people I'd ever want to do any favors. I know your smart enough to see I was running away from someone, and they're it. You have no worries from me if you want to join the Rebel Alliance." she said, looking tense at her admission.

    "Why are you running from them, if I may ask?" the doctor asked.

    "They made me, wanted to use me to help them hunt down people like your cousin. Not that I have any problem with hunting criminals or anything, but they did things to me I didn't like. I decided that they were the bad guys, and I left. They are very angry with me I think."

    "When you say they made you...?"

    "I was being precise, they did make me. I am a droid, a Human Replica Droid. I'm designed to be pretty much indistinguishable from human, I believe they intend to eventually branch out into other species, but for now it's only humans. They wanted to keep me as a proto-type unit so that they didn't have to start from scratch every time they wanted a new one like they had to do with me. They experimented on me, wiping my memory away every few days, giving me different personalities. It was horrible, some days I was this programmed assassin, sometimes I was spy, but a lot of the time they kept me as a human child who thought one of the scientists was her father. The file suggested juvenile females are easy to keep calm, and eager to please their fathers'." Stella said, her eyes trained unblinkingly on the doctor for any sign of his inner thoughts.

    * * *

    "You're lucky I'm a surgeon, not a medical researcher or a psychiatrist." He said.

    "Why's that?"

    "Because I'm pretty sure you believe what you're telling me." I wouldn't have trusted my observations half an hour ago, but there's a reason why I keep those pills around. "A more research-oriented physician would probably want to figure out how you worked, once he convinced himself you weren't human or just some unfamiliar near-human species. A shrink would be trying to figure out your mind, and probably pretty well convinced you were deluding yourself. But a surgeon would just want to know what he's patching up, if he ever has to do that. And I can take a look at you tomorrow. For now, could you set a course for that rendevous point Arrik gave me?"


    Dr. Darryn Leqarna CL 7
    Medium Human noble 7
    Force 8
    Init +9; Senses Perception +11
    Languages Basic, Kel Dor, High Galactic, Durese, Ryl, Dosh, Aqualish, Mon Calamarian
    Defenses Ref 20 (19 flat-footed), Fort 18, Will 23
    hp 40 (6d6=22+18); Threshold 18
    Speed 4 squares
    Melee knife +4 (1d4+2)
    Ranged blaster pistol, sporting +6 (3d4+8)
    Ranged grenade, stun +6 (4d6+3)
    Base Atk +5; Grp +6
    Atk Options Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
    Abilities Str 8, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 16
    Special Qualities Bonus Trained Skill, Bonus Feat
    Talents Bolster Ally, Inspire Confidence, Connections, Wealth
    Feats Cybernetic Surgery, Experienced Medic, Improved Defenses, Linguist, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Skill Focus (Treat Injury), Surgical Expertise, Weapon Proficiency (pistols), Weapon Proficiency (simple)
    Skills Deception +11, Gather Information +11, Initiative +9, Knowledge (Bureaucracy) +11, Knowledge (Life Sciences) +11, Perception +11, Persuasion +11, Pilot +9, Treat Injury +16, Use Computer +11
    Possessions sporting blaster pistol [superior damage], knife, stun grenade, flight suit (Vacuum Seals), bioscanner, bracer computer, encrypted long-range comlink, fusion lantern, concealed holster, field kit, repulsor pad, miniaturized medical kit, 10 medpacs, pocket scrambler, surgery kit (Miniaturized), spacer's chest (Recognition System), 5 stun grenades, utility belt

    starting cash: 119,000 credits

    value of gear: 20,075
    20% of base cost of ship (down payment): 27,000
    2% of base cost of ship (first month's payment): 2,700
    ship mods: 58,000

    cash on hand: 11,225


    CEC HWK-290 CL 9 Mercy

    Colossal space transport (Counts as a Gargantuan Star Fighter for combat)
    Init +0; Senses Perception +5

    Defenses Ref 17 (flat-footed 12), Fort 28; +12 armor
    hp 160; DR 15; SR 30; Threshold 78

    Speed 12 squares (max. velocity 800km/h), 3 squares (starship scale)
    Ranged 2 Laser Cannons +4 (see below)
    Fighting Space 12x12 or 1 (starship scale); Cover Total
    Base Atk +7; Grp +38
    Atk Options autofire (2 Laser Cannons)
    Abilities Str 46, Dex 20, Con --, Int 14
    Skills Initiative +0, Mechanics +5, Perception +5, Pilot +0, Use Computer +5

