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    Looks like Renau1g is doing nothing this time around, so time for another DM update?
    So it goes.
    Active characters
    Yannock Bole, a nature-based fighter in 3SpdDragster's Assault on Dire Wood (5E D&D)
    A nameless gand artifact hunter in Green Karl's A Gathering Darkness (SWS/5E D&D)
    Memorable games
    Fastus, blacksmith of flames in Tailspinner's Jade Regent (Pathfinder)
    Antares, an Elven fighter/mage in Gambler1650's Legacy of the Silver Dragon 1 2 (S&S 4th)
    Sloor Sanbraiz, a Besalisk scoundrel in Possum's Dawn of Defiance I II (Star Wars Saga)
    Seif al Mariam, a touareg guide in Relique du Madde's Warlords of the Red Sands (PL6 M&M)
    Nightshift, a teleporting security guard in Jemal's Mutant Rising (PL10 M&M)


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    Agreed! I'm getting anxious to jump in!
    Quote Originally Posted by Velmont View Post
    I think I took too much drug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by distractingflare View Post
    agreed! I'm getting anxious to jump in!

    Hi I'm a comic and rpg nerd. Don't hurt me, please.

    PS: English is NOT my native language!

    May the 4th be with you!


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