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    [4e] The Dustbowl (QA) [Recruitment - OPEN(1)] (OOC)

    Hello everyone!

    I've been trolling these boards for about a week or so now, and while waiting to hear if my L4W character will be approved, I've decided to give DM'ing a chance on the PbP boards! First, a little bit of background about myself;

    I began D&D around the time 3rd Edition came out, so I guess I'm still pretty newb compared to some on this board. Despite that fact, I was immediately enthralled by character creation and "pen and paper" RPG that was D&D, and subsequently bought all of the books (core and supporting), played in up to 3 campaigns at once, and have DM'ed 2 successful campaigns so far. Despite all this, I have never had the chance of DM'ing a campaign using PbP, so bear with me as this is my first shot at it. On with the thread!


    Quick Adventure System

    I've been thinking of a way I can launch into the game quickly and without having to write a thorough background/world/story/religion. Something that may grow over time. So, I've decided to launch into the quick adventure. Essentially, this story will have a minimal plot (to be described at the beginning of the thread in the "Playing the Game" Forum), and almost immediately after the intro posts of the players, combat begins. This allows for many things; 1. Players to jump into the action while still getting a small chance for roleplay; 2. Allowing posters the chance to roll up a mid-heroic tier character in an attempt to test something out; 3. Build a story from the character's point of view based on their decisions. I'm hoping this will work out for the better rather than the other direction.

    Guidelines for the Adventure


    I'm looking for 4-5 players (no more than five) to join in. Characters MUST be created using 4e rules, with the standard 22 pt buy system. All races/classes published by Wizards (including core/supplemental/dragon/unreleased content) are allowed. Starting level will be 5 (FIVE), and wealth will be 7,000 gp. This gives leeway to have some very nice starting equipment while not feeling terribly underpowered. Please post a PDF or IMG of your character so that I can look over it briefly (I trust players most of the time). Rule of thumb for D&DI Character Builders - It should say "legal" under your portait when you're finished!


    I will post rough and/or extended descriptions when needed. During combat rounds, a grid-like system will be used, showing monsters/POIs/Etc for the combat. The grid will be updated once everyone has a chance to post their actions. Obviously, don't just post "I hit the orc." Instead, say "I pull out my crossbow and use Sly Flourish (+20 vs AC) to deal 2d6+4 (12) damage to Orc 1." This gives me an easy way of keeping track of everything.

    I'm asking everyone sign up (or at least use) Invisible Castle's Dice Roller to roll their dice. This allows for some sense of contributing to the game while keeping everthing (hopefully) legal. Please linkback your dice rolls when rolling for anything (initiative, combat checks, saves, etc).

    If you have any questions regarding the adventure, please let me know! After recruitment is finished, this thread will become the OOC thread and I will hope to post the introduction post within the first week.

    Approved for The Dustbowl (Final)

    Stick (renau1g) - Level 5 Dragonborn Hybrid Sorcerer/Warden

    Mialucus (Binder_Fred) - Level 5 Elf Swordmage

    Scholar (Shayuri) - Level 5 Deva

    Caden (Legildur) - Level 5 Halfling Rogue

    Position Currently Available
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