    Crew 2; Passengers 6
    Cargo 65 tons + 1 ton Concealed; Consumables 6 Months; Carried Craft None
    Payload 0
    Hyperdrive Class 2.0
    Availability Licensed; Cost 135000

    2 Laser Cannons (pilot, gunner)
    Atk +4 (-1 autofire); Dmg 6d10+3x2

    cost of mods

    Emplacement Points Available : 5 (Default free space in a CEC ship)
    1 : Combat Thrusters, 10,000 Credits
    2 : Smugglers Compartments, 2,000 Credits
    2 : Shields, SR 30, 10,000 Credits
    0 : Laser Cannon, Double, 18,000 Credits (Replace base blaster cannon, doesn't increase emplacement)
    2 : Blaster Cannon, Double, 18,000 Credits (Second set)

    Total lost cargo capacity : 10 tons
    Total Cost in Credits for Mods : 68,000 Credits

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    QB-4 "Cube"
    Prototypal Q7 Series Astromech Droid
    Small Droid (2nd Degree) scoundrel 6/independent droid 1
    Force +9
    Init +11; Senses low-light vision, darkvision; Perception +10
    Languages Basic, Binary, Bocce, Dosh, High Galactic, Huttese,
    Kel Dor, Quarrenese, Rodese
    Defenses Ref 23 (flat-footed 20), Fort 18, Will 21
    hp 43; Threshold 18
    Immune droid traits, restraining bolts
    Speed 6 squares (hovering)
    Melee fusion cutter +5 (2d6+1 energy)
    Melee electroshock probe +5 (1d8+1 ion)
    Ranged blaster cannon +7 (3d8 energy)
    Fighting Space 1 square; Reach 2 square
    Base Atk +4; Grp +2
    Abilities Str 12, Dex 16, Con –, Int 24, Wis 10, Cha 8
    Special Qualities Sapience
    Feats Droidcraft, Gearhead, Recall, Skill Focus (Mechanics),
    Skill Focus (Use Computers), Tech Specialist, Vehicle Systems
    Expertise, Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons), Weapon
    Proficiency (pistols)
    Skills Knowledge (Bureaucracy) +15, Knowledge (Galactic
    lore) +15, Knowledge (Physical sciences) +15, Knowledge
    (Social sciences) +15, Knowledge (Technology) +15,
    Initiative +11, Mechanics +20 [+22 to diagnose problems],
    Perception +10, Pilot +11, Stealth +16, Use Computer +21
    Talents Gimmick, Master Slicer, Trace, Modification Specialist
    Systems heuristic processor*, hovering locomotion, 1 hand
    appendage*, 1 stabilized tool appendage*, 1 telescopic tool
    appendage*, 5 tool appendages*, darkvision, diagnostics
    package*, improved sensor package*, integrated comlink,
    internal storage (5 kg), locked access, vocabulator*
    Possesions astrogation buffer* (storage device, 10 memory
    units), electric arc welder, electroshock probe, fire extinguisher*
    (10 rounds), fusion cutter, fusion lantern*, blaster cannon
    (treat as heavy blaster pistol), holoprojector, holorecorder,
    jet pack* (10 rounds), power recharger (100 charges),
    secondary processor (treat as datapad), security kit
    Modifications superior tech enhancement (intelligence),
    1 reprogrammed feat
    Encumbrance 7 kg / 27 kg
    *Starting equipment
    Sapience–QB4 may to choose to benefit from beneficial
    mind-affecting effects.
    Near the end of the Clone Wars, Industrial Automaton's engineers were hard at work on a new spherical astromech designed specifically for use in Kuat Systems Engineering's new V-wing starfighter. Following three earlier prototypes, the Q4 was the most sophisticated Q series droid to undergo performance testing at the I.A. research and development facility on Telti. Although its early test results were exemplary, the astromech's projected production costs led it to be shelved in favor of a scaled back model. Eventually the seventh prototype, the Q7, was chosen as the series' production model; leaving the earlier prototypes to become unique relics within the R&D facility.

