[Adventure] Dirty Money: (The Final Encounter; Rohna, Tondrek up)[Judge: THB]
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    [Adventure] Dirty Money: (The Final Encounter; Rohna, Tondrek up)[Judge: THB]

    Upon exiting the tavern, and mounting up if needed the group makes their way through the streets of Sharn. After a brief stop at a Sivis message station for Roswyn, the group heads out again.

    If you feel like rp out your station stop, go ahead, take the reins.

    The Upper Dura district is heavy with traffic. Adventurers for the most part. A half-orc with a large axe on his back muscles through the group. A Talenta halfling, mounted on a clawfoot gives the drow a sneer. A pair of humans, and by the looks of them, twins, gives the group some room.

    The light suddenly dims as they walk the streets, the sun has passed over the Skyway, sending shadows through the lower cities. Even so, several of the magical lights that line the streets blink on, giving plenty of illumnation.

    The group enters a magical lift that will take them down. "My Pa's shop is in Sharn's Welcome." It's been a pretty long walk so far, but things could be worse. At least all you've got to do is talk to Ronald, Harkin's Pa. Your worst threat would be pickpockets and perhaps stepping in something unsavory. As you approach Cliffside, the lift gradually slows and stops. A pair of goblins and a hobgoblin step on. They cross their arms and stare daggers at the group. Clearly, they see you and know you probably don't belong here.

    The group finally reaches Cliffside and exits the lift. It's quite dirty here and the smell of the ocean is strong here, as well as feces, rotting fish, and unwashed bodies. A half crumpled Sharn Inquisitive lies in the gutter. The headline reads "Large Croc seen in Sharn's Welcome by Addict Guard!"

    After more walking, the group enters Sharn's Welcome. The white lights of the Upper City is replaced by red lights here. The more offensive smells are very much muted here. They are replaced by the overly sweet smell of incense and cheap perfumes. Member of all races can be seen here, although most are of the lower class. A pair of thin humans females, wearing next to nothing stand on a street corner. Seeing the ragtag group approaching, a pretty tanned elf walks toward the group. "You lookin' for some fun? I can be anybody that you want." With that said, the form of the elf melts away, into a male gnome. "Anything," he says with emphasis.
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