    Eventually, as the Clone Wars were ending and the Galactic Republic was being transformed into the Galactic Empire, the V-wing was replaced by Sienar Fleet Systems' TIE fighter. The specialized Q7 series astromechs were similarly phased out and production ceased on the fledgling line. To help recoup from the loss the droid manufacturer began liquidating its remaining stock of Q series droids; even the memory wiped prototype models. QB-4, along with many of its Q series lot-mates, were sold at a discount to the Offworld Mining Company, who were in the process of forming their own dedicated ore-hauling fleet. QB-4 served Captain Catlo, a Duros, for more than a decade aboard the Mother Lode III. Unexpected fluctuations in the galactic ore market eventually conspired to render the fleet more expensive to operate than subcontracting to independent cargo-transport companies. Consequently the fleet, along with its other properties, were sold off.

    QB-4 was subsequently sold at auction to an independent freighter captain named Sekkor. Sekkor, a Quarren, owned and operated the Free Lance; a Mobquet Medium Cargo Hauler which he used to transport nergon 14. Being a volatile and extremely valuable substance, nergon 14 was carefully monitored by Imperial authorities when loaded and unloaded from freighters to ensure every gram was accounted for. Sekkor sought a means by which he could glean some of the precious material for his own needs. So along with its usual shipboard duties "Cube", as Sekkor had taken to calling his newest acquisition, was tasked with the breaching of the cargo containers' security seals and the falsifying of shipboard transport logs. Sekkor began to sell small quantities of the illicit substance to underground weapon manufacturers, including rebel alliance forces.

    These illicit sales allowed Sekkor to slowly amass a small fortune. The ambitious Quarran used some of his wealth to upgrade his droid by purchasing smaller refined components; thus freeing some space in Cube's chassis for the addition of several concealed storage compartments. These compartments were intended to hold small quantities of refined Nergon 14 which Cube would then transport covertly past customs and security personnel for delivery to Sekkor's clients. Cube was away on just such a delivery when the Free Lance was seized by Imperial stormtroopers and Sekkor arrested on charges of smuggling a controlled substance.

    The lone astromech learnt of the raid while routinely monitoring official communication channels. Uncertain of how to proceed the droid sought the Free Lance's off duty pilot, a trandoshan named S'Sheer, and its security officer, a kel dor mercenary named Als Sang. Fearing that imperial forces may be searching the spaceport for Sekkor's missing crew, the trio sought refuge with Sekkor's alliance contact and prospective Nergon 14 buyer; a human doctor named Darryn Legarna. In exchange for the contraband and their cooperation the good doctor agreed to take the three fugitives aboard his own ship as he left port.

    Since its narrow escape, Cube has grown oddly content with its newfound freedom and independence and has begun to think of itself as an emancipated droid. Still, it feels gratitude towards the kind members of the Rebel Alliance who first helped it on its path towards freedom and remains willing to help them in their endeavours.
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    Name: Stella Hawk
    Race: Human Replica Droid
    Age: 19 (apparent)
    Height: 1.6 m
    Weight: 68 kg
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Brown
    Medium Human Replica Droid: Soldier 6/Jedi 1

    Force Points: 8
    Init: +11 Perception: +10
    Languages: Basic, Binary, Shryiiwook, Huttese, High Galactic
    Defenses: Ref 22 (18 Flatfooted), Fort 23, Will 18
    hp 64; Threshold 23
    Speed 6 squares
    Melee: Vibro Axe(miniaturized) +11 (2d8+12)
    Melee: Rapid Strike Vibro Axe(miniaturized) +9 (3d8+12)
    Melee: Dual Weapon Mastery Vibro Axes(miniaturized) +9/+9 (2d8+12/2d8+12)
    Ranged: +10 Heavy Blaster Pistol (3d8+3, stun, energy, autofire)
    Base Attack +7; Grp +11
    Special Qualities: Droid Traits, Improved Sensors Package, Diagnostics Package
    Abilities (Str +2, Dex +2, Cha -2) [32 Point]
    STR 18(+4), Dex 17(+3), Con -, Int 16(+3), Wis 10(+0), Cha 11(+0)
    Talents: Melee Smash, Droid Smash, Unrelenting Assault, Devastating Attack (Advanced)
    Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium), Weapon Proficiency (Advanced*, Pistols, Simple), Droidcraft, Quick draw*, Rapid Strike, Dual Weapon Mastery 1, Dual Weapon Mastery 2, Martial Arts 1, Point Blank Shot
    Skills: Acrobatics +11, Initiative +11, Mechanics +13, Perception +10, Pilot +11, Use Computers +11
    Systems: Improved Sensors Package, Diagnostic Package, Translator Unit (DC 5) (2,000, 8kg), Internal Encrypted Commlink (250, .1kg), 10 kg Internal Compartment Space (500), Locked Access (50 credits)
    Possessions: (650/14,000) credits (27.3/81 kg)
    Miniaturized Vibro Axe x2 (2,000 credits, 6 kg), Feat Packages x3(3,000 credits), Heavy Blaster Pistol (Rapid Recycler) x2 (2,500 credits, 2.6 kg), Utility Belt (500 credits, 4 kg), Power Packs x2 (50, .2 kg), Power Recharger (100, 1 kg), Hip Holsters x2 (50, 1 kg), Concealed Holsters x2 (100, .4), Security Kit (750, 1 kg), Flight Suit (1,000, 3 kg), Skill Packages x5 (500 credits)


    Attributes: Stella was built on 28 points instead of 32 points as that is the normal 4 less points that droids get than regular characters

    Feat Packages: Quick Draw, Weapons Proficiency (Advanced), Weapons Proficiency (Heavy). Weapon's Proficiency (Rifles) was reprogramed into Quick Draw. Weapon's Proficiency (Lightsabers) was reprogrammed into Weapons Proficiency (Advanced). The Feat Packages are kept in Stella's internal compartment.

    Skill Packages: Acrobatics, Treat Injury, Survival, Knowledge (Tactics), Knowledge (Galactic Lore). The Skill Packages are kept in Stella's internal compartment but have yet to be used.

    History: Stella was created 2 years before the battle of Yavin by the Imperial Research Bureau in an attempt to recreate the success of the first and most advanced Human Replica Droid, Guri. She was constructed by Simonelle and Massad Thrumble with the intention of keeping her on hand permanently as a prototype off of which to build her brothers and sisters instead of having to start from scratch each time.

    Over the course of a year Stella became increasingly bored and unhappy with her lot in life. She knew that her "father's" were routinely erasing her memories and personality flipping her back and forth between being a lifeless emotionless doll, a good girl, and an assassin to try and find the right balance, the right starting point for future Replica Droids. Over the course of the many reprogrammings Stella started to save back bits of her personality into hidden locations, assembling it when she could. Eventually Stella had a full personality made from the amalgam as well as the assassin skill set and she made her move, escaping from the science center.

    After her escape Stella tried to lay low; she tried to blend in with the himans around her as she had been designed to do. After a month or two on the run on Coruscant she stowed away on a ship that was heading to Corellia, from there she joined Dr. Leqarna's crew as a pilot and engineer believing that its better to stay a moving target.

    30+6D10 = 64 HP HP (6d10+30=64)
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    Trandoshan Scout 3/ Soldier 4
    Destiny ?; Force 8
    Init 10; Perception 9
    Languages Basic, Dosh, Binary
    Defenses Ref 22 (flatfooted 20), Fort 23, Will 18
    Hp 26+11+38+7=82; Treshold 23
    Speed 6
    Melee 8
    -Vibrobayonet +8 2d6+7
    -Vibroknuckler +8 1d4+8
    -Vibrosword +8 2d8+7
    Ranged 8
    -Heavy Blaster Rifle +9 3d10+5
    -Blaster Pistol +8 3d6+3
    Base attack 6
    str 15, dex 15, con 14, int 14, wis 12, cha 10
    Special Qualities: Darkvision, Limb Regenarition, Natural Armor.
    Talents: SC1 Acute Senses, SC2 Keen Shot, S1 Armored Defence, 
    S2 Weapon Specialization Rifles,  
    Feats: Toughness, Shake it Off, Weapon (Pistols, Rifles, Simple), 
    Skill Focus: Pilot, Point Blank Shot, Armor Light, SB=Armor Medium, 
    Vehicular Combat, Weapon Focus Rifles, Weapon (Adv. Melee),
    Skills: Endurance 10, Initiative 10, Mechanics 10, Perception 9, 
    Pilot 15, Stealth 10, Survival 9
    Armored Flightsuit 4200
    Heavy Blaster Rifle 2400
    -Vibrobayonet 367,5
    Blaster Pistol 550
    -Hip Holster 25
    Vibrosword 472,5
    -Sheat 25
    Vibroknuckler 220
    Utility Belt 500
    -Tool Kit
    -Power Pack
    -Energy Cell
    -L.Cable & Grpl.Hook
    -Rations x3
    Bandolier 100
    --Ion x3 775
    --Stun x3 775
    -Power Pack x 4 100
    All Temp Cloak 100
    Power Recharger 100 (With QB)
    Born to a famous clan of 'Dosh warriors S'Sheer was trained in traditional ways of 'Dosh, becoming a hardy warrior but also, taking advantage of his natural reflexes, learning how to fly a ship. This quickly became his passion and he is now among the best pilots his race has produced. His skill led him to be hired on various ships and travel across the galaxy. During his travels he met a Kel'Dor with a mercenary mind like S'Sheer's and the two became friends. Their last employer was Quarren smuggler who got caught later on. S'Sheer was quick to claim ownership of the Quarren's astromech droid QB-4, an old model from the war which S'Sheer jokingly calls Rusty. Having lost their ship and work, the three set out to find some new venues and ended up with the Rebellion...

    S'Sheer is quite reckless when let in the cockpit but his flying skills are no doubt extraordinary. He is not typical 'Dosh in that he is friendlier than his species' reputation but nevertheless he is as ferocious warrior as all his kin.

    S'Sheer is short and agile for a 'Dosh, with almost black scales spotted with reddish tint. He has once lost an arm and for that reason his left hand and arm are a bit lighter shade than the other.
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    Als Sang CL 7

    Medium Kel Dor soldier 7
    Force 8; Dark Side 0
    Init +13; Senses Low-light vision, Perception +9
    Languages Basic, Bith, Kel Dor, T'doshok

    Defenses Ref 22 (flat-footed 19), Fort 21, Will 18
    hp 68; Threshold 21

    Speed 4 squares
    Melee combat gloves +8 (1d6+5) or
    Melee combat gloves +8 (1d6+6) with both hands or
    Melee stun baton +8 (1d6+4) (stun 2d6)
    Ranged heavy blaster pistol +13 (3d8+5) or
    Ranged sporting blaster rifle +12 (3d6+3)
    Base Atk +7; Grp +12
    Atk Options Devastating Attack (pistol), Penetrating Attack (pistol),
    Point Blank Shot

    Abilities Str 13, Dex 21, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 8
    Special Qualities Keen Force Sense, Low-Light Vision, Special Equipment
    Talents Demolitions, Devastating Attack (pistols),
    Penetrating Attack (pistols), Weapon Specialization (pistols)
    Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium), Martial Arts I, Point Blank Shot,
    Weapon Focus (pistols), Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple)

    Endurance +8, Initiative +13, Knowledge (Tactics) +10, Mechanics +10,
    Perception +9

    Possessions :
    heavy blaster pistol, heavy blaster pistol, sporting blaster rifle, combat gloves,
    stun baton, battle armor (+8 armor), atmosphere canister, field kit
    (2 condensing canteens, sunshield roll, 7 day food supply, 24 filters,
    12 atmospher canisters, glow rod (x2), breath mask (x2),
    all-temperature cloak), bandolier, utility belt (3 day food supply,
    medpac, tool kit, power pack, energy cell, glow rod, comlink,
    liquid cable dispenser (x5)), concealed holster (x1), medpac,
    mesh tape (x5), electrobinoculars, power pack (x10),
    enhanced low-light targeting scope, holoshroud (default appearance
    is that of a human in clothing appropriate for the area)
    Background in Brief
    Als Sang is the consummate mercenary. He's done a little bit of fighting in war, a little bit of bounty hunting and a little bit of "bodyguard" work for special clients who may or may not have been breaking the law at the time. Unforutunately for him this last has put him a little at odds with some local forces on the other side of those same enterprises. As a result he's recently had to leave his home haunts and head out to the region near Dosha. When he first arrived he was essentially broke but was able to befriend a Tradoshan merc by the name of S'Sheer. After doing a couple jobs together they become quick friends.

    Not long after that the two of them became members of Sekkor's crew, S'Sheer taking on the roll of pilot and Als focusing mainly on fiddling with tech and protecting the crew.